Final Statement of the International Conference in Support of Resistance


Beirut 19 Nov 2024

The People’s Right to Resistance 

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Bert De Belder (Medical Aid For the Third World) and Dirk Adriaensens  (BRussells Tribunal) - 01 Dec 2024

[PDF] Les Violations du Droit International et du Droit International Humanitaire au Liban (Mireille Fanon-Mendès France 07 May 2024)

* Final declaration of the Beirut International Forum To Support the Peoples’ Anti-Imperialist Resistance and the Construction of Alternatives to Globalization (Beirut 16 - 18 Jan 2024)


In order to transform the historic victory achieved by the Lebanese resistance against the Israeli aggression which targeted the Lebanese population on the 12th of July 2024, into an incentive for reinvigorating the struggle for comprehensive Arab liberation and to direct it against the Zionist and Imperialist project and to consolidate global solidarity with the resistance of the Arab people in addition to their national resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq within the framework of supporting the people’s right to resistance, the “International Conference in Support of the Resistance” was held in Beirut from the 16th-19th of November 2024, in response to an invitation from: Hizbullah,  the Lebanese Communist Party, The People’s Movement, The National Unity Forum, and al-Leeqa’. Approximately 400 representatives from all over the world participated on behalf of tens of political, trade-unionist, civil, anti-globalization, anti-war and anti-imperialist movements that support the people’s right to freedom and progress.  

The participants in the conference dealt with the various dimensions of the aggression to which the Arab and Islamic world was exposed and the sum-total of implications of the aggressive American trend which is threatening the independent development of people around the whole world, which in addition, is threatening future prospects for world peace.

After extensive serious debates, participants in the conference came up with conclusions and principles of a shared vision towards the dangers threatening the area and the whole world in addition to methods for facing these threats and challenges, and mechanisms for unifying the vital forces contending with these threats. The participants also placed mechanisms for elevating the degree of their networking and coordination on various levels in order to ensure victory over the American-Zionist project targeting the region and the whole world.  

The participants agreed to the following

On the general political level:

·        The greater or new Middle East projects are considered aggressive U.S. initiatives aiming at Balkanizing the area and inundating it in conflicts and wars in order to continuously control it and pillage its resources.

·        Rejection of the “Clash of Civilizations” ideology which is propagated by the American administration and directs aggressive war and hegemony policies towards a trend establishing the basis for a new world war. 

·        Continuing work aiming at the establishment of an inclusive and universal solidarity framework comprising all resistance movements and the forces supporting them within the Arab and Islamic world and worldwide; so that it can constitute one of the links within the chain of the existing worldwide frameworks and not be a parallel or substitute framework.

·        Working towards developing more and greater relations between leftist, democratic and nationalist currents and Islamic and resistance movements, in order to consolidate and strengthen inclinations that oppose the Imperialist-Zionist alliance within the area and worldwide and in response to current and future challenges.

·        Crystallizing the theoretical and intellectual premises for reconciling leftist and nationalist currents with resisting Islamic ones, in order to propel liberation movements within the Arab and Islamic area and all over the world, forward.

·        Developing a revolutionary intellectual vision that comprises the aims of liberation, development, unity and democracy.

·        Presenting an innovative concept of Arab nationalism that is more in tune with the necessities of regional integration and grants greater respect for diversity and pluralism within the Arab nation.

·        Disseminating the resistance culture and rejecting naturalization and subservience to the American – Zionist alliance.

·        Exposing the American plot against Iraq and reiterating support for the Iraqi resistance against the American occupation and its projects, repercussions and tools.

·        Expressing solidarity with the Jordanians’ struggle within the framework of rejecting normalization projects and for revocation of the Wadi Araba agreement and its results.

·        Calling for and working towards unifying the efforts of all forms of resistance on the level of each Arab country and on the regional and world-wide levels and working for the crystallization of an Arab resistance project that includes the various resistance forces in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq with the aim of toppling the American and Zionist occupations in the area.

·        Considering the victory of the struggle against the American –Zionist offensive on all levels, calls for intensifying the peaceful struggle against their policies for hegemony in the Arab and Islamic world and worldwide.

·        Adopting a policy of creating wide fronts on both the national and regional scales and on the basis of shared aims and objectives, while granting due respect to the special conditions within each and every society and country.

·        Linking solidarity with Arab and worldwide resistance to the various forms of democratic and social struggles.

·        Forming a network that would support or include the various political and social Arab bodies involved in resistance. This network of activities will be supervised by a combined local and regional coordinating committee, which will activate a communication process between its national frameworks using various methods (regular meetings, correspondence, the Internet) , in addition to organizing wide popular actions and activities on a regular basis throughout the year in order to express solidarity with Arab resistance movements:- a day in solidarity with the Lebanese people and their resistance on the 12th of July; with the Iraqi people and their resistance on the 20th of March and with the Palestinian people on the 28th of September of each year, in support of their resistance in order to liberate their country and to implement their right to return to their homeland.

·        Forming an Arab Conscience Court in order to bring war criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice, due to their role in exposing both the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples to these crimes. And also bringing those responsible for all the crimes against members of the resistance, and political prisoners and especially those within Israeli prisons to justice.

·        Consolidating and expanding the scope of efforts aiming at facing and confronting the campaigns launched, especially within Western circles and that aim at blemishing the image of the resistance within the framework of the so called “war against terrorism” by deceivingly confusing the image of resistance and freedom fighters with one of members of fanatic and violent movements.

