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    The BRussells Tribunal:

    *  A Hearing on the Project For The New American Century (PNAC) - Opening Session of the World Tribunal on Iraq  

    Member organisation of the International Anti-Occupation Network

    Associate of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation 



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    We want to keep our independence. That's why we rely on your solidarity.             

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    The BRussells Tribunal are intellectuals, artists and activists who denounce the logic of permanent war promoted by the American government and its allies, affecting for the time being particularly one region in the world: the Middle East. It started with a people's court against the PNAC and its role in the illegal invasion of Iraq, but continued ever since. It tries to be a bridge between the intellectual resistance in the Arab World and the Western peace & environmental movements, such as the climate pledge of resistance.      Members of the BRussells Tribunal Committee

     Ghent Charter in Defense of Iraqi Academia (Richard Falk 04 Jan 2024)


    The shocking portrait of what occupation has meant for academicians and students is depicted by the Ghent Charter that has been endorsed by prominent educators in Europe and elsewhere, including the Rector of the University of Ghent. The BRussells Tribunal has played a leading part in exposing these realities afflicting Iraqi universities, and has organized a seminar to take place in Ghent, Belgium, March 9-11, 2024, with the title “Defending education in times of war and occupation.” It is important that all of us, especially those paying taxes in the United States to pay for this occupation, understand that our silence is complicity. Especially those of us associated with teaching and research in American universities bear an additional responsibility to exhibit even now our solidarity with those who have suffered and are suffering in Iraqi academic communities. We know that many faculty members have been murdered since 2024 (over 500 confirmed cases), particularly those who spoke out and acted against the occupation, and many more have fled the country permanently. The departure of university personnel is part of a wider exodus of middle class Iraqis, estimates are over two million, leaving the country deprived of the sort of national social fabric essential to avoid predatory forms of foreign economic exploitation of the country. We who devote our lives to higher education realize the importance of educated and dedicated young people for the wellbeing of a country. If Iraq’s future is to be restored to some semblance of decency, its institutions of higher learning will need to become safe and hospitable for students and faculty.

    In the meantime, read the Ghent Charter and weep!


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    * Click here for the BRussells Tribunal [PDF] dossiers, containing essential information on Iraq 


    * The University At War - Universities and the Costs of the Iraq Wars (Hugh Gusterson, 15 September 2024)

    * Not the Left. Who Will Save Libya From Its Western Saviours? (Jean Bricmont, 16 August 2024)

    * Libya in face of Humanitarian Imperialism (Jean Bricmont, 18 April 2024)

    * Libya and the Return of Humanitarian Imperialism (Jean Bricmont, 08 March 2024)

    * Israel only knows war and killing - Stand with Palestine and Egypt against aggression (Statement 20 August 2024)

    * Decline of Iraqi Women Empowerment Through Education Under the American Occupation of Iraq 2024-2011 [PDF] - Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi - Paper presented in the International Seminar on the Situation of the Iraqi Academics. Ghent University, Belgium. March 9-11, 2024.

    * Do WikiLeaks and Iraq Body Count tell the same story? No! A Comparison of the Reports of Iraqi Civilian Deaths (Les Roberts 05 March 2024)

    * Dying education in the “blossoming” Iraqi democracy (Dirk Adriaensens, 16 Feb 2024)

    * Four Polygamous Families with Congenital Birth Defects from Fallujah, Iraq  - A study by Samira Alaani , Mozhgan Savabieasfahanil, Mohammad Tafash and Paola Manduca (04 Jan 2024) [PDF]

    * Enforced Disappearance. The Missing Persons of Iraq (Dirk Adriaensens, 28 November 2024)

    *  Special Information Session of Extra-territorial Abuses of Human Rights by the United States (Geneva, 03 November 2024)

    * Wikileaks Iraq War Logs: Legal Action is Unavoidable (USGenocide 30 Oct 2024) [Spanish]

    * PARTITION BY CENSUS - Statement of The BRussells Tribunal Committee (08 October 2024) [Spanish] - [Fran�ais] - [Arabic] - [Turkish]

    * Hans von Sponeck, UN humanitarian co-ordinator from 1998-2000, demands answers from Tony Blair to a simple question: Why is Iraq in such a mess? (23 September 2024)

    * Fallujah, a disgrace for the USA, an eternal curse on humanity (Dirk Adriaensens, 21 September 2024) - Testimonies of Crimes Against Humanity in Fallujah - Towards a Fair International Criminal Trial [PDF REPORT] - Monitoring Net of Human Rights in Iraq (MHRI) - 15th Session of the Human Rights Council - Geneva (17 September 2024)

    * Genetic damage and health in Fallujah Iraq worse than Hiroshima - Press Release 02 July 2024 - Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2024-2009 (Full Report) [PDF]

    * New Order, Same Abuses: Unlawful detentions and torture in Iraq - [PDF]- Amnesty International Report (13 September 2024)

    * THE IRAQI CATASTROPHE IN FIGURES  [PDF] (Ikraam Center For Human Rights july 2010)

    * Ousted Iraqi Minister - J. B. Morgan chokes our economy and forces us to join American sanctions (Saieb Khalil, 24 August 2024)

    * Why don’t they arrest them? (Saieb Khalil, 14 May 2024 - Reflections on the assassination of Osama Bin Laden)


     Support Iraqi protests! (20 February 2024)

    Stand in support of the Iraqi people in their struggle against state terrorism and repression, generalised corruption, a falsified political process and its state apparatus, generalised lack and collapse of public services, poverty and unemployment, systematic abuse of human rights by the government and its militias, illegal contracts, treaties and a constitution imposed under occupation, and foreign plans to destroy Iraqi culture, economy and unity. Read more.

