Hanging the womb of Iraq - Stop the executions of 3 Iraqi women!
Statement of Hana Albayaty, Ian Douglas, Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Iman Saadoon, Dirk Adriaensens and Ayse Berktay  (14 Feb 2024)
First Endorsers
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, chairman of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation, honorary member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Ramsey Clark, former attorney general of the United States, founder of the International Action Center – USA
Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat,  former Chief of Naval Staff — India
Hans Von Sponeck, former UN assistant secretary general & UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, 1998-2000 – Germany, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Susan George, director of the Transnational Institute – France
Eduardo Galeano, Essayist, journalist, historian, and activist – Uruguay, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Ahmed Manai, director of the Tunisian Institute for International Relations – France
Aida Seif El Dawla, founding member and chairperson of the Egyptian Association Against Torture, El–Nadim Centre for the Psychological Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence – Egypt
Ali Al-Sarraf, author  – Iraq
Amalia Pereira, dirigente de Promepar Irene Celis, dirigenta del Sindicato del Arzobispado de Santiago, 
Amy Bartholomew, professor of law – Canada, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Anna Karamanou, former member of the European Parliament, former chairwomen of the Committee of Women’s Rights of the European Parliament
Carlos Varea, coordinator and Spanish Campaign against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq, CEOSI – Spain, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Corinne Kumar, Secretary General of El Taller International - Tunesia / India, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Dahlia Wasfi, Anti-war activist, speaker, Global Exchange – Iraq / USA, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Dr Barbara Nimri Aziz, executive producer, “Tahrir”, Pacifica WBAI Radio, NY – USA
Dr Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary to the European Committee on Radiation Risk. Expert and author on DU – UK
Dr Curtis Doebbler, international human rights lawyer, professor of law at An–Najah National University – Palestine, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Dr Esmail Nooriala, Iranian-American writer and Lecturer on Islam University of Denver – USA
Dr Fadhil Bedran, author – Iraq
Dr Herman De Ley, emeritus professor, Department of Philosophy and Moral Science, Ghent University – Belgium, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Dr Jean Bricmont, scientist, specialist in theoretical physics, U.C. Louvain-La-Neuve – Belgium, member of the BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee
Dr Lieven De cauter, initiator of the BRussells Tribunal, philosopher, K.U. Leuven / Rits – Belgium
Dr Paola Manduca, Professor of Genetics, Anti–war movement – Italy, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Dr Suhair Abbas, senior lecturer at the University of Sains, Malaysia – Iraq
Eman Ahmed Khammas, former co-director of Occupation Watch, journalist, translator – Iraq, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Fabio Marcelli, Vice secretary of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers – Italy
Fatma Salah Uthman, Spokeswoman Makhmour Organization for Human Rights and Social Questions, Baghdad, Iraq 
Felicity Arbuthnot, Journalist - UK, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Gilles Munier, secrétaire général des Amitiés franco-irakiennes – France
Graciela Álvarez, Presidenta Rama de la Asociación de Juristas Latinoamericanos 
Hussein Al-Alak, chair of The Iraq Solidarity Campaign – UK / Iraq, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee 
Dr. Ismail Kaidar Jalili (Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Chair and Secretary General of National Association of British Arabs (NABA) Past President of Iraqi Medical Association UK  and of the British Arab Medical Association and existing Executive Council Member of the latter - Iraq / UK) member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
John Catalinotto, International Action Center – USA, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
José Reinaldo Carvalho, Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples’ in Struggle for Peace – Brazil, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Karen Parker, Attorney, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers – USA, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Kathy Kelly, founder of Voices in the Wilderness/Voices for Creative Nonviolence.
Khaled Mouammar, National President of the Canadian Arab Federation – Canada
Laith Saud, journalist, college lecturer in social sciences - Iraq / USA, member of the Brussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Ludo Abicht, University of Antwerpen – Belgium
Magdalena Castillo, dirigenta Central Autónoma de Trabajadores, CAT 
Maria Ligia Centurion Prieto, member of La Unión de Mujeres Paraguayas (Paraguay-Sud América) – Paraguay
María Rozas, Vicepresidenta Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Chile, CUT
Michel Chossudovsky (Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, founder of Centre for Research on Globalisation - Canada), member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Michel Collon, writer, journalist, Belgium
Mireya Baltra, ex Ministra del Gobierno del presidente Salvador Allende, Chile
Mona Baker, professor of translation studies, University of Manchester – UK
Mondher Adhami, research fellow at Kings College London – Iraq / UK, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Nilofer Bhagwat, vice president of Indian Lawyers Association – Mumbai / India, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Paola Pisi, founder of Uruknet, Italy
Patricia Coñoman, Presidenta Confederación de Trabajadores Textiles, CONTEXTIL 
Petros Constantinou, national coordinator, Campaign Genoa 2024 – Greece
Saadallah Al-Fathi, former head of the Energy Studies Department at OPEC – Iraq
Sabah Al Mukhtar, President of the Arab Lawyers Association — UK, member of the Brussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Salah Omar Al Ali, former representative of Iraq at the UN, Al-Wifaq – Iraq
Samia Mehrez, professor of Arabic studies – Egypt
Sara Flounders, International Action Center – USA
Sarah Meyer, independent researcher – UK, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee 
Senator David Norris, Member of Seanad Eireann — Ireland
Sigyn Meder, member of the Iraq Solidarity Association – Sweden, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Socorro Gomes, president of the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples’ in Struggle for Peace – Brazil, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Sr Anne Montgomery, Christian Peacemakers Team, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Wafaa Al-Natheema, founder of the Institute for Near Eastern and African Studies – USA
Yiannis Sifakakis, coordinator, Stop the War Coalition Greece – Greece
AFFI-Associazione Federativa Femminista Internazionale
Agir Contre la Guerre (ACG)
Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition - NY
Americans Against War (AAW)
Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgique/ AWSA-Belgique
Asian Women’s Human Rights Council, India
associaçaõ de favelas em são josé, Brazil 
Association of Humanitarian Lawyers – USA
Australian Peace Committee (SA Branch) Inc.
Black people Union for Equality - UNEGRO, Brazil
BRussells Tribunal Committee
Campaign Genoa 2024 Greece
Canadian Arab Federation – Canada
Centre for Development Studies, India
Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos e Luta pela Paz Cebrapaz – Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples’ in Struggle for Peace – Brazil
Coalition de Quebec pour la paix, Canada
Comite de lutte contre la barbarie et l’arbitraire – France
Comité pour l'Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde (CADTM)
Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche Orient, Luxembourg
Communist Party of Brazil 
Conlutas - National Coordination of Struggles, Brazil
Coordination des Groupes de Femmes Egalité, France
Current The Work, from the Workers Party (PT) , Brazil
El Taller International, Tunis
Gender Equity Unit, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Gerald and Maas
Institute of Philosophy, Cuba
International Action Center – USA
International Anti-Occupation Network
International Movement for a Just World (JUST)
Intersindical – Inter Trade Unions Association, Brazil
Iraq Solidarity Association – Stockholm
La Unión de Mujeres Paraguayas Paraguay
le comité de la femme/cnops  (Maroc)
le comité de la femme/redal, (Maroc)
les organisations de femmes de l'umt/rabat (Maroc)
Lola Kompanyera, Phillipines
l'organisation de la femme du secteur agricole, Maroc
l'organisation de la femme ouvriere, Maroc
l'union des femmes fonctionnaires, Maroc
Makhmour Organization for Human Rights and Social Questions Baghdad, Iraq
New Jersey Solidarity- Activists for the Liberation of Palestine
Planète Non-Violence
Radical Women, USA
RAND Group of Consultants Nablus — Palestine
Representatives of the PSOL, Socialism and Liberty Party, Brazil
Representatives of the PSTU, Unified Workers Socialist Party, Brazil
Resistance & Alternative
Spanish Campaign against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq, CEOSI
Stop The War Coalition Greece 
StopWar Coalition, Vancouver, Canada
The Women in black of Portland Or
The Women's Fightback Network, Boston
Tunisian Institute of International Relations France
UEE – SP –    São Paulo State Students Union, Brazil
Women in Black - Seattle Washington USA 
Women in black from Caen ( Normandy ) France
Agrupación de los Trabajadores de la Educación “La Violeta”, Minoría Consejo Ejecutivo Seccional SUTEBA Zárate, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cátedra Libre de Género y Clase “Alcira de La Peña”, Argentina
Cátedra Libre de Género y Clase “Graciela Acosta”, Rosario, Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina
Centro Cultural Artenpie, Quilmes, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Centro Cultural La Muralla, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Coordinadora de Trabajadores Docentes “Azucena Villaflor”, SUTEBA Lomas de Zamora, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cultura en Movimiento Argentina
Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre
Movimiento Contracultural RebelArte, Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Movimiento por la Paz, la Soberanía y la Solidaridad entre los Pueblos (MOPASSOL)
Mujeres de Izquierda, Argentina
Mujeres en Red
Mujeres por la Identidad y la Liberación, Argentina (M.I.L.)