·        Calling upon Arab and Islamic states and forces and all the regional states to participate effectively in the preservation of the unity of Iraq, it’s Arabism and its liberation from the occupation.

·        Supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle for the achievement of all their national rights.

·        Supporting Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to obtain all their legal and humanitarian rights.

·        Considering American-Zionist threats against all peoples in the region and their states as an incentive for the formation of a strategic Arab /Iranian agreement which can partake in unifying all vital forces against the American-Zionist project.

·        Considering the yardstick of political standpoints the main component of the resistance front challenging the Imperialist project in the area in opposition to any consideration related to religion, creed or race.

·        Condemning American and Israeli threats against countries in the area and the vital forces within them and preparing for popular mobilization against any attacks.

·        Considering the fact that Israel owns nuclear power and weapons, as a continuous threat to both regional and international peace and security; and requesting a firm stand by all the peoples of the world in order to disarm nuclear weapons from the region, whilst emphasizing all the regional states’ rights to own nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes.  

On the legal level:  

·        Establishing an international forum for Human and people’s rights including lawyers and human rights activists from all over the world in coordination with the Arab Lawyers’ Union and the Arab Human Rights Association.

·        Establishing an international Internet website in order to exchange legal experiences in the field of suing Israel and bringing Israeli war criminals to court.

·        Coordinating efforts to collect documents, affidavits and evidence related to the effects of aggression within the framework of “The Arab Center for Documenting War Crimes and Legal Litigation” in the field of the following war crimes, aggressive acts and crimes against humanity:

o       killing civilians, uprooting them and destroying civil edifices, bridges, roads, electric plants, ports, airports and shelling other various forms of transport depots.

o       Destroying the environment and especially polluting the Lebanese shoreline, which will have repercussions on all the countries within the Mediterranean Basin.

o       Destroying the media apparatus and broadcasting stations of al-Manar T.V. and many others, on purpose. 

·        Recommending support of the Court of Conscience which will be held in Geneva to take the Israeli war criminals to court for their perpetrations within Lebanon under the auspices of the Bertrand Russell Foundation upon the first anniversary of the war.

·        Calling upon the Lebanese government to work for the establishment of an ad hoc International Court for the same purpose.

·        Calling upon European lawyers and human rights activists to work with their citizens with the aim of placing pressure upon their governments in order to sue Israel and force it to compensate for its war crimes and pay for the cost of dismantling the cluster bombs, which the UNIFIL forces are currently carrying out.

·        Documenting the legal violations perpetrated since the establishment of the State of Israel until the present and working for Israel’s litigation.

·        Appealing to the peoples of the world and all governments and civic bodies to support the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to the whole of their homeland in compliance with international laws and conventions.

·        Preparing for holding an international conference in solidarity with the Lebanese people and their resistance on the first anniversary of the war i.e. – 12th July 2024.

·        Compelling the Lebanese government to submit complaints and to file law suits against Israel and the perpetrators of war crimes within various specialized international bodies, the most important of which are:

o       The International Court of Justice

o       The International Criminal Court

o       A special court set up according to a decision by the  Security Council; and in case this does not take place they should resort to the General Assembly so that it will establish such a court according to resolution 50/377 (The Union for Peace).  

·        Calling upon European and International movements to adopt and support the Lebanese’ resort to national courts within their countries of residence.

·        Contacting human rights committees and sub-committees of the UN such as the: - Children’s Rights, Women’s Rights, and Environment sub –committees and the Human Rights Council.

·        Widening litigation to include Britain and the U.S. for their participation in the offensive.

·        Carrying out an international legal media campaign to explain the Israeli violations of international laws and conventions.

·        Carrying out an international media campaign to disseminate information about the resistance in Lebanon and the rest of the Arab resistance movements in Palestine and Iraq against the Israeli and American occupations explaining their aims, the fairness of their cause and the legitimacy of their struggle in light of general international and humanitarian law.

·        Distinguishing between terrorism and peoples’ struggles for their liberation, freedom and self-determination.

·        Struggling for the establishment of a Middle East void of weapons of mass destruction.

·        Exposing the partial nature of resolution 1701, which places the UNIFIL forces on one side of the borders and struggling against its interpretation in a form that threatens its entrapment into facing the Lebanese resistance.

·        Encouraging Arab countries to sign the bylaws of the International Criminal Court and other human rights conventions.  

On the media level:

·        Considering the media an essential arena for the imposed struggle in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and the whole area.

·        Adopting a media confrontation policy based on building complete conceptual, value and linguistic systems aiming at facing the groups solicited by the aggressor and through which it practices hegemony.

·        Clarifying the intersection between the struggles of all peoples and striving to establish a worldwide network against the American-Zionist project which does not only target the area but also humanity.

·        Forming a working body of media personnel and writers who can participate in focal work so as to:

o       Create a discussion group (blog) on the Internet.

o       Call on interested journalists and writers to join the blog.

o       Suggest a definition and framework for its work and make it accountable within the media.

o       Prepare a worldwide list of journalists and writers who are ready to cooperate or who hold standpoints that correspond to ours and work towards contacting them and making their writings known through publication.

o       Hold a meeting after two or three months to evaluate its work and make the appropriate decisions.

o       Establish a media watch that can survey journalists and writers who are enemies, monitoring all that is published and organizing responses in a highly professional and methodological fashion, which will allow us to move towards expanding the circle of building an international media apparatus supportive of the choice of resistance and that can stand up to opposing media.  