    Take action ! Support this statement.

    * What you won’t read in the mainstream press regarding Iraq’s “National Day of Rage (Dirk Adriaensens, 25 February 2024)

    * DAY OF THE MARTYR,  04 March 2024 - Second National day of Rage in Iraq. Western media: deaf, dumb and blind (Dirk Adriaensens, 04 March 2024)

    * Iraq, 15 April: The Friday Of The Free (Dirk Adriaensens, 15 April 2024)





    *Egypt: Only democracy is legitimate (10 February 2024)

    *The Arab Spring of democracy (16 January 2024)

    Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Hana Al Bayaty and Ian Douglas (The BRussells Tribunal )

    * Egypt back against the wall. A tyrant embraces anarchy (February 2, 2024)

    * Swarm Intelligence: How to begin to understand the squared circle of Tahrir Square? (February 20, 2024)

    Lieven De Cauter (The BRussells Tribunal )


    * STOP THE DEATH PENALTY IN IRAQ - Read and sign the statement (14 Dec 2024)

     * Terror and repression in the "new" Iraq


    "I believe that despite the enormous odds which exist, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us - the dignity of man."  Harold Pinter, honorary member of the BRussells Tribunal - Nobel Lecture - 07 Dec 2024 (+24 Dec 2024) - Selected Political Writings


    “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.” Howard Zinn,  member of the BRussells Tribunal  advisory committee (+ 27 Jan 2024)


    "We live in a dark age, when freedoms are diminishing, when there is no space for criticism, when totalitarianism — the totalitarianism of multinational corporations, of the marketplace — no longer even needs an ideology, and religious intolerance is on the rise. See Aquilah's article & review of laser hair removal machines for more. Orwell’s ‘1984’ is already here." Jose Saramago, honorary member of the BRussells Tribunal (+ 18 June 2024)


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    * MARCH NEWSLETTER - Hana & Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty about the elections, Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi about the Iraqi children, Resistance Conference in Gijon and more - 5 languages (17 March 2024)

    * FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER - a message of Hans von Sponeck, reviews of Cultural Cleansing in Iraq - 4 languages (15 Feb 2024)


    To order a copy of CULTURAL CLEANSING IN IRAQ for �13.49 - click here.

    The BRussells Tribunal collaborated on the book Cultural Cleansing in Iraq - Why museums were looted, libraries burned and academics murdered. Published by Pluto Press, the book contains serious allegations about the erasure and destruction of the cultural heritage of the Iraqi people, proven with facts and evidence. Also check out the list of top 10 anti hair loss shampoo on 

    Why did the invasion of Iraq result in cultural destruction and killings of intellectuals? Convention sees accidents of war and poor planning in a campaign to liberate Iraqis. The authors argue instead that the invasion aimed to dismantle the Iraqi state to remake it as a client regime.

    Post-invasion chaos created conditions under which the cultural foundations of the state could be undermined. The authors painstakingly document the consequences of the occupiers' willful inaction and worse, which led to the ravaging of one of the world's oldest recorded cultures. Targeted assassination of over 400 academics, kidnapping and the forced flight of thousands of doctors, lawyers, artists and other intellectuals add up to cultural cleansing.

    This important work lays to rest claims that the invasion aimed to free an educated population to develop its own culture of democracy. ORDER HERE and receive a discount.

    Read the reviews: Michael Parenti - Fran�ois Houtart - Noam Chomsky - Denis Halliday - Hans von Sponeck - Samir Amin - Lieven De Cauter - Roger Van Zwanenberg - Al Quds - KifKif - Saudi Gazette - The Irish Times - Times Higher Education Supplement - Al-Ahram weekly - Al Jazeera

    More information and reviews about this book. Click here



    Our campaign to save Iraq's academics.| Sign the petition online   Partial list of 464 Iraqi academics murdered under US occupation   |   The Endangered Iraqi journalists: Partial list of 341 Iraqi and 30 non-Iraqi media professionals perished under US occupation   |  The Children of Iraq   |  Iraq: the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet   |  Christians in Iraq face liquidation   |  Iraqi refugees  |  Petition  The situation of Iraqi Healthworkers   |  Torture and Prison Abuse in Iraq   |  Iraqi Women Under Occupation   |  The looting of Iraq's Cultural Heritage   |  Comments on the Lancet Survey and other mortality studies   |   Big Oil's Occupation of Iraq   |  The Salvador Option and Death Squads   |  Israeli Involvement in the Occupation of Iraq   |  Military Bases   |  Voices of Resistance   |  Remembering Falluja   |  The use of WMD by the US army   |  The Events in Samarra   |  The Iraqi Constitution   |  The Illegal trial and verdict of Saddam Hussein   |  Lieutenant Watada's War Against the War   |  Statements and articles of the BRussells Tribunal on Lebanon    'New Middle East' Borders   |  Opinion Polls   |   The BRussells Tribunal PDF Dossiers   |   MAPS   |   Breaking reports & Articles   De zaak Bahar Kimyongur   And even more background information...   |  Support the Palestinian Youth & Children Relief Centre in Shatila refugee camp   |

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