Revista Literaria Amaru
Taller Literario “Mario Bravo”, San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Taller Literario “Palabra Justa” de la Asociación Judicial Bonaerense, San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentia 
Sissel Lethal Injection Florida
Other endorsers
A. Rodriguez
A. Yavuz Turker
A.Murat Yılmam – Turkey
Aalia Akthar
abdel rachid
Abdullah Sayin
Abdulqadir Harith
Abdulvahap Zor
Aditya M
Adnan Kasikci, Amsterdam  — Holland
adnan ölker
Adnan Veli ARI 
Afaf Aniba, writer — Algeria
Afnan Mahmoud- member of the Filastiniyat
Agatha Haun, free-lance translator
Ahmad Fahad — Iraq
Ahmed Jeddi
Ahmed L. Ali
Ahmed Simozrag: Algerian lawyer 
Ahmet Cakmak, journalist – Turkey
Ahmet Guzel — Turkey
ahmet kilic — Turkey
Ahmet Metin Gedik — Turkey
Ahmet Tüzün / Berlin — Germany
Akif Şimşek İstanbul — Turkey
akýn coþkun
Alain Pesse, parti Les communistes — Suisse
Alamgir Mohiuddin
Alan 'Masher1' Reid
Alda Sousa, Professor, Univ Porto — Portugal
Aleema Rahaman
Alejandra Espinoza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alejandra Leguizamón, Abogada, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aletta J. Norval
Alex Kiefer, philosophy teacher, Brooklyn College, NY — USA
Àlex Tarradellas Gordo
Alexandre Travizzano – Union Trade of Lawyers of São Paulo State, Brazil
Ali Baydaş – Turkey 
Ali Somel
Ali Ucansu
Alia Mossallam
Alice Portugal
Alicia Pájaro, Provincia de Buenos Aires
Alim Uçar — Turkey
Alison Weir, executive director, “If Americans Knew” – USA 
Alkan Çiçek – Turkey
Almohade Mouhsen
Alper Birdal
Ameena Nasir
Amelia Chew, member of INCITE! Boston Women of Color Against Violence — USA
Amira Howeidy, journalist, Al-Ahram – Egypt
Amy harlib
An Van Raemdonck — Belgium
Ana Azaria Presidente "Coordination des Groupes de Femmes Egalité"
Ana Clara Sosa, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Ana Cleja, artist — France, Israel
Ana Lía Murriello, arquitect, Buenos Aires — Argentina
Ana María Barraco, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ana Sanchez MD
André Ughetto, Marseille
Andrea Borrego, Mujeres de Izquierda, Argentina
Andrea García, Vallemí, Paraguay
Andrea Nieto, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Andrew Dalton, Pine Bush, NY  –  USA 
Angus Beaton
Anita Behrns, Norway
Anita Chaberman, Brussels —Belgium
Ann Holder, Director of Critical and Visual Studies, Associate Professor of History, Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies, Pratt Institute — USA
Ann Kyle Brown, Kumedo / Little River Zen Center
Ann Marie Doherty
Ann Saddlemyer
Anna Murison
anna roeschley, student, Bluffton University, Ohio — USA
Anne Butterfield Weills, Attorney at Law, USA
Anne Haas
Anne Marie Stenberg, Certified Notary Signing Agent – USA
Anne Rodford, Publisher
Anne Salomon
Anne Slater, National Organizer of Radical Women, United States Section
Anne-Marie Luginbuhl, enseignante — France
Anne-Marie Viossat Paris  — France
Annick Ferauge
Annie Katz NY
Anthony (Tony) Maresco — USA
Antigoni Karali-Dimitriadi, Vice-President of KEDE (Center of Research and Action for Peace)
Antoine Carrier
Antoine Frangieh
Antonio Carlos Mazzeo - Professor Brazil
Antonio Carlos Spis by CUT - Unique Central of Workers, Brazil
Aranzazu Borrachero Mendibil, Queensborough Community College
Arif Ali Cangı, Avukat  — Turkey
Arlene Montemarano, Silver Spring, Maryland — USA
Arnulfo Arteaga García. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana — México
Art Romagnoli
Arya Makal
Arzu Bayraktar — Turkey
Arzu Gedikli International Relations Master degree — France
Arzu YORGUNER, Mimar , Istanbul —Turkey
Aseel Albanna, Iraqi Voices for peace USA
Ashley McDaniel
Asma D. Al-Haidari - Iraq
Assaf Kfoury, Professor, Boston University — USA
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irfan KAYMAZ, Ataturk University, Engineering Faculty, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Asuman Keten
Asuman Saltýkçýoðlu/istanbul — Turkey
Asuman Susam
Athan Gregoriades
Athens — GREECE
Atilla ÇİÇEK
atilla erkoç- ankara — Turkey
Atilla Soysal — Turkey
Audrey A. Holmes Fatooh
Audrey Bomse, Esq.
Audrey Fatooh
Av. Mahmut Bingül
avi haligua 
Avsin Semizer
Avukat Ýlahi ÖZ 
Awni Arif ,M.D.
AydIn Gaziulusoy
Ayhan Karaca, Ankara — Turkey
Ayhan Yildirim – Turkey
Ayla Yildirim – Turkey
Aynur Akkemik — Turkey
Aynur Hayrullahoğlu – Turkey
Aynur Yağan – Turkey
Ayşe Balanlı
Ayşe Boyrazoğlu — Turkey
Ayşe Coşkun
Ayşe İrem Demiriz – Turkey
Ayse Ozkan – Turkey
Ayse Sen
ayse tulin yazici — Turkey
Ayşe Yagan – Turkey
Ayşegül Can
Ayşegül Kılıç — Turkey
Aysen Altınel  -  İstanbul —  Turkey
Aysenur Bol — Turkey
Aysenur BOL — Turkey
Aysun KOÇ, Türkiye
Ayten Ekmekçiler
Ayten ve Abdullah Birol Almanya
Ayþe Mortaþ, Istanbul — Turkey
Ayþen Dönmez Ýstanbul —Turkey
Aytul Ucar
Azizcan Kılıç — Turkey
Azra Celik Gokdan — Turkey
Badiâa BOULILA, Tunisia
Bahadır Grammeşin — Turkey
bahadir özkoca istanbul — Turkey
Bahauddeen Latif — UK
Bahija Reghai
Bannoura Awad
banu karahan
Barbara K. Johson
Barbara Laxon
Barbaros Gorgen — Turkey
Baris Celik — Turkey
Baris Celik —Turkey
Basem Khader
Bassim K. Alzuhairi, Engineer, Baghdad — Iraq
BC Macdonald
Beatriz Almandoz – Spain
Beatriz Canova, Docente, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
begüm kýran
beliz güçbilmez
Belmanur Kartal
Ben Martin - Québec  –  Canada
Ben Tacher – Turkey
Benita Parry, Univ of Warwick  — UK
Benjamin Merhav, Melbourne — Australia
berat alagöz
Beril Azizoðlu Topcu
Beril Eyüboğlu’ — Turkey
berna karakaþ
Bernard Deconnynck 
Bernard Little, Green Party Cllr. Bernard Little. Sheffield City Council — UK
Bernice L. Youtz, Tacoma, WA — USA
beste erener
Betty Molchany, J.D.
Betül Uslu — Turkey
Beyhan Saban, lawyer — Turkey
Bilal ALP — Turkey
Bilal Kiziler —Turkey
Bilal Kizlier — Turkey
Bilge Contepe 
Bilge Öner — Turkey
bill resnick – USA
Billy Briggs - Human Rights Journalist.
Billy Kelly; An American Combat Veteran For Peace
Blythe Freeman, Leesburg, GA.