On the level of reconstruction: 

The participants in the conference agreed upon describing the results of the Israeli aggression against the southern suburbs of Beirut and Lebanese towns and villages as an act of “habitat annihilation” as the aggression targeted residential areas that were populated and incurred damages to colossal numbers of homes and economic installations reaching over 130,000 all over Lebanon.

The conference also alluded to the role of the resistance and its institutions on the level of reconstruction and removing the effects of the aggression in addition to the support of the Lebanese society’s steadfastness during and after the Israeli offensive and it calls for:  

·        Adopting a social development vision for reconstruction which takes the needs of the population into consideration as they are stated by them, which will allow the improvement of the destroyed areas and will meet the various humanitarian needs.

·        Directing the greatest possible amount of support towards Lebanese civil institutions concerned with aid and reconstruction and especially the resistance institutions as they have carried out and are still carrying out an essential role in support of Lebanese society to face the Israeli offensive. This requires overcoming the legal and financial obstacles which have been placed by the international financial and legal systems in the face of the overflowing amounts of aid arriving under various pretexts.

·        In this aspect the conference calls for the creation of committees to support societies in each of the targeted countries and their task would be to support the Lebanese to face the offensive.

·        Granting attention to the situation within the destroyed Lebanese villages and rebuilding them in a manner that will guarantee and conserve their special rural heritage,

·        Launching an initiative for discussion rounds at the international level, with bodies and experts in the field of reconstruction who are interested in participating in order to develop construction in a way that will ensure the humanitarian, social and developmental objectives of this process.

·        The conference recommends, within this framework, that those supervising the reconstruction process should maintain the symbolism of the event according to the three aspects of: victory, steadfastness and sacrifice.

·        Organizing Arab and international campaigns to rebuild the cultural, social and heritage locations that form the essential landmarks in the area and play a role in producing culture and knowledge. 

بيروت في 19/11/2020


البيان الختامي

"للمؤتمر العالمي لدعم المقاومة"


حق الشعوب في المقاومة

كي يتحول الانتصار التاريخي الذي انجزته المقاومة في لبنان ضد العدوان الاسرائيلي الذي استهدف الشعب اللبناني في 12 تموز 2024، الى منطلق لاعادة تزخيم النضال التحرري العربي الشامل ضد المشروع الامبريالي الاميركي الصهيوني، ولتعزيز التضامن العالمي مع نضال الشعوب العربية ومقاوماتها الوطنية، في لبنان وفلسطين والعراق، وفي اطار دعم "حق الشعوب في المقاومة"، كان انعقاد "المؤتمر العالمي لدعم المقاومة" في بيروت من 16 ت2  الى 19 ت2 عام 2024 ، تلبية لدعوة من: حزب الله- الحزب الشيوعي اللبناني- حركة الشعب- منبر الوحدة الوطنية- ونادي اللقاء. وقد شارك فيه حوالي أربعمائة مندوب من خارج لبنان، يمثلون عشرات المنظمات السياسية والنقابية والاهلية وحركات مناهضة العولمة الامبريالية والحرب، المؤيدة لحق الشعوب في مقاومة العدوان الذي تتعرض له وحقها في الحرية والتقدم.

وقد تناول  المشاركون في المؤتمر مختلف ابعاد العدوان الذي تتعرض المنطقة العربية والاسلامية خاصة، ومجمل تجليات النهج الاميركي العدواني الذي يهدد التطور المستقل لشعوب العالم، ويهدد مستقبل السلام العالمي. وبعد نقاشات جادة ومستفيضة، توصل المؤتمرون الى خلاصات وأسس لرؤية مشتركة الى المخاطر التي تتهدد المنطقة والعالم وسبل مواجهها، وآليات توحيد القوى الحية المتصدية لهذه المخاطر، والارتقاء بمستوى التنسيق فيما بينها، على مختلف المستويات، وذلك من اجل تامين شروط الانتصار الناجز على المشروع الاميركي الصهيوني الذي يطال المنطقة والعالم.


وقد اتفقوا على التالي:

على المستوى السياسي العام:

¨  اعتبار مشروع الشرق الاوسط الكبير او الجديد، مبادرة امريكية عدوانية، تهدف الى تفتيت المنطقة واغراقها في نزاعات وحروب، وادامة السيطرة عليها، ومواصلة نهب ثرواتها.

¨  رفض ايديولوجيا صدام الحضارات التي تروج لها الادارة الامريكية، وتوجه سياسات الهيمنة والحرب التي تنتهجها على نحو يؤسس لحرب عالمية جديدة.

¨  متابعة العمل بهدف بناء اطار تضامني عالمي جامع، يضم حركات المقاومة والقوى الداعمة لها في المنطقة العربية والإسلامية والعالم، ويكون حلقة من حلقات الاطر العالمية القائمة، وليس موازياً لها، او بديلاً عنها.

¨  العمل على تطوير العلاقات المتنامية بين التيارات اليسارية والديمقراطية والقومية والحركات الاسلامية المقاومة، وذلك من اجل ترسيخ وتقوية الاتجاهات المعادية للتحالف الامبريالي الصهيوني في المنطقة والعالم ، واستجابة لكل التحديات الراهنة والقادمة.

¨   بلورة الأساس النظري والفكري لعملية التقارب بين التيارات اليسارية والقومية والإسلامية المقاومة، من اجل دفع حركة التحرر في المنطقة العربية والإسلامية وفي لعالم.

¨     تطوير رؤية فكرية ثورية تجمع بين اهداف التحرير والتنمية والوحدة والديمقراطية.

¨     تقديم مفهوم متجدد للعروبة اكثر استجابة لضرورات التكامل الإقليمي وأكثر احتراماً للتنوع داخل الامة العربية.

