Iraq is Unbreakable. No partition.


All those who support the partition of Iraq participate