Bob Crothers, Oklahoma City
Bodil Pedersen
Bojan Budimac, artist, Bodrum — Turkey
Bouzrari Benaïssa
Brian Sheehan
Brigitte Demeester
Brigitte MJ Williams
Budd Dugan, Muslim American
Buket Demirköprü
Bülent YILMAZ   , Elektrik Mühendisi İstanbul — Turkey
bulut unsal – Turkey
Burçak Onur — Turkey
Burcu Ozturk Cepkin – Turkey
Burke, VA, Journalist, retired
Bushra Persson Al-Bayati 
buthaina fakhouri — USA
Cagla Anarat
Çağrı Emin Demirbaş, from Turkey
cahide SARI – Turkey
can.misali from Turkiye
Canan Celik
Canan Kizilaltun – Turkey
Caner Arman — Turkey
Carl Rising-Moore, Texas — USA
Carl Webb, Iraq Veterans Against War
Carla Reeve Smith
Carlos González, San Isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carlos Herrera, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carmen Liliana Chona, Colombia
Carol Dwyer
Carol S. Wolman, MD Board Certified in Psychiatry
Carol Traut, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carolina Mendoza
Caroline Kramer, Homeopath, Nuvilly — Switzerland
Carolyn Barndt, Denver, Colorado – USA
Catalina Pereira, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Catherine Jennings
Catherine Lieutenant, publisher, Belgium
Catherine Ordway (Ramadani)
Catherine Ronse — Belgium
catherine specklin — France
Catherine Thys, translator – Belgium 
Cecilia Miller, Secretaria de Finanzas  SUTEBA Lomas de Zamora, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Celia Foley, Kenmare, Co. Kerry  — Ireland
Celine Massa, Campaign Organiser, SEARCH Foundation
cemre baytok
ceren sahin - turkey
cevher daðdeviren
Ceylan Özerengin, journalist – Turkey
ceylan tunç
Chantal Corombelle — Belgium
Charlie Jackson, founder of Texans for Peace –USA 
Charlotte L. Kates
Cherifa Krifambarek
Chérifa Lakhoua, Assistant Professor University of Tunis — Tunisia
Chris Kaihatsu — USA
Christian Poli, Agrupación de Trabajadores de la Educación "La Violeta", Minoría Consejo Ejecutivo Seccional SUTEBA Zárate, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Christiane Flieller — France
Christianna Karageorgopoulou, Development Coordinator Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)
Christine Buchholz WASG member of executive Berlin – Germany
Christine Clinckx , foto archive , MuHKA , Museum voor Hedendaagse kunst Antwerpen — Belgium
Christine Ilott
Christopher Leadbeater, Kent — UK
Christopher Norris, Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy, Cardiff University, Wales  – UK
Chuck Linscott
Chuck Van Wey, writer , Seattle, WA. — USA
Chulhee Hong
Cihan Akkas
Clarisa Cancilla, Docente, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Claude Grégoire – Luxembourg
Claude Grégoire, Vice-President of Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche Orient — Luxembourg
Claudia Marenzo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Claudine Girod, journalist, TRIBUNE DE GENEVE
Cllr. Bernard Little
Coekelberghs Ralph
Cor Steinvoort
Corinna Mullin, PhD student, London School of Economics — UK
Corinne Gobin, Directrice du GRAID, Groupe de recherche sur les acteurs internationaux et leurs discours, Institut de Sociologie  — Belgium
Cory Morningstar, President of the Council of the Canadians London Chapter — UK
Coskun Gok
Coşkun Meşe
coşkun ova şeyhoğlu
Coskun Usterci
Cosme Vitor
Cristian Aguiar, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cristy Murray, Peace Activist, Oregon City, Oregon. USA
Cumhur Gazioğlu — Turkey
Cynthia Ransome - Retired teacher of Humanities Subjects
Cyril Powles —  Canada
D.A. Thomson, Vancouver  – Canada 
dalcq jean-marie  —  Belgique
Damián Estiparribia, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Damián Gilli, Ingeniero, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
damla cimen, global justice and peace coalition — turkey
Dan C. Winters, Boulder, Colorado — USA
Daniel Almeida
Daniel Esquino, Quilmes, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Daniel Gudge, Abogado, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Daniel Jordan, PhD, Diplomate, ABPP
Daniel Mazgaonkar, Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship centre
Danielle Marsden, Ceiriog, Wales
Dany Quirion, Ville de Québec — Canada
Daphne Haour-Hidalgo
Daphne O'Brien
Daria I. A. Mercer Canada
Dave Carter
Dave Diss Glengowrie — South Australia
David Ferreira — Portugal
David Hungerford
David Schwartzman, Howard University, Washington DC — USA
David Tatana Melbourne — Australia 
Debbie Hager. Public Health Lecturer, University of Auckland — New Zealand
Déborah Ojeda, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dee Reynolds, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Manchester  – UK
Dees Jack
deli hasan — Turkey
Demet Elkatip - Istanbul — Turkey
Demet Suna
demet ugras — Turkey
Denis Collet 
Denise COMANNE, membre du Comité pour l'Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde (CADTM)
Denise Vauthier
Deniz Bulunmaz — Turkey
deniz dokurlar
deniz günay
Deniz Kocer  – Turkey
Deniz Makal
deniz meltem çebi
Deniz Ozdemir, Phd, Mexico.
Deniz Yücel,  Istanbul — Turkey
denizcan kutlu
Dennis Gaynor, Brighton, Sussex —  UK
Dep. Hugo Leal
Derrick O'Keefe, publisher, Seven Oaks Magazine (www.SevenOaksMag.com) — Canada
Derya incesağır, Istanbul — Turkey
derya şimşek — Turkey
Diakalia OUATTARA  – Côte d'Ivoire
Diana Cueva, Zárate, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
dicle hasdemir
Diego Vázquez, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Dilaver DUMAN
dilek afife
dilek avcioglu — Turkey
Dilek Demirel – Turkey
Dilek Guzel
Dilek Kuzaliç
Dilek Yeþil.
Dırahşan Demirezen — Turkey
Doğan Koç — Turkey
Doğukan Demircioğlu — Turkey
Dora Lfazani  — Greece
Doris Kruckenberg. Denmark
Dott. Gianni Tognoni Permanent Peoples' Tribunal — Italy 
Douglas C. Smyth – USA
Dr Ahmed Benani
Dr David Berry, Department of Politics, International Relations & European Studies, Loughborough University — UK
Dr Eliza Darling, Lecturer, Anthropology Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London — UK
Dr Helen Hills, Reader in History of Art, University of York
Dr Malcolm Edwards, London — UK
Dr Penny Florence
Dr Philippe Vanoverschelde, Kinderziekten, Fusieziekenhuis St Vincentius, Campus Antwerpen — Belgium
Dr R. Gay. Keele Staffs — UK
Dr Rinella Cere , Arts, Design, Communication and Media (ADCaM) , Sheffield Hallam University — UK
Dr Tarek El Mutwalli
Dr Vacy Vlazna, Coordinator, JUSTICE FOR PALESTINE MATTERS — Australia 
Dr. Adnan Derdiyok
Dr. Alaa Alani 
Dr. Andrea Beckmann, University of Lincoln, Department of Policy Studies
Dr. Barbara Bradby, Department of Sociology, Trinity College — Ireland
Dr. Bruce Hawkins — USA
Dr. Christina Limbird
Dr. Darko Suvin, F.R.S.C., Professor Emeritus, McGill University
Dr. Dóra Pődör, university lecturer, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church — Hungary
Dr. Günter Krause — Germany
Dr. Jacques AGHION, Emeritus professor of the University of Liege —  Belgium
Dr. John Dwyer, member of Pax Christi Naples – USA
Dr. Karen Dwyer, member of Pax Christi Naples – USA
Dr. Kye Askins — UK
Dr. Larry McClung, Irving, Texas — USA
Dr. Lisa Baraitser, Centre for Psychosocial Studies, School of Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London — UK
Dr. Mary Ellen Lane, Executive Director, Council of American Overseas Research Centers — USA
Dr. Mary L. Keller, Religious Studies, University of Wyoming
Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford, Past Co-President, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Dr. Naseer Aruri
Dr. Peter Foreman, FIEE
Dr. R. Ruth Linden, Sociologist — USA
Dr. Ruth Kinna,Dept. PIRES, Loughborough University  — UK
Dr.M. Jawhar
Durmuş YEŞİL,BURDUR — Turkey
duygu can
Duygun Gokturk , Bogazici University, Istanbul — TURKEY
ebru örengül
Ebru Yücel, Istanbul — Turkey
Ece Dayioglu
Edith Ballantyne, member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Switzerland
Edith Howard
Edith Rubinstein
Edmilson Valentim
Edward Cranswick, Human Shield
Edward Kelly, Lecturer in Irish Studies, University of Szeged — Hungary
Edward L. de Boo, Providence,  RI
Edward van Ulft
Eileen Lundy, Ph.D., texas – USA
Eileen Wttewaall — Canada
El Madani El Wafi
EL YAGOUBI Mhamed, Militant associatif (Aix-en_Provence, France)
Elad Sasson UK
Elaine Doherty Leach, USA
Elana Wesley, Tel Aviv — Israel
Elcin Ertugrul
Elçin Kurt, member of Amnesty International — Turkey
Eleanor Roffman, Professor and Director of Field Training, Division of Counseling and Psychology, Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, Cambridge 
Eleni Thanou
Elias Davidsson, composer, Reykjavik— Iceland, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Elif Aydogdu Tepekule
elif elvan uluutku
Eline Jonas – UBM, Brazil
elisabeth gschaider Austria
Elisabeth Lacroix — France
Elisabeth Nyffenegger — Switzerland
Elizabeth Block, Toronto — Canada
Elizabeth Boardman, American peace activist
Elizabeth Crimp, Vancouver, B.C.— Canada
Elizabeth Fowler — UK
Elizabeth González, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elizabeth M. Molchany, J.D., Attorney at Law
Ellen Rosser, Facilitator,  World Peace Now
Elmar Altvater, Berlin, Germany, Vice President of the International Lelio Basso Foundation, Rome — Italy
Elsa First, Immigrant and Refugee Family Project, Child and Family Service, William Alanson White Institute, New York City — USA
Emad Al Yawer
Emanuel Lolza, Músico, Bahía Blanca Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Emel Budak, Istanbul —Turkey
Emel İrtem
Emel Mutlu – Turkey
Emiliano Aguirre, Lanús, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Emily Maloney, Santa Cruz California — USA
emine baz — Turkey
Emine Danaci-Batur
Emine Karaca
Emine Kitiþ
Emine Ozturk – Turkey
Emirhan Keten
Emrah Çetin— Turkey
Emrullah T. Ekmekci
Eng. Mohammed Younis Al Obaidi, Ex Projects' Expert, Ministry of Oil, Baghdad — Iraq
Enrique Ferro, peace activist  – Belgium
enver seçinti
Eray Gencay
erdinç kaplan — Turkey
Erdinç Yücel, Istanbul — Turkey
Ergin Cinmen -lawyer — Turkey
Eric Volpe
Erkan ŞEN
erkut yavuz — Turkey
Ernest Goitein
Ernst Mecke, Dr.rer.nat., Helsinki — Finland
Ernst-Peter Ruehrnschopf, senior scientist , Erlangen — Germany
Ersin Akınözü — Turkey
Ertuğrul Yücel, Istanbul — Turkey
Esin Atakan Ancaza
esin koman
Esin YELEKÇİ – Turkey
Esmat Abdel-Karim, Cairo — Egypt
Esra Kahraman
Esra Koç
Esther Casoliba — Spain
Esther Casoliba Pombar — Spain
Eva Charton
Eva Reissner Ewing
Evalyn F. Segal, PhD, Professor Emerita, San Diego State University — USA
Evandro Milhohomem
Evangelina Rodríguez, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
evin karakeçili, global peace and juctice coalition — turkey
Evrem Tilki
evrim gökçe
exelmans monique  — Belgique
Eylem KARAKAYA – Turkey
Ezdihar Al Haj
Ezgi Denizel GUVEN- Akademisyen Denizli Turkey
Ezgi Yağan – Turkey
F.Gönül Sart
Fadhil Badran —  Iraq
Fadime DUMAN         
Fadime Gök — Turkey
fadime öz — Turkey
Fadime Sümeyye Timuçin, Teacher Turkey
Fahd Rahaman
Fahrettin Filiz
Fahrettin Guzel
Faiz Mohammed
Fanny Filosof, membre du COLFEN (collectif femmes en noir contre les centres fermés et les expulsions –Belgique).