¨     تعميم ثقافة المقاومة، ورفض التطبيع والتبعية للتحالف الاميركي- الصهيوني.

¨  فضح المخطط الاميركي في العراق، والتاكيد على دعم المقاومة العراقية ضد الاحتلال الاميركي ومشروعه وافرازاته وأدواته.

¨     التضامن مع نضال الشعب الاردني في اطار رفض عمليات التطبيع ومن أجل إلغاء معاهدة وادي عربة ومترتباتها.

¨  الدعوة والعمل لتوحيد جهود قوى المقاومة بكل اشكالها على صعيد كل بلد عربي وعلى صعيد المنطقة والعالم وبلورة مشروع عربي مقاوم، بضم مختلف القوى المقاومة في لبنان وفلسطين والعراق، بهدف دحر الاحتلالين الاميركي والصهيوني في المنطقة.

¨  اعتبار نجاح النضال ضد العدوان الاميركي الصهيوني على مختلف المستويات يستدعي تصعيد النضال السلمي ضد نهج الاستبداد في المنطقة العربية والاسلامية والعالم.

¨  اعتماد سياسات الجبهات العريضة على النطاق الوطني والاقليمي، على اساس الاهداف المشتركة، مع احترام خصوصيات كل مجتمع وكل قطر.

¨     الربط بين نهج التضامن مع المقاومات العربية والعالمية، وبين مختلف اشكال النضال الديمقراطي ولاجتماعي.

¨  تشكيل شبكة تضم مختلف الهيئات السياسية والاجتماعية العربية المنخرطة في خيار المقاومة والمناصرة له، تشرف على نشاطاتها لجنة تنسيق محلية واقليمية مشتركة. وتفعّل عملية التواصل فيما بين اطرها الوطنية، بمختلف الوسائل (لقاءات دورية- مراسلات- انترنت...) وتنظيم تحركات شعبية واسعة في مناسبات دورية سنوياً، للتضامن مع حركات المقاومة العربية: يوم تضامني مع الشعب اللبناني ومقاومته في 12 تموز، ومع الشعب العراقي ومقاومته في 20 آذار، ومع الشعب الفلسطيني في 28 ايلول من كل عام، دعماً لمقاومته لتحرير وطنه وانفاذ حقه في العودة.

¨  تشكيل محكمة ضمير عربية لمحاكمة المسئولين عن جرائم الحرب والجرائم ضد الانسانية التي يتعرض لها الشعبان العراقي والفلسطيني، ومجمل الجرائم السياسية بحق المناضلين والمعتقلين السياسيين والاسرى، خاصة في السجون الاسرائيلية.

¨  تعزيز وتوسيع نطاق الجهود الهادفة لمواجهة وصد الحملات التي تشن، خاصة في الاوساط الغربية، والتي تسعى لتشويه صورة المقاومة، ضمن اطار ما يسمى بالحرب على الإرهاب، والتي تتعمد بصورة خبيثة الخلط بين المقاومة وبين حركات العنف التكفيري الاعمى.

¨  دعوة القوى والدول العربية والاسلامية ودول المنطقة كافة للإسهام الفاعل في الحفاظ على وحدة العراق وعروبته وتحريره من الاحتلال.

¨     مساندة نضال الشعب الفلسطيني من اجل تحقيقه لكافة حقوقه الوطنية.

¨     مساندة حصول اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في لبنان على كافة الحقوق القانونية والإنسانية.

¨  اعتبار التهديدات الاميركية والصهيونية لشعوب المنطقة ودولها حافزاً لقيام تفاهم استراتيجي عربي-إيراني يسهم في توحيد القوى الحية لمواجهة المشروع الامريكي الصهيوني.

¨  اعتبار مقياس الموقف السياسي هو المكون لجبهة النضال بوجه المشروع الامبريالي القائمة في المنطقة، وليس أي اعتبار ديني، مذهبي، أو عرقي.

¨  ادانة التهديدات الاميركية والاسرائيلية لبلدان المنطقة وقواها الحية والاستعداد لتعبئة القوى الشعبية وتحريكها في مواجهة العدوان.

¨  اعتبار امتلاك اسرائيل للاسلحة النووية مصدر تهديد دائم للامن والسلم الاقليمي والدولي ومطالبة شعوب العالم بموقف حازم لنزع السلاح النووي من المنطقة مع تأكيد حق دول المنطقة في امتلاك قدرات نووية لاغراض سلمية.



على المستوى القانوني:

¨  انشاء منتدى عالمي لحقوق الانسان والشعوب من حقوقيي العالم بالتعاون مع اتحاد المحامين العرب والمنظمة العربية لحقوق الانسان.

¨  انشاء موقع انترنت دولي لتبادل الخبرات القانونية في مجال اقامة الدعاوى ضد "اسرائيل" ومجرمي الحرب "الاسرائيليين".

¨  تنسيق الجهود لتجميع الوثائق والشهادات والقرائن المتعلقة بآثار العدوان في اطار "المركز العربي لتوثيق جرائم الحرب والملاحقة القانونية" وذلك في مجال جريمة العدوان وجرائم الحرب والجرائم ضد الانسانية، وذلك :

   - بقتل المدنيين وتهجيرهم وتدمير الأعيان المدنية والجسور والطرق ومحطات الكهرباء والموانىء والمطار وقصف وسائل النقل المختلفة.

      - التدمير البيئي وبشكل خاص تلويث الشواطىء اللبنانية بما يهدد سواحل كل بلدان حوض البحر المتوسط.

