Stop the death penalty in Iraq


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Call for global action

* We call on all to work to stop these executions and impose a moratorium on the death penalty in Iraq.

* We demand the release of all political prisoners, held in custody in official prisons and ghost facilities by the US, the US installed Iraqi government and the militias, brought to Iraq by the US occupation.

* Every Iraqi deserves protection and justice.
Unfair trials in Iraq must be stopped

* We call on the UN Human Rights Council to appoint a Special Rapporteur for the human rights situation in Iraq.

* We call on all organisations that defend the first human right — the right to life — to take up with urgency the cause of the 900 prisoners on death row in Iraq.

* We call on all lawyers associations to protest the absence of law and due process in Iraq, and to declare the imminent execution of these 900 prisoners unlawful.

* 900 prisoners killed in Iraq would be 900 insults to the common conscience of humanity.

* We call on all to do everything within their means to bring the cases of these 900 prisoners facing death to the public eye, and to demand action by relevant authorities.

* The US occupation of Iraq must end. It is that occupation that is the ultimate rope around the neck of Iraq, and the ultimate prison for the Iraqi people.


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