Fasih üstek/Ankara/TURKEY
fatihrahsan Kuru
Fatima Outaleb, Director, UAF Women's Shelter, UAF Public Relations Coordinator, Rabat- Morocco
fatma dikmen, amsterdam — Netherlands
Fatma Guven Lisaniler — North Cyprus
Fatma İrier, İstanbul
Fatma Karabıyık Barbarosoğlu, writer, columnist, novelist — TURKEY
Fatma Ozgul Ayazlar, Istanbul — Turkey
Fatma Salah Uthman, Spokeswoman of Makhmour Organization for Human Rights and Social Questions Baghdad — Iraq
Fatma Yücel, Istanbul — Turkey
Fawwaz Al Joudi
Fazil Demir
Felipe Van Keirsbilck — Belgium
feramus þen
Feray Bozoklar — Turkey
ferda duymaz — Turkey
Ferguene Roslane,  France. 
Ferhat Kentel
feride onal - turkey
Feride Yağan – Turkey
Feriel Hanich, journalist free-lance
Ferit Kiresi
Fernando Ororeza, Jujuy, Argentina
Ferruh Sagirli  — TURKEY
Feryal Öney, musician — Turkey
Feryal Saygılıgil
Feyza Çanakli
Filiz Kardam, ogretim uyesi — Turkey
Filiz Kutlar İstanbul— Turkey
Firas Zaal- Treasurer of the Filastiniyat
Firuz Kutal
fisun guven – Turkey
Florencia Zabalet, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fran Tannian. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Frances Weidner 
Franck Monasse, enseignant — France
Franco Pérez, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Frank Hagenbucher, ex-directeur de recherche en anthropologie à l'IRD
Frank Keoghan — Ireland
Frank Stappaerts, Antwerpen  – Belgium
Frans Dumortier (Charles Ducal) poet - Belgium, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Frédéric Lavachery
Frigga Karl
Fulya APAYDIN PhD Candidate Brown University Dept. of Political Science
Funda Somuncu
Gabriel Berardinelli, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gabriella Hafner-Sekulic
Gamze Deniz – Turkey
Gastón, Ponce, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Geert Van Moorter, medical doctor – Belgium, member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Genevieve Letellier
geneviève van lierde
Genny Kortes
Georg Andersson, minister of immigration, Sweden (1986-1989)
George M. Jimenez
George Salzman, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Massachusetts, Boston — USA
George Woodcraft Chief Administrator Digswell Arts Trust charity
Georges De Almeida
Gerald Hiles
Gérard CHEVROT – France
Gérard de Sélys (écriveur) — Belgium
Ghassan Bishara
Ghassan Hassaki
Gilda Della Ragione – Italy
Gillian Marie — New Zeland
Ginette hss skandrani, écologiste – France
Gísli Gunnarsson, Professor of History, University of Iceland 
Gloria Bletter
Gloria Bletter
Gloria Bletter, Retired Attorney at Law — USA
Godelieve Ugeux, Directrice — Belgium
Gökçe Iþýk, Ýstanbul — Turkey
gokhan aksay
Gon Steinvoort
gonca ocakci
Gönül Morgül – Turkey
Gord Breedyk
Gözde İvgin Özdemir — Turkey
Graciela Nally, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Graciela Spomer, Psicóloga, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Greg Mucha, University of Texas, San Antonio, Graduate Studies
Griselle M. de Jesús Morales, Especialista de Recursos Humanos
Guillermo Formigo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gül Yaþartürk — Turkey
gulay yasar, global peace and juctice coalition — turkey
Gülcan Eyyuboðlu
Gulden Ozcan
Gulen Gonul Sahin
Gulgun Agabeyoglu, Turkey
Gülhan Türkay, Ýstanbul – Turkey
Güliz Kaptan
Gülizar Gülsen Maraş — Turkey
Gulnur Aksop
Gülnur Aksop, Editor, — Turkey
Gulnur Elcik
gülseren deniz
gultekin tetik, film director
Güngör Senkal
Gunseli Kaya
Günseli Yücel,  Istanbul — Turkey
Gürcan Erdem — Turkey
Gurdial Singh, professor of law, University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
Gurhan Ertur – İstanbul, Turkey
Gustavo Petta by UNE - National Union of Students (University level) , Brazil
H.Ediz Özer — Germany
Habib Ajroud, University of Manouba — Tunisia
Hadi Toron, Artist — Syria
Hafize Yildirim – Turkey
Haitham Awa
Hajja Romi Wythe Elnagar — USA
Hakan Bulut - Photographer — Turkey
hakan erdoğan
hakan karademir – Turkey
Halide Yýldýrým
Halit Çelenk
Haluk Agabeyoglu – Turkey
Hamit Kassap – Turkey
Hamouda Hemissi
Hamza Ghorab
Hande yıldız — Turkey
Hanna Braun UK
Hari Chathrattil, New York — USA
Harun Turgan
hasan ahmet evliyaoğlu
Hasan Çimen
Hasan Colak
Hasan Koç
Hasan Kuruyazıcı – Turkey
Hasan Sekizkardes
Hassaan Touheed, University of Surrey, Guildford —UK
Hatice Yasar
Hayat Imam
Hazel Tulecke — USA
Hedy Epstein, St Louis USA
Heidi Toelle, professeur de littérature arabe moderne, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III — France
Heike Weber
Helen M Edge — UK
Helene Verin, NY USA
Henning Salling Olesen, Prorektor, Professor, Roskilde Universitetscenter — Denmark
Henri Ménard - Groix France
Henri Paulus
Hermine Mensink — Netherlands
Hichem Mechaiekh, Professor — Canada
Hicran AKSOY – Turkey
Hikmet Tokat
hilal gökgedik
Hilal Küey
Hilal Unlu
Hilda Guerrero, Grito Excluídas/os — Puerto Rico
Howard Johnson
HS Grünewald
Hugh Sanborn — USA
Hugo Ledesma, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hulya Kucuk – Turkey
Hulya Ucansu
Hulya Ucpinar- Lawyer, Turkey 
Huriye Arslan — Turkey
Huriye Aydin Öztürk  — Germany
hüseyin atalay – Turkey
Hüseyin Sarıgül
Hüseyin Tomaşoğlu — Turkey
Hüseyin Yıldız, Turkey
HVF Winstone, author, historian — UK
Ibrahim Muhawi
idam edilmesin
idamlarý durdurun
İlhan Aktaş –öğrenci
ilhan Dogus, Turkey
ilker ERTUGRUL / istanbul —TURKEY
Ilkin Sungu - Ýstanbul, Turkey - Journalist
Ilkin Sungu,  – Ýstanbul — Turkey
İmdat Ataş - Türkiye - Avukat
inci hekimoğlu, gazeteci – Turkey
Ingrid Steinitz — Denmark
Ingrid Ternert, Peace Coalition, Göteborg
Irene Gale, Treasurer Australian Peace Committee (SA Branch) Inc. — Australia
Irtiqa Faris
Isil Cinmen -student — Turkey
Işıl Çöçel  —  Turkey
ismail arslan 
ismail daye
Ismail Kemal ESINER
Ismail Sezer
İSMET KAYHAN /journalist – Turkey
Ismet Papila
İsmet Seçer
ismihan alkan
Isobel McMillan --Chair--WStWC Wandsworth Stop the War Coalition
Istabraq Al Janabi, Project Development Manager
Istrabraq Al Janabi
itziar almandoz guazo — Spain
Ivan Dhondt  – Belgium
izzet can
j.k bennet
Jacqueline Le Corre, secretary of WIBs Caen — France
Jacquelyn Coleman
Jacques Lebatard : Ecole de la paix de Grenoble
Jacques Pauwels, historian, author - Canada / Belgium
Jake Carman, worker, student, activist, Boston, Ma — USA
Jamil Hilal, Palestinian writer
Jan-Erik Gustafsson, Associate professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm  — Sweden
Jan–Erik Lundström, director of the BildMuseet in Umea, co-organiser of the Iraqi Equation – Sweden
Janet Foyle
Janet Kabadayan, France
Janet Stoody
Janine Borel, Comité de lutte contre la barbarie et l'arbitraire – France
Jason Grote –USA
Javed Anand, General Secretary, Muslims for Secular Democracy, Mumbai — India
Jean E. Lee — Canada
Jean Gelwicks
Jean Pierre CHUDEAU — France
Jean Upward
Jean-Claude Garcin, Professeur émérite d'Histoire de l'Islam, Université Aix-Marseille 1 — France
Jeanine Le Roux   Paris — France
Jeanne Elizabeth Blum, author Greece
Jeanne Llabres — France
Jeanne Mirer
Jeanne vercheval-Vervoort
Jean-Paul CRUSE, Journaliste indépendant, écrivain Le Monde Réel – France
Jean-Pierre Marguerat, Genève  — Suisse
Jean-Pierre ROBERT, webmaster Roncq – France http://www.palestine-solidarite.org
Jehan Helou
Jerold Hubbard — USA
Jessica Marcy, Washington — USA
Jill Weston
Jim Harding, Dr., Past Director and retired Professor, School of Human Justice, University of Regina, Canada, member of the Brussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Jô Moraes
Jo Steadman
Jo Vallentine, People for Nuclear Disarmament, Western — Australia
jo Vernet — France
Joan M Winstone, ballet pianist — UK
Joan Wallace, Nanaimo, British Columbia — Canada
Joanne S. Hawana, M.S. , University of Maryland School of Law — USA
João Batista Lemos CSC – Union Class Current, Brazil
João Paulo  by MST – Movement of Landless Rural Workers, Brazil
Jocelyn Braddell 
Jocelyn Braddell, editor The Handstand
Jocelyne Abry — France
Joe Harpy – USA
Johan Eddebo, student - Uppsala — Sweden 
John Arden 
John Clarke, Oxford University — UK
John D. Arnold
John Duddy.
John Majeski
John P Johnston, retired member of the Unison Union.
John Pole
John Rodenbeck — France
John Rolls, Chair, Human Rights Coalition — South Australia
john ross, writer and activist 
John Wheat Gibson — USA
Jorge Giovanniello, Periodista, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jorge Montijo — Puerto Rico
Jos Hennes, EPO Publishers  — Belgium, member of the Brussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
José Guliani, Glew, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Joseph Bruchler, Londres, Inglaterra
Joy Fatooh - California  — USA
Joy Fatooh, Benton, California — USA
Juan Cañete, Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan Carlos Junio, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan Carlos Lomas, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan José Olnera, Docente, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Judith Barben, Ph D. Psychologist — Switzerland
Judith Karpova, writer, renewable energy consultant – USA
Judith Keen Bingham
Judith Weingarten
Judy Lutfy
Juliet R. Bernstein, Chatham, MA
June Holmes
Justin Barnard
Justin Barnard
Kajsa Pehrsson — Sweden
Kamal El Biyar
Karin Friedemann
Karl Stierstorfer, PhD. physicist — Germany
Kathleen Howard Kinawy, Associate Professor Political Science Emeritus', Bowling Green State University — USA
Kathryn E. Piquette , PhD Candidate in Egyptology, UCL Institute of Archaeology — UK
Kathryn Piquette BA, MA, University College London, Institute of Archaeology — UK
Kathryn Yusoff —UK
Kathy Manley
Katrina Couper, Social worker
KAVASS Yasmine  enseignante — France
Kay and Len Bilney — South Australia
Kay Lucas, Moody, Texas — USA
Kaya Güvenç
Keelin Deasy
Kemal Kılıç — Turkey
Kenan Hiziroglu-Civil Enginer-Istanbul — Turkey
Kenize Mourad, french writer 
Kennedy Anne Prentiss, elementary teacher, student of psychology and philosophy, member of humanity — USA
Kirsten Weber, Professor, mag.art.et cand.mag. PhD., Department of Educational Studies, Roskilde University — Denmark
Koray Caliskan, Bogazici Universitesi — Turkey
Kristyn Orgill
Kutsiye Bozoklar -yazar
L. Işıl Ünal academic, Turkey
L. Smith
L.Nilgun Aklar - emekli – Ankara – Turkey
Lafourcade, Marie-Sylvie, retired  — France
Laith Al Saigh, Iraqi doctor — exil
lale durak
Lalit Surjan, Chief Editor, Deshbandhu, Raipur — India
Lamis Jamal Deek, attorney, member of Al-Awda New York Palestine
LaRita Smith, USA
Larry Carney, Clifford, Ontario — Canada 
Larry Lambert
Larry Romsted, New Jersey
Lars Adelskogh, Skovde, Sweden
Laure Dieulouard — France
Lauren Graham
Laurence Bezaguet, journalist, TRIBUNE DE GENEVE.
Laurence Deonna, reporter and writer, UNESCO peace price.