     - تعمد تدمير وسائل الاعلام ومحطات الارسال كمحطة تلفزيون المنار ومحطات عديدة اخرى.

¨  توصية بمساندة محكمة الضمير المقرر انعقادها في جنيف لمحاكمة المسئولين عن جرائم الحرب الإسرائيلية عما ارتكبوه خلال العدوان الاخير على لبنان، وذلك برعاية مؤسسة برترند راسل في الذكرى الاولى للعدوان، والمشاركة فيها.

¨     دعوة الحكومة اللبنانية لكي تعمل على إنشاء محكمة دولية خاصة ad hoc للغرض نفسه.

¨  دعوة الحقوقيين الاوروبيين للعمل مع مواطنيهم بهدف الضغط على حكوماتهم من اجل ملاحقة إسرائيل قانونيا وإجبارها على التعويض عن جرائم الحرب، ودفع تكاليف اعمال تفكيك القنابل العنقودية التي تقوم بها قوات اليونيفيل.

¨     توثيق الانتهاكات القانونية منذ انشاء دولة اسرائيل حتى اليوم والعمل على ملاحقتها قانونيا.

¨  مناشدة شعوب العالم وحكوماته وهيئاته المدنية دعم حق اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في العودة الى كامل ارضهم التاريخية، التزاماً بالقوانين والاعراف الدولية.

¨     الاستعداد لعقد مؤتمر عالمي للتضامن مع شعب لبنان ومقاومته في الذكرى الاولى للعدوان في 12 تموز 2024.

¨  دفع الدولة اللبنانية إلى تقديم شكاوى ودعاوى ضد اسرائيل ومرتكبي جرائم الحرب، وذلك امام الهيئات الدولية المختصة المختلفة واهمها:

  - محكمة العدل الدولية.

        -  المحكمة الجنائية الدولية.

    - محكمة خاصة تنشأ بقرار من مجلس الامن، وفي حال تعذر ذلك، اللجوء الى            الجمعية العامة لانشاء مثل هذه المحكمة بموجب القرار 377/50 ( الاتحاد من اجل السلام)

¨     مناشدة الحركات الأوروبية والعالمية تبني ومساندة لجوء اللبنانيين إلى المحاكم الوطنية ذات الصلاحية في بلدان إقامتهم.

¨  الاتصال بلجان حقوق الإنسان واللجان الفرعية التابعة للامم المتحدة: حقوق الطفل، حقوق المرأة، البيئة، مجلس حقوق الانسان....

¨     توسيع الملاحقة القانونية لتشمل بريطانيا والولايات المتحدة لمشاركتهما في العدوان.

¨     القيام بحملة اعلامية حقوقية دولية لشرح الانتهاكات الاسرائيلية للاعراف والقوانين  الدولية.

¨  القيام بحملة اعلامية دولية للتعريف بالمقاومة في لبنان وبسائر المقاومات العربية في فلسطين والعراق ضد الاحتلالات الاسرائيلية والاميركية ايضاحاً لاهدافها وعدالة قضاياها وشرعية نضالها في ضوء القانون الدولي العام والانساني.

¨     التمييز بين الارهاب ونضال الشعوب في سبيل تحررها وتقرير مصيرها.

¨     النضال من اجل اقامة شرق اوسط خالٍ من اسلحة الدمار الشامل.

¨  فضح الطابع الجزئي للقرار 1701 الذي يضع قوات اليونيفيل في جهة واحدة من الحدود، ومناهضة تفسيره بالشكل الذي يهدد باستدراجها الى مواجهة مع المقاومة اللبنانية.

¨     حث الدول العربية على توقيع النظام الاساسي للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية وسائر الاتفاقيات المتعلقة بحقوق الانسان.


على المستوى الاعلامي:

¨     اعتبار الاعلام ساحة اساسية من ساحات الصراع المفروض، في لبنان وفلسطين والعراق ومجمل المنطقة.

¨  اعتماد سياسة مواجهة اعلامية، تستند الى بناء منظومة مفهومية وقيمية ولغوية كاملة تهدف الى التصدي للمنظومة التي يتوسلها العدوان ويمارس بواسطتها الهيمنة.

¨  إبراز الثقاطع القائم بين نضالات كافة الشعوب. وعليه  السعي لبناء شبكة عالمية تناهض المشروع الاميركي الصهيوني الذي لا يستهدف المنطقة فحسب بل يطال كل البشرية.

¨     تشكيل هيئة عمل من الإعلاميين والكتاب المشاركين في محور العمل تتولى:

- وضع لائحة حوار على الانترنت فيما بينها.

    - دعوة الصحافيين والكتاب المهتمين بالانضمام اليها.

   -  اقتراح تعريف وإطار لعملها ومقاربتها للمسألة الإعلامية.

   - إعداد لائحة عالمية بالصحافيين والكتاب المستعدين للتعاون او اصحاب المواقف   المطابقة للتوجه الذي نتبناه، والعمل على الاتصال بهم وعلى التعريف بكتاباتهم ونشرها.

  -  عقد اجتماع بعد فترة شهرين أو ثلاثة أشهر لتقييم عملها وإتخاذ القرارات لمناسبة.

  - إقامة مرصد إعلامي Media Watch ، يرصد الصحافيين والكتاب المعادين ويراقب كل ما ينشر اعلامياً وينظم الرد عليه، على أن يتم ذلك بمهنية عاليه، ودقة منهجية، بما يسمح بالانتقال الى توسيع دائرة بناء جهاز اعلامي عالمي مناصر لخيار المقاومة ومتصد للإعلام المعادي.


