Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 06-02-2014

Bulletin no. 88 Wednesday 5 , February , 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours.


■ Maliki forces launch campiegn of arresting in separated areas in Tarmiya, north of Baghdad.

■ Maliki army bombard civilian homes in Thabitiya area in Sabe'e Al Bor in Taji , north of Baghdad .

■ Maliki forces intensify security measures around Green Zone in Baghdad and close near roads after explosions hit Baghdad.

■ One killed and 12 injured in Ibn Zanbor Restaurant in Karadat Merriam, in the middle of Baghdad.

■ A fire in the trade Sinak compound, in the middle of Baghdad , causing considerable material damages.

■ 7 killed and dozens employees wounded in ministry of foreign affairs explosion   at the entry of ministry   , middle of Bagdad .

■ One killed and 16 wounded –at the initial out come- in car bomb explosion near Baghdad Municipality building.

■ Killed and wounded persons in two car bomb explosions in Jisr Diyala ,south of Baghdad.


■ A force of Maliki army coming from Baghdad executed 4 civilians from Halabsah tribe at 11 A.M today morning in Line area in Anbar.    


■ News : Maliki army threw dead bodies of soldiers and S.W.A.T militias at Euphrates river from Warrar bridge in Ramadi yesterday night.  

■ The tribal rebels disclaim Maliki army allegations about controlling Mala'ab area  , Eshreen  , and  Siteen streets.


■ Maliki army for the fifth consecutive day besieges displaced people from Fallujah in Habaniya and prevents aids access.        


■ Explosion near Ghabat area in the left side of Mosul without details.

■ Killed and wounded elements of Maliki army in two car bomb explosions targeted military headquarter in Hay Ashurta an Hay Al Maliyya in the left side of Mosul .

■ The second division of Maliki army for the second consecutive day closes roads around headquarters in the left side of Mosul after targeting by mortars.

■ Maliki army intensifies arbitrary measures and closes roads connecting two sides of Mosul excluding the old bridge and allow for infantry to cross as well as closing roads leading to Mosul University in Al Majmoa'a Athaqafiya area in the left side.

■ Maliki army surrounds Hay Azahra'a in the left side of Mosul and let people out of their homes from 1 A.M to dawn.

■ The tribal rebels storm Maliki forces headquarter – Federal Police- in Sooq Al Ma'ash in the right side of Mosul and kill all elements.

■ A roadside bomb near Badalat Abi Tammam intersection in the right side of Mosul without details.

■ Panic and restless hit  Maliki forces in Mosul after  informed about two car bombs in the area.

■ Al Salam hospital –Saddam- receive the dead body of an old woman died  because of cold weather  after roads closure in Mosul yesterday night.

 SALAH ALDEEN:            

■ The tribal rebels destroy Hummer by a roadside bomb targeted convoy belonging to brigade 48 fourth division –Maliki army – in Mafrak Al Hamrah in Salah Aldeen  .


■ A roadside bomb targeted Hummer for Maliki army on marata in Multaqa in Ta'ameem province.

■ Violent clashes between the tribal rebels and Maliki army near Al Kawaz village in Ta'ameem.


■ S.W.A.T militia deployment in Diyala to support the sectarian militias to commit massacres against civilians.

■ Makhyasa village people in Diyala demonstrate in the main road after attacking on them by the sectarian militias supported by Maliki forces and killing civilians and stealing their money.

■ Maliki militia prevent food and medicine entry to Makhyasa area in Diyala.


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