Laurids Larsen
Laurie Bretz
Layth Al-Hassan – Denmark
Lecturer in Economics and Finance Athens — Greece
LEE WEINGARTEN, Geneva — Switzerland
Leen De Backer — Belgium
Lenore Sheridan — USA
Les Skeates
Lesley Beatson PhD
letitia reason, Seattle — USA
Levent Akýncý – Turkey
Leyla Koç — Turkey
Liaquat N. Rahaman
Liege Rocha- UBM – Women Brazilian Union, Brazil
Lies Craeynest, London — UK
Lieve Neukermans — Belgium
Ligia Prieto — Paraguay
Ligia Prieto, Paraguay-Sud-America
Lim Ai Yim 
Lim Ai Yim, Social Activist — Malaysia
Lina Avellaneda, Argentina
Linda Frank –  USA
Linda Le Bouthillier, St-Léonard — Québec
Lindis Percy, Coordinator CAAB
Line Clément — France
Lisa Maya Knauer, New York — USA
Liz Helenchild
Lord Gifford QC - UK Barrister and Jamaican Attorney — UK
Lorena Benítez, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lorena Rocha, Salta, Argentina
Lubna Hammad, Lawyer, Palestine -NY
Luc Bailly, France
Luc Pien, filmmaker, professor of Film analyses — Belgium
Luca Lombarda, Italia
Luce Ferauge, France
Lucía Cristina Ramírez, Hudson, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucía Pérez Catán, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucia Stumpf by UNE Wander Geraldo da Silva – Conam – National Confederation of Inhabitants, Brazil
Luciana Rosales, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Luciano Rezende – OCLAE   - Continental Organization Latin American and Caribbean of Students, Brazil
Lucile Daumas - Maroc
Lucyna Gebert, Rome, professor of the university of Rome "La Sapienza"— Italy
Ludo De Brabander
Luisa Rangel - ANPG, Brazil
Luke Skinner, founder, administrator of the Olive Branch Network  
Lutfi Sertoglu
Lutfiye Eroglu
Lutfiye Kelleci Birer
Luz Damone, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lynda Leibowitz
M. M. Nasr, Attorney-at-Law, Cairo — Egypt
M.Nadir Kaya
Mae M. Al Samarrai
Mag.Eva Hartmann
Magda Bogin, writer — New York / Mexico
Maha Maamoun — Egypt
Mahmud Kahraman- istanbul — Turkey
Mahmut Bektaþ- Öðretmen, Ýzmir —Turkey
Mahmut hikmet elmutevelli
mahsuni çalışkan – Turkey
Maia Rossini
Maïté JEAN, enseignante retraitée, Mulhouse -68  — France
Maja Kricker, Ph. D., GeneLights Productions
Malika Abdelaziz
Malika Manai
Manal Fahmy, Professor at Faculty of Medicine Cairo University – Egypt
Mandy Hager, Writer, Global Education Centre — New Zealand
Manuela D' Ávila
Marc La Fontaine   Toronto — Canada
Marcelo Britto – UJS – Union of Socialist Youth, Brazil
Marcos Romero, San Isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Margaret A. McGreevy
Margaret Prang, Professor Emerita (History), University of British Columbia,  Vancouver, BC— Canada
Margaretta D'Arcy
Margery Coffey, Graphic Artist/Administrative Assistant, Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc. –USA
Margot Eiser, peace activist, Montebello, California — USA
María Aramillo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria do Ceu Ferrao
Maria Luiza de Barros Carvalho - UBM, Brazil
María Luján Settimio, Martínez, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Torcia
María Vallejos, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariana Pérez Mexico
Mariano Laico, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marie Noelle Lombard
Marie-Nicole SUZANNE, conseiller prud'homme cgt, Nantes — France
Marilyn Robinson, Human Rights Activist — USA
Marinella Correggia – Italy
Mario Neffe, González Chávez, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marion Hancock, Peace Foundation Director, Aotearoa — New Zealand
Marisa Gómez Maroñes, citizen of Spain
Marjorie Powles —  Canada
Mark Laurent, writer, musician, poet and Christian communicator — New Zealand
Mark Libowitz
Mark Pilisuk, Berkeley
Mark Richey, member of Earthlink
Mark  Steadman  
Marlene Bongartz-Kaut — Belgium
Marlene Newesri, NY – USA
Marlene Perrotte
Marta Montiel, Docente, México
Marta Moreno, Mujeres de Izquierda, Argentina
Martha Roth, Jews for a Just Peace, Vancouver BC — Canada
Martha Wörsching, Department of Politics, International Relations and European Studies, Loughborough University — UK
Martín Figueras, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Martin Schibbye, student of journalism and a member of Iraqi Solidarity, Stockholm — Sweden
Martine Monville — France
Marty Roth, Jews for a Just Peace, Vancouver BC — Canada
Maruf Aytekin 
Mary E. Billington, El Paso, TX — USA   
Mary Elizabeth Billington
Mary M. Walsh
Mary Savage, Seattle — USA
Maryam Youssefi
Mason Anest, Irlanda
Matthew Falcon, from Michigan — USA
Mauricio Horn, Docente, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Meaghan Horan
Mebuse Tekay -lawyer — Turkey
Megan Aghotte, NY – USA
Megan Roemer, Boulder, CO., USA
Mehmet alpa — Turkey
mehmet can narin istanbul — Turkey
mehmet er
Mehmet ERSOY - Sigortacı- BURSA – Turkey
Mehmet Sahin
Mehrun Rahaman
Mehrun Rahaman.
Mehtap ayar
Meissoon Azzaria
Melissa Bilal, Turkey
Melissa Gnall Harrison
Meltem Aravi  — TURKEY
Memory Holloway Ph.D, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth — USA
Mercedes Gastaldi, Secretaria de Derechos Humanos SUTEBA Lomas de Zamora, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentia
Merih IPEK, Turkey
MEROUCHE  Lemnouar - Professeur émérite - Université d'Alger — Algeria
merve tulum
Meryem Uygun – Turkey
Mesut Yağan – Turkey
Metin Karadag - Mimar Istanbul — Turkey
metni imzalıyorum
metni imzalýyorum