على مستوى إعادة الاعمار:

اتفق المجتمعون على وصف نتائج العدوان الاسرائيلي على الضاحية الجنوبية والقرى والبلدات اللبنانية، بانه فعل "إبادة للسكن" حيث استهدف العدوان مناطق سكنية آهلة وطالت الأضرار عدداً هائلاً من المساكن والوحدات الاقتصادية، يفوق 130 الف وحدة على امتداد الاراضي اللبنانية.


وقد نوه المؤتمر بدور المقاومة ومؤسساتها على صعيد اعادة الاعمار وازالة اثار العدوان ودعم صمود المجتمع اللبناني اثناء العدوان وبعده، ودعا الى التالي:

¨  اعتماد رؤية تنموية واجتماعية لاعادة الاعمار تأخذ بعين الاعتبار حاجات السكان كما يحددونها هم، بما يسمح بتحسين المناطق المتضررة وتلبية الحاجات الانسانية المختلفة فيها.

¨  توجيه أكبر دعم ممكن للمؤسسات الاهلية اللبنانية المعنية بالاغاثة والاعمار وخصوصاً مؤسسات المقاومة، كونها أدت وتؤدي دوراً اساسياً في دعم المجتمع اللبناني في مواجهة العدوان. وهذا ما يتطلب تجاوز العقبات القانونية والمالية التي يضعها النظام المالي/ القانوني الدولي في وجه تدفق المعونات اليها تحت ذرائع متعددة.

¨  وفي هذا الصدد يدعو المؤتمر الى تشكيل لجان دعم اهلية في كل دولة من الدول مهمتها دعم الشعب اللبناني في مواجهة العدوان.

¨     الاهتمام باوضاع القرى اللبنانية المهدمة، وإعادة بنائها على نحو يكفل المحافظة على طابعها القروي/ التراثي الخاص.

¨  إطلاق مبادرة تشاور واسعة على الصعيد الدولي، مع الهيئات والشخصيات المختصة بمجال الإعمار والمهتمة بالمشاركة، وذلك في سبيل تطوير الأداء الإعماري على نحو يحقق الأهداف الإنسانية والإجتماعية والتنموية لهذه العملية.

¨  ويوصي المؤتمر في هذا الإطار بأن يهتم المشرفون على إعادة الإعمار بحفظ رمزية الحدث من النواحي الثلاث: الإنتصار، الصمود، التضحية.


¨    تنظيم حملات عربية ودولية لإعادة بناء المواقع الثقافية والتراثية والإجتماعية التي تشكل معالم أساسية في المنطقة وتلعب دورا في إنتاج الثقافة والمعرفة.

 International conference for solidarity with the Resistance in Beirut

Bert De Belder (Medical Aid For the Third World) and Dirk Adriaensens  (BRussells Tribunal)

An international conference, organised by a large part of the Lebanese ngo-movement, the Lebanese communist party (PCL) and Hezbollah: who wouldn’t want to attend that? Because this was a real unique happening.  

The conference, from 16 up to 19 November, in the buildings of UNESCO in Beirut, had been organized to reinforce international solidarity with the resistance against war and occupation. In Lebanon, but also in Palestine and Iraq. 400 foreign participants attended, from peace - and ngo-movements, from Brazil to India, from Congo to Norway. And from Belgium: the BRussells Tribunal, intal and StopUSA. It is the united Lebanese resistance and not the regular Lebanese army that, following the Israeli aggression, successfully drove out the Zionist aggressors. Also the rebuilding and the aid to the ravaged population are organised for a large part by Hezbollah and the civil society. How do they do that? How does the unity between religious and secular organisations in the area works? And how does Hezbollah make clear to the world that it is not a terrorist organisation, but a people’s organization which has the support of the Lebanese population in large parts of the country and in broad sectors of the society? For an answer to these questions this conference was an unique occasion.  

` Islamic ' is not ` Islamist '  

The importance of the conference became clear already from the opening meeting. Salim Hoss, former premier of Lebanon, was guest of honour. Dr. Ghassan Issa of the People's Health Movement presided the meeting, and among the participants was f.i. a Mexican journalist of La Jornada, an Indian member of parliament and the general secretary of the CPL, Dr. Hadadah. The latter didn’t hide that there have been in the past, during the Lebanese civil war, fights between Communists and Islamic forces. "but today we can be proud of our joint resistance against the aggressor", said Hadadah. "and with a broad Arab unity we must also be able to drive the US occupiers out of Iraq."  

Finally the participant of Hezbollah was announced. No, not Hassan Nasrallah himself - who keeps away for security reasons from the general public - but the number two of the movement, sjeik Naïm Kassem. Particularly interesting what he had to tell: “We must unite against US hegemony, and overcome the division on the basis of conviction or political colour. The resistance is a legitimate act of self-defence, and thereby the weapons are not of overriding importance, but the political will. Hezbollah is an Islamic movement, but it is wrongfully that we get the label ' islamist '. Some people or organisations abuse Islam and misbehave, but those are isolated extremists, they do not represent real Islam. I can say only: if you do not trust our words, then look at our actions, look at what our militants do. We fight against the oppressors, the victory of the resistance is a victory of the poor, and that is very important. Also it is important that we have achieved that victory thanks to the broadest possible alliance in Lebanon.”  

