Selected writings of some members (and former members) of the BRussells Tribunal


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Ghali Hassan

Occupation and Sectarianism

Accomplices in War Crimes

Echoes Of War

The invasion and occupation of Iraq was a premeditated murderous act of aggression

Iraq - A Criminal Process

The Crimes of US ‘Democracy’

World Disorder and the Crimes against the People of Iraq

"Violent insurgency"

In Less Than Three Years

Mass Starvation and Democracy Prevention

Iraq: A cluster of torture prisons

Dehumanisation of the “others”

The ‘Evil Ideology’ - The teachings Of Islam are Peace and Equality

Death squads, Devastation and the Corporate Media

Real History and the Improvements in Iraq

Road to the Muslim Holocaust

War Crimes -- Committed In All Our Names

Recruiting Lies vs. Military Reality

Biopiracy and GMOs: The Fate of Iraq's Agriculture  

Iraq: A cluster of torture prisons

Who is John Negroponte?

Iraq’s Health Care Under the Occupation

The Resort To Torture

The Rise Of Legitimate Resistance Movement.

Iraqi Women Under Occupation

The Life And Mysterious Murder Of Margaret

Bush-Terror: The Supreme International Crime

Accomplices in War Crimes

Media Disinformation and the Nature of the Iraqi Resistance

Living Conditions in Iraq: A Criminal Tragedy

Useful Propaganda

Iraq: A colonial dictatorship

Civilization under Occupation

Iraq Elections and the Liberal Elites

The Staged Elections of 2005

Elections' Aftermath

Independent Media: Enemy Target

The resort to torture

Undermining Iraq's Food Security

Colonial Violence against Women in Iraq

200 Children Die Every Day

Iraqi Women Under Occupation

US War Crimes, An International Vow of Silence
Who are the "Barbarians"?

Iraq: The Massacres Continue as "Democracy-Building"

Unmasked: The War Against Iraqi Children

IRAQ: Women suffer colonial violence

Iraq - A Colonial Dictatorship

Real History and the Improvements in Iraq

Iraq’s Parliament: New Farce

The Destruction of Iraq’s Educational System under US Occupation

Imperial Misadventures

What do Fallujah and Halabja have in Common?

Ahmed Al-Habbabi
Assumptive and Malicious Disinformation
They Saved Our Lives

Sami Ramadani

Iraqi voices are drowned out in a blizzard of occupiers’ spin

Exit without a strategy

“The elections won’t change things”

A fiction as powerful as WMD

Iraqis told them to go from day one
The Vietnam turnout was good as well

Behind the rising tide of resistance in Iraq

Falluja’s defiance of a new empire

Collaboration won’t buy Iraq’s freedom

America has sown the seeds of civil war in Iraq

There’s more to Sadr than meets the eye

The true face of Iraqi resistance

Resistance to occupation will grow

Britain’s Trade Unions, the Occupation of Iraq and the IFTU
Iraq elections are not free

Patriots and invaders

Bring the British troops home

Whose interests at heart?

Nermeen Al-Mufti

Who Are The Terrorists In Falluja

Iraq's New Marketplace of Ideas: Graffiti

The battle of posters
Death in Najaf
Iraqi elections 2005
Joy is green
All the king's horses
In our hands

Iraq's ticking time-bombs

Will they, won't they?

Post-election doldrums

As the bloodbath continues

'Not our concern'

Hostage hoax

Free to be like US

Kirkuk's curse

The ballot and the bullet

Scorched dreams
In the rubble of Falluja

Beyond security

Bremer knew
Smoke and ashes
Poppies bloom in Iraq

Iraq: free for all

Business as usual
Woe betide Najaf

The six-month mark
Baghdad blues
Waiting for Al-Mahdi
Freedom is never a gift from above"
Targeting tolerance
Third gear

Smoke and ashes
Between a rock and a hard place
Tomorrow will be ours

Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty

The only way is out Dec. 08 2005

Why the US will lose Nov. 04 2005

People not puppets Aug. 18, 2005

Francis A. Boyle

Professor of international law accuses Harvard of hiring " War criminal" (23 Nov 2004)

US as Belligerent Occupant (22 Dec 2005)

Francis Boyle offers expert's analysis of Iraq war as "Pure Evil" (10 Jan 2006) Video

Iraq and the Laws of War (15 Dec 2005)

Biowarfare: Who Poses the Threat?

The National Campaign to Impeach President George W. Bush (16 June 2005)

Destroying World Order (22 June 2004)

Torture and International Human Rights (09 Jan 2005)

War Criminal as Attorney General? (18 Nov 2004)

Obliterating Fallujah: A War Crime in Real Time (15 Nov 2004)