Michael Letwin, co-convener New York City Labor Against the War & former president of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325 – USA
Michael Parsons
Michael Sackin, Leicester —  UK
Michael Shearer, Center for World Peace and Understanding
Michel GOFFIN, professeur - Louvain la Neuve
Michel Legrand, President of Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche Orient — Luxembourg
Michele Madigan
Michelle Christides, USA
Miguel Liscano, Colombia
Mihri Inal Cakir – Turkey
Mike Barbeau, Thunder Bay, Ontario — Canada
Mina Demirzen — Turkey
Mine Akar
Mine Özalp
mine yavuz
Mireille Delamarre, publisher www.planetenonviolence.org  France
Mireille Masson — France
Mirene Ghossein, NY – USA
Miriam Sonatti, Mujeres por la Identidad y la Liberación, Argentina
Miriam Tonkin
MMe GHOMARI-HASSANI, Présidente de l'association de gestion des conflits et médiation Oran — Algérie
Mme Vénuat infirmière — France
Moayed alkalaf - USA
Mohammad Al-Nakeeb, B.A., Ed.M., Ph.D., J.P., Al-Nakeeb Immigration, Translation and Education Services —  Australia
Mohammad H. Daifallah, RAND Group of Consultants, Nablus  — Palestine
Mohammad Salih
Mohammed Khairy Kirbach Oglu — Turkey
Mohammed Lamari (Itri) – France
Mohammed Mrabti
Molly Wallace, graduate student, Brown University
Mona Sulaiman,  Phoenix - Arizona —Iraqi / USA
Mónica Behekan, Partido Comunista de Argentina.
Monica Dahlby
Monique McNaughton
Monroe Jeffrey, Los Angeles — USA
Monsieur Claude GAUCHERAND . —  FRANCE
Morag McDonald — UK
Mordecai Briemberg — Canada
Moussa P. Blimpo, NYU, Economics — USA
mr Ali Durgun
Mrs. Susan L. Pond  — Canada
Ms. Haitham Arar- Chairwoman of the Filastiniyat
Ms.Zeinab Aboul Fetouh
Mufid Al Samarai
mukaddes erdoğdu çelik — Turkey
mukaddes erdoğdu çelik  gazeteci yazar — Turkey
Mulham Assir
murat aygün
Mustafa Bilgin
Mustafa DUMAN 
Mustafa Durmaz
Mustafa DURNA (İstanbul) – Turkey
Mustafa Silpagar, Mechanical Engineer - Ankara — Turkey
Mustafa Silpagar, Mechanical Engineer - Ankara — Turkey
Mustafa Þinasi Sonuç / mimar — Turkey
Mustafa Tokat
Mustafa Yasacan
Muzaffer Keten
Myriam Benraad, PhD Candidate, Sciences Po Paris — France
Nabil A. Amin
Nabil Arous
nacide berber
Nada Kassass, activist
Nadia Chaabane
Nadia Ferry Yassin — Sweden
Nadia Soubat, Syndicalist at the Democratic Confederation of Labor  – Morocco
Nadia Stoves
Nadide Kurul — Turkey
Nadje Al-Ali, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Exeter / Act Together: Women's Action for Iraq
Nagihan BAYRAM
Nahed PUST, Women in Black Strasbourg — France
Nancy D'Inzillo
Nancy L. Farrell, Tacoma, Washington, USA 
Nancy McGuire
Nancy Newell of Portland, Oregon
Nancy Roberts
Natalia Pucheta Muñoz, Cultura en Movimiento Argentina
Nazar Alami
Nazife Şişman, writer — TURKEY
Necmiye Alpay – Turkey
nehir sever-turkei — Turkey
Nejdet ŞAHİN
Nejet M'Chala
Nelson Vilva, Córdoba, Argentina
Nermin Þahsi
Nese KILDACI — Turkey
Nese Ozan — Turkey
Nesrien Amro
Nesrin Aksungur from Istanbul —Turkiye
Nesrin Simsek — Turkey
Netice Yildiz
Nevay SAMER ( City Planner- Istanbul/ Turkey)
NEVZAT ÇELTEK, Elektric Engeneer — Turkey
nevzer  bostancý —  Turkey
Nezhun Goren — Turkey
Nico Jenkins
Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South — Thailand
Nicolás Cabrera, Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nicolas J S Davies, Writer, activist, North Miami, Florida — USA
nigar okyay, turkey-izmir
Nigar Özalp — Turkey
Nigar Özalp — Turkey
Nigar ÖZALP — Turkey
Nihat Ateş- Şair, Eleştirmen, PEN Türkiye (WIPC)
Nikos Christofis
Nil Mutluer
Nilgun Uygun
Nilüfer Kuruyazıcı – Turkey
Nilüfer kuşcu 
Nilüfer Sayılan – Turkey
Nilüfer Sümbüloğlu — Turkey
Nilüfer Ugur-Dalay, Turkey -Global Peace and Justice Coalition
Nina Huizinga
Nouhad Krause — Germany
Noura Amer, Présidente d'AWSA — Belgium
Noutheina Khaldi
Nubar Hovsepian, Associate Professor, Political Science and International Studies, Chapman University
nukhet demir
Nurak Gulbudak
Nurhan Tenes Sydney —Australia
Nuria Perez Jacky, Cátedra Libre de Género y Clase Alcira de la Peña, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMaria Carolina Moraes, brasileira —  Brazil
Oguz Makal
Oguzhan KARA
Okan Musa Ercan — Turkey
Okan Musa Ercan — Turkey
Olga Cristiano, Mujeres de Izquierda, Argentina
Olivia Watt
Olivier Lachenaud, Student, Montpellier — France
Olivier Tric, architecte Nantes / France
Ömer Faruk Kurhan —Turkey
Ömer Güngörmüş — Turkey
ömer þerif TURAN
Onur Burçak Belli – Turkey
Onur Can Yağan – Turkey
Onur Kılıç — Turkey
Orlando Cabeza, Jujuy, Argentina
Osama Abu Karsh- Vice president of the Filastiniyat
Oscar Azpiroz, Humanista, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Osman Elbek – Turkey
Öykü Yağan – Turkey
ozan ağyüz — Turkey
Ozan Ertürk — Turkey
Ozan Özlem  — Turkey
Ozan Sürer — Turkey
Özer Güvenç
Özge Gündüz
Özgen Yalçýn
özger samut
ozgun baltaci — Turkey
Özgür Dogan Polat
özhan önder, middle east technical university, dept. of sociology, Ankara global peace and justice coalition– Turkey
Özlem ALKURT — Turkey
Ozlem Bahar Oc
Ozlem Dalkiran, Helsinki Yurttaslar Dernegi, Project Coordinator —  Finland
Ozlem Mungan — Turkey
Özlem Türkmen, Turkey
Pablo Álvarez, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pam Harvey
Paola Canarutto
Pat Hollingsworth, member of Women in Black, Portland – USA
Patrice Bardet, militant syndicaliste (CGT)
Patricia Hval
Patricia Kasperet – France
Patrick Hewins, Prof (retired), University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real — Spain.