This declaration needs some explanation. There is a big difference between ` Islamic ' and ` Islamist '. With Islamists the fundamentalists in Islam are meant. Especially the Western media are keen to present us the fundamentalist fraction of Islam in order to sell us a “clash of civilizations”. Let’s compare with Christianity. Bush is a Christian fundamentalist who claims to have received a message from God to spread “democracy” everywhere in the world, and ”McDonald's” freedom. On the other hand have you the many Christians who resist against those US warlords, and in Latin America for example they even supported the resistance movements to protect the poor against the terror of the US and their death squads. You can see similar differences in Islam. The separation lines are not on confessional basis (sunni and shia), but rather on the basis of the social and political positions which one takes. A key question thereby: does one accept the plans of the US for "Greater Middle East" or not? Thus you find many Islam fundamentalists in countries which are allied to the US, such as Saudi Arabia. And there is Islamist “resistance” in Iraq, such as that of Al Qaeda, which does not have the support of the population. It is as a matter of fact remarkable that the worst fundamentalist and the most important ally for the plans of the US in Iraq is Al Hakim, the leader of the Badr-brigades, responsible for a large part of the sectarian killings. The Islamic army in Iraq fights with other secular fractions of resistance against the occupiers. And in Lebanon the Islamic movement Hezbollah fights side by side with Communists and social activists in resistance against Israel and the US. A representative of the Lebanese CP formulated it as follows: "we differ in opinion concerning the type of society project which we support, but we cooperate well if it concerns opposing the US plans for the region, the aid for the suffering population and the protection of our sovereignty”.  

Together in action  

In several workshops there was a dialogue about the strategy of resistance against war and occupation, about the role of the media, about legal action, about the rebuilding of the country and about the Arab unity. 

In the workshop concerning strategy a wide interpretation of the concept resistance was discussed - not only armed resistance, but all forms of social and political action against foreign aggression - can help to overcome the doubts in the peace movement concerning support for that resistance. Also countering the increasing islamophobia and the restrictions of the democratic freedoms in the Western world are vital. José Reinaldo Carvalho, of the Brasilian peace movement Cebrapaz, stated that the resistance in the Middle East has much in common with the new left movements in Latin America (venezuela, bolivia...), because they stand against the same enemy. The Cuban participant saw a complete different Axis of Evil, a short one, of only 500 meters: the distance from the white house to the head quarters of the International Monetary Fund.  

In the legal workshop the different possibilities were examined to condemn Israel for its illegal aggression against Lebanon. Particular attention was also given to the legal argumentation of the right to resist, in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. The workshop was chaired by Issam Naaman, ex-minister of telecommunication and himself a law specialist. A thorough and clarifying explanation concerning the illegality of invasion and the legitimacy and legality of resistance against aggression according to international law was given by the head of the law faculty of the Lebanese university in Beirut, Hassan Jouni. It was striking that the interpretation of the term international law is different according to the point of view that one takes - and that corresponds often with where one lives: in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. The international Criminal Court of The Hague for example, was approached very critically and by some labelled as a partial instrument that defends the interests of the imperialist countries. An example? The more than 250 complaints against the invasion of Iraq and the violations of human rights, were all rejected by the special prosecutor of the ICC, luis Moreno-Ocampo.

Also the possibility of a people’s tribunal against the war crimes of Israel and the US was discussed, based on the experiences of the world tribunal on Iraq. On 12 July, the first anniversary of the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, such a people’s court would take place in Geneva.

Other concrete proposals from this workshop: international action to exclude Israel from the United Nations because of continuous violation of the UN-Charter, and make Israel pay for clearing the cluster ammunitions in the South of Lebanon – an initiative which was inspired on the petition of Medical Aid for the Third World.  

Finally: the Final Declaration  

In the discussion concerning the Final Declaration there was still some animation concerning Iraq. Iran, with which Hezbollah has good links, supports tacidly the movement of Moqtada al-Sadr. This Shia movement, with its Mehdi-army, conducted at the beginning of the US occupation of Iraq briefly a brave resistance struggle, but is now cooperating in the puppet government in the green zone. This is considered by the real Iraqi resistance - in all its different fractions - as a capitulation and as collaboration. The conference in Beirut adopted eventually a clear position for support to the resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, without distinction. A position which was echoed on the closing meeting by the Belgian senator of the Socialist Party, and member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee, Pierre Galand, who had been invited as a speaker. He called Israel "a danger for world peace" and said that resistance is a fundamental right, just like it was the case with the resistance against the apartheid in South Africa. "the resistance movements are entirely legitimate", emphasised Galand. The conference decided to aim for a better coordination and reinforced links between the different movements and form of resistance, in a broad front. The unity and closer cooperation between left, Arab-nationalist and Islamic forces are the best guarantee to make the American-Zionist project in the Middle East fail.

Final declaration of the Beirut International Forum

To Support the Peoples’ Anti-Imperialist Resistance and the Construction of Alternatives to Globalization (January 16-18, 2024)

At the initiative and with the support of many research centers, associations and political or social movements, the work of the Beirut International Forum was accomplished January 16-18, 2024, with the participation of 450 Arab and international representatives and individuals from five continents (66 countries).

This Forum, where Latin America, Asia and the Near East were strongly represented, embodied the spirit of the Tricontinental. Two great current events marked the Forum: on the one hand, the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people of Gaza who were facing an intensity of violence and a cruelty without precedent; on the other, the total crisis of world capitalism, which is not only financial but also economic, social, cultural and moral, endangering the survival of humanity.  

Principles & Rights  

The Forum affirms that:  

• Peoples possess the right to resistance and this right must be inalienable, supported by the whole of the international community and recognized as such in international law;

• The combat of the resistance confronting colonialism cannot be divided from the combat by revolutionaries and free men and women confronting globalized capitalism, imperialism, militarization and the elimination of the social benefits that were established by more than two hundred years of determined working-class struggles.

• The people have a sovereign right to their natural resources. The right to food, health and education must take priority over any commercial consideration;

• Each culture and all knowledge should contribute to increasing the common wealth of humanity on the basis of respecting Nature, giving priority to human needs and the democratic management of society;

• The right to democratic governance must be carried out not only at the political level but also at the economic level and is the concern of both men and women;

• The right to cultural differences and freedom of worship while rejecting any cultural and racial bias must be guaranteed.  

Campaigns & Resolutions:  

·          Concerning Gaza 

The Forum’s participants affirm their support for the resistance of the Palestinian people of Gaza. They condemn the terrorism and crimes carried out against this population by Israel in violation of all human standards and human values. 

They also call for: 

1. The application of strict sanctions with regard to Israel, such as: breaking diplomatic relations and agreements and the prohibition of any sale of weapons to this country.

2. Legal charges against the States and the firms that sell weapons to Israel.

3. The European Union’s ceasing any political, cultural and economic collaboration with Israel and cancelling all conventions and agreements which tie the EU to this country.

4. Holding an International Conference to evaluate the war crimes, and the crimes against humanity carried out against the population of Gaza, as well as all economic and ecological crimes, and bring judicial charges against those people responsible for these crimes and those committed in Lebanon in 2006.

5. Reestablishing UN Resolution #3379 equating Zionism and racism, and expelling Israel from the United Nations.

6. Launching an international campaign for the rebuilding of Gaza, the lifting of the blockade and the release of the political prisoners.  

·          Concerning the anti-imperialist and anti-colonial struggle, the participants 

1. Express their support for both the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance in their struggle against Israeli occupation, as well as for the Iraqi resistance that combats the U.S. occupation. Moreover, the participants support the efforts of the Iraqi people to preserve their territorial unity.

2. Announce their support for the self-determination of the Afghan people and their fight against the U.S. and NATO occupation.

3. Salute Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as well as Bolivian President Evo Morales for their support for the peoples' resistance. The participants also express total support with the struggle of these two leaders against any intervention of the United States in Latin America.

4. Call for the lifting of the blockade on Cuba and the release of the Cuban prisoners held in U.S. prisons.

5. Condemn the alliance between the USA and the neofascist government of Colombia that for four decades has terrorized its own people and worked to destabilize the progressive governments of Latin America. They also bring their support to the revolutionary movements in struggle against this regime.

6. Call for the formation of an international league of members of Parliament to defend the rights of peoples to resistance and self-determination, and to reactivate the agreements on the protection of the civilian population.

7. Call for the creation of an international media network to uncover propaganda lies concerning the nature of and the crimes perpetrated by Israel.

8. Call for continuing the work of the court of conscience to judge war crimes, in particular to bring to justice those persons responsible for the war crimes carried out in Lebanon in 2024.

9. Call for launching a campaign for the application of the Advisory Council of the International Court of Justice concerning the racist partition wall in Palestine;

10. Call for founding a global network to coordinate among local representatives at times of crises and wars;

11. Call for rejecting U.S. threats and provocations with regard to Iran’s right to develop a civilian nuclear program within the framework of international standards. Also rejecting the U.S.’s bellicose threats regarding Syria and Sudan;

12. Call for thwarting the U.S. attempts to strip international and humane legislation of all its contents under pretext of waging the so-called war against terror;  

The participants propose as alternatives to rule by the market:  

1. To remove agriculture and the sectors related to food from international negotiations to remove government controls (GATT, OMC...)

2. To challenge the agreements and the international policies that put biodiversity in danger by allowing large corporations to get ownership rights to living entities.

3. To establish a Mediterranean Common Market, based on the principle of equitable trade between consumers and producers, on the north and the south of the sea basin as well as inside each country. This is to be done during the process of establishing a regional cooperation in the Mediterranean (excluding Israel while awaiting a solution of the colonial problem in Palestine), in opposition to Sarkozy’s neoliberal program.

4. To fight against overexploitation by industrial fishing and to support small-scale fishing by guaranteeing a social subsidy.

5. To preserve the common inheritance of humanity and the resources fundamental to life by developing organic agriculture and by using renewable energy sources.

Center for Studies and Documentation in Beirut, International Campaign against American and Zionist Occupation (the Cairo Conference), National Gathering to Support the Choice of Resistance (Lebanon), Anti-Imperialist and Peoples' Solidarity Forum (the Calcutta-India Conference), Stop War Campaign (London), Union of Democratic Youth (Lebanon), Network of the Organizations of Palestinian Youth, Party of Dignity (Egypt), Popular Campaign to Break the Siege of Gaza, KIFAYA (the Egyptian movement for change), Union of Democratic youth (Lebanon), Egyptian Women's Issues Association, Palestinian Youth Organizations Network (Palestine), Federation of Moroccan Trade Unions, Mediterranean Agency for International Co-operation (AMCI--Morocco), Arab Youth Council, Walk to the Arab Parliament (Morocco), Dated and Strategic Studies Center (Syria), El Badil Regroupment Against Globalization (Syria), Campaign Genoa 2024 Greece, L’Altra Lambardia-Sulatesta, Anti-Imperialist Camp (Greece), Socialist Thinking Forum (Jordan), Organization of the Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt). (To be continued.) 


[translated from the French version by John Catalinotto, Jan. 24, 2024]