Patrick Robert Eden, photographer 
Patti Woodard  Oregon USA
Paul O'Hanlon — UK
Paul Sauers, USA
Paul Vanden Bavière – Belgium, journalist, member of the Brussells Tribunal Advisory Committee
Paula Abrams-Hourani
Paula Clare Yates
Paula S. Foreman, USA
Paulo Montes, Berisso, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pawel Michal Bartolik — Poland
Pedro Ponce Carrasco, Secretario General SUTEBA Lomas de Zamora, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Per Åberg, attorney-at-law, Uppsala, Sweden
perihan özbey — Turkey
perihan özgökçe — Turkey
Pernilla Sund —  Finland
Perpétua Almeida
Peter Albertson/writer-editor-journalist — USA
Peter Cook, International Action Center, Boston, MA —  USA
Peter Durant
Peter Mundhenk.
Peter Sluglett, Professor of Middle Eastern History, University of Utah — USA
Peter Snowdon, journalist, brussels  — Belgium
Peter Waterman, The Hague, Network Institute for Global Democratisation — Holland
Pétur Knútsson, Senior Lecturer, Humanities, University of Iceland — Iceland
Phil Runkel, Archivist, Marquette University — USA
Philip Gallo
Philippe Mesnard, Angoulême  – France
Phyllis Pilisuk, Berkeley
Pierre Plougonven, France
Pierrette Iselin — Suisse
Pilar Sosa, Consejera Escolar por el Partido Comunista, Zárate, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pinar Agabeyoglu – Turkey
Pınar Bozkurt — Turkey
Pinar Duman
Plinio Oliveira – ANPG  - National Association of Post-Graduation Students, Brazil
Prof Fouad Moughrabi, Head, Department of Political Science, Public Administration and Nonprofit Management University of Tennessee — USA
Prof Hee-Yeon Cho, Dean of Integrated Graduate School, Sungkonghoe Univ, Director of Institute of Democracy and Social Movement Studies
Prof M Lilly
Prof. dr. ir. Jan Gabriel Delrue, health facilities architect — Belgium
Professor Pat Caplan, Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths College — UK
Professor Stephen Pond —  Canada
pyre christian  — Belgique
Rachel Jennings, Minneapolis, Minnesota — USA
Rada Ivekovic, Professor — France
Ragıp incesağır, Istanbul — Turkey
Raja Wardi
Ramanujam Sooriamoorthy, AMEF, Association mauricienne ds enseignants de français 
Ramazan Özgür Yalçınkaya
Ramia Rashied
Ramsis Lutfy
Rana Gurtuna — Turkey
Randa Sabry. Professor in the Dep. of French Literature. Faculty of Arts. Cairo University — Egypt
Ranwa Yehia
Raquel Branchesi, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Raquel Felau Guisoni - CNTE – National Confederation of Education Workers, Brazil
Raquel García, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Raya Fidel — USA
Raymond Deane, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign — Ireland
Raymonde Coudert, lecturer at the Université Paris VII – France
Recep Nas
Reem Z. Azzghayer,  Attorney at Law — USA
Remzi Başar, BT Mühendisi — Turkey
Renaud Violet, de Strasbourg — France
René Vieren, universitaire en retraite — France
Renée Blancheton Femme en noir-Isère — France
Res. Assist. Özgür GÜNELSU, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering — Turkey
reşit elçin from bursa/turkey
Reþad Bayrakdar
Rev. Alfonso A. Román, United Church of Christ — USA
Rev. Harry Kerr, Pax Christi Australia — Australia
Riad El-Taher, Chair, Friendship Across Frontiers
Rich Siegel  – USA
Richard A. Plunz, Columbia University, New York — USA
Richard Hugus, member of New England Committee to Defend Palestine
Richard Sevrens, 
Rita de Cássia Oliveira Gomes.
Rita de Cássia Oliveira Gomes. Popular Center of Women – Goias State, Brazil
Rob Wesley-Smith, australians for a free east timor spokesperson, human rights activist — Australia
Robert Heynderickx Belgium 
Robert Hunger Fredericton, NB  – Canada
Robert Kirkconnell, Veterans for Peace
Robert Turcotte
Robert van Diggele — The Netherlands
Rocío Jalle, Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rodolfo Girolami, Bahía Blanca, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Roland Lombard
Romina Barrios, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rommy Ramsemberl, Psicólogo social y Poeta, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rosellen Aleguire
Ross A. Johnson, Ph.D , Vancouver — Canada
Ross Wilcock  Physician— Canada
Russell Hallberg – USA
saad kiryakos Department of Economics, University of Ottawa — Canada
Saadallah Al Fathi, Engineer — Iraq
Sadiye Sümer — Turkey
Saidi Nordine ( Mouvement Citoyen Palestine ) — France
saim gür — Turkey
Sakina LAMRI
Saliha Yagan – Turkey
Sally Bland, teacher and writer, resident in Amman  – Jordan
Sally King, ISA AM, ArtStrategies - Acquisition and Care of Collections — USA
samet beyaz
Sami Al Banna, Systems Scientist/Architect, Bethesda, MD
Sami Rasouli, Muslim Peacemaker Teams Najaf, Iraq 
sami urfalý – Turkey
Samia Rashied
Samira Kinani, Syndicalist  Morocco 
Şanar Yurdatapan Müzisyen – Turkey
Sandrine Troly — France
Sanem Türkmen, Turkey
Sanford Gifford MD
Sankar Ray, veteran journalist,. Kolkata — India
Sara Celiberti
Sara Powell Oakland
Sara Schmachner, Cultura en Movimiento Argentina
Sarah Plant
Sarah Roche-Mahdi, Cambridge MA — UK
Sasha Crow - Founding Director of The Collateral Repair Project. Seattle, Washington — USA
Séamas Cain
Sean Clinton — Ireland
Sean P. Duross
Sebastián López, Povincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sébastien Brunel — France
Şebnem Makal
Seda Kula Say
Sedat Saatman — Turkey
Seheir Kansouh
Seher Aksel- Istanbul — Turkey
Sehmuz Simsek — Turkey
Sehmuz SIMSEK — Turkey
Selda Başusta, journalist — Turkey
Selda Öztürk-müzisyen — Turkey
Selehattin KUŞCU 
Selim Kıroğlu - Istanbul — TURKEY
sema bagış — Turkey
Sema İlhan
Semih Çelik  – Turkey
Semih Özcan
semra kırmacı akbiyik
Semra Somersan — Turkey
senih Ozay
Şeniz Yücel, Istanbul — Turkey
serap erdoğan
Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, Ph.D., Professor of Italian and Humanities, University of Puerto Rico
Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, Ph.D., Professor of Italian and Humanities, University of Puerto Rico 
Serene Assir, journalist, Al-Ahram – Egypt
Serge Deruette, Professor, University of Mons — Belgium
Sergio Campos Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Serhan Canlı
Serkan Günden İSTANBUL — Turkey
serkan ülkü
Sernil Köylüoğlu
Serpil Güvenç
Servet Þahin
Sevda Alankuş, academician — North Cyprus
Sevilay Celenk, Asst. Prof at Ankara University – Turkey
Sevilay Saral —Turkey
sevin turan bursa/turkey
seyda talu – Turkey
Seyfettin İrtegün
Shahram Vahdany, Managing Editorial, MWC News
Shams Al-Badri, United Nations Development Programme
Shannon Lee Mannion, member of the Nowar/Paix and Together Against War groups in Ottawa – Canada
Sharin Chiorazzo
Sheila Finan, lic., MPS, MSW
Sheila Whitaker
Shireen Mahdavi, Ph.D., Department of History, University of Utah — USA
Shokook Mirzadegi, writer and journalist
Shorif Uddin
Sianette Kwee, Soroptimist International Silkeborg — Denmark
Sibel San
Sibel Subaþý, Ýstanbul —  Turkey
Sibel Yağan – Turkey
Siegrun Dewald-Ruehrnschopf, concerned woman, Erlangen — Germany
Silvana De Marco, integrante de la Agrupación de los Trabajadores de la Educación "La Violeta", Minoría Consejo Ejecutivo Seccional SUTEBA Zárate, Pcia. de Bs. As. — Argentina.
Silvia De Bernardinis - Professora Brazil
Silvina Villalba, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Simge Dumlu
sinan kalin
Sine Bagatur
Sinfo Fernández Navarro, Translator in Rebelion.org, Madrid — Spain
Smadar Carmon, Toronto — Canada
soner torlak, Istanbul – Turkey
Sonia Coelho – Women’s World March, Brazil
Sonia Muñoz, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sonia Ocampos, Vallemí, Paraguay
Sonja Zimmermann — The Netherlands
Sr. Joan Brown,osf, Franciscan Sister working with peace, justice and integrity of creation concerns, USA
Stan Goff, Writer, North Carolina — USA
Stefan G Kay, Director of Campus Services, Heriot-Watt University — UK
Stefan van den Broeck, author/teacher Belgium
Stephen P. Abbott
Steve Beckow, Vancouver — Canada
Steven Samios
Suat Yağan – Turkey
Suheyla Kirca Schroeder, Vice Dean, Faculty of Communication, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul — Turkey
Şükran Demircioglu
Şükran İrençin  Doktor.  
Şükriye DUMAN 
sukru sever
Sulafah Awad
Süleyman Nalbant 
Sümer Demirel — Turkey
suna can
Sungur SAVRAN, author, economist  – Turkey
Susan Kanamoto
Susan Kay Donaldson
Susan Matarrese
Susan Miller, believer in justice — USA
Susan Perrin, Office Manager –USA
Susan Smith — Ireland
Susan Stout, Vancouver  – Canada
Susana Binelli, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Susana Castro, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Suzanne Watts
Swaneagle Harijan, Stevens County Women In Black, Freelance Human Rights Worker — USA 
Sylvaine CHASSEUR — France
sylvia idelson
Sylvia J. Bazan– USA
Sylvia Powers
Sylvie  Karbia
Sylvie Dumas — France
Taarik Rahaman
Tamar pelleg-Sryck,  human rights lawyer, Tel Aviv
Tamer Daðdeviren
Tammer Salem - Professional (IT Architect)
taner kava
Tania Caputo, Concejal Bloque Partido Comunista del Honorable Concejo Deliberante del Partido de Zárate, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tânia Soares – Deputy of the Sergipe State, Brazil
Taoufik Karbia
Tarak Kauff - Middle East Crisis Response, Veterans for Peace. 
Tarik Gunersel, writer, Turkish PEN Center — Turkey
Tayfun KOLOGLU — Turkey
Teesta Setalvad, General Secretary, Citizens for Justice and Peace, Mumbai — India
Tekin KOÇ
Telmo Alcobia, Lisbon — Portugal
Teresa Brcic, Hudson, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teresa Estranzo, Argentina
Thayer Heath
þebnem a.gündüz — Turkey
Þekibe Çelenk
Þenol ESKÝN- Kuþadasý/ Aydýn – Turkey
thera khan
Thiago Franco – Ubes – Brazilian Union of High School Students, Brazil
Thomas Cornell
Thomas L. Thompson, Professor, University of Copenhagen —  Denmark
Thomas L. Thompson, Professor, University of Copenhagen — USA
Thomas P. Gilliam, USA
Thomas Savage, Seattle — USA
Thorir Jonsson Hraundal
þule sözen
Tiago Wiborg
tina fischer  ressam
Todd Ayoung, visual artist/professor at Pratt Institute Todd Ayoung — USA
Todd Lockwood
Tolga Taşdemir — Turkey
Tolga Temuge, Executive Director of BirdLife Malta
Tom Arabia
Tom Herring
tora pekin, attorney at law,  istanbul —  Turkey
Torbjorn Tannsjo, Kristian Claëson Professor of Practical Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
Torbjorn Tannsjo, Kristian Claëson Professor of Practical Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University — Sweden
Tülay ÇELLEK — Turkey
Tulay Dikenoglu
Tuncay Sunata
Tuncay Yıldırım
Tunis Said
Turcan Kanik
Turgut Agabeyoglu – Turkey
türkan karakoç
Turkcan Baykal
Ugur Kara -research assistant — Turkey
Uğur Ozan ÖZEN. Öğrenci, Hacettepe Üniversitesi. Ankara — Turkey
Ulaş Yıldırım — Turkey
Ulla Khraisat – Jordan
ulviye dikmen — Turkey
Umayya Abu-Hanna,  Cultural Diversity Coordinator — Finland
Ümit Efe
umit onur
Umut Yağan – Turkey
Ünal Bahar, Hamilton — Canada
Ürün Sevgi Onur-Seitz
V. Mahir Ükünç
Valeria Zarco, Abogada, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Valerie Lucznikowska, member, September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows New York City
Valley Reed - Dallas Texas - Dallas Peace Center and Crawford Peace House — USA
Vanessa Adel, PhD Candidate Sociology University of Massachusetts, Amherst,  Lecturer Sociology Smith College — USA
Vanina Quadrelli, Mujeres por la Identidad y la Liberación Argentina
Veena Dholah, Resistance & Alternative. Republic of Mauritius
Venerable Kobutsu Malone, Osho, The Engaged Zen Foundation
Vésteinn Ólason,  Director Institute of Icelandic Studies — Iceland
Veysi Kassap, – Turkey
vicki fox
Vicky Russell,  Cambridge — UK
Vicky Steinitz, Associate Professor (retired) University of Massachusetts at Boston — USA
Víctor Quiroga, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Victoria Ramírez, Hudson, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Violeta Núñez, Abogada, Argentina
Violette Daguerre, member of the Commission Arab of Human Rights  – France
Virginia González
virginia skorupski
Wacen Taleb
Wafa' Abdel Rahman founder and director of the Filastiniyat
Wala'a SAID KADHIM/Journaliste/France
Wanda Colón Cortés, Proyecto Caribeño de Justicia y Paz – Puerto Rico
Wejdan Jabr- member of the Filastiniyat
Widad Oumaar
Willem Bruno van Albada — Netherlands.
William D. Gray 
William Gladys
William Houston, Jr. — USA
yahya ercan — Turkey
Yahya Sheikho
Yakup Uygun, Film Director Istanbul— Turkey
Yasar Cumhur
Yaşar Yağan – Turkey
yaşasın kadın dayanışması
Yasemen Say Özer, mimar, Istanbul — Turkey
yasin safak /istanbul — Turkey
Yasmina Ben Ari
Yasmine Tourang
Yavuz Kendir, Ankara — Turkey
Yeela Raanan, Kibbutz Beeri — Israel
Yildiz Ozkan-Turkey-Belcika
Yilmaz Ensaroglu, Former President of MAZLUMDER, Ankara/Turkey, Association of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (Al Monazzama Al Huquq Al-Insan wa Al-Taawwun li'l-Mazloomeen)
Yolanda Matias
Yonit Manor, International lawyer — UK
Youssef Khadir, service biomedical des Cliniques Universitaires, St Luc — Belgium
Yüksel Selek — Turkey
Yüksel Selek — Turkey
Yusra Marwan Jamous - Palestine
Yusuf Gören
Yusuf kural turkey 
Yves Jardin 
Yvon Dubois — France
Yvonne Aburrow
Yvonne Schmidt, Institute of International Law and International Relations, Karl-Franzens-University of Graz – Austria
Yvonne Simmons, member of Women in Black, Portland – USA
yýldýz ekiz
Yýlmaz Onay – Turkey
Zachary Sklar
Zafer Keten
Zahide Özen — Turkey
Zakia Salim
Zandra Moberg, Philadelphia — USA
zehra evliyaoğlu
Zehra Uzunlar
Zekiye Ayata
zelal özgökçe — Turkey
Zelda Gamson
Zeynel Abidin, Civil Engineer — Saudi Arabia
Zeynel Kaya, Turkey
Zeynep Fahdel
Zeynep Tulin Dogen
Zeynep Tunç
zozan özgökçe — Turkey
zübeyde duman — Turkey
Zühre İlkgelen – İstanbul — Turkey
Zühtü Hanedar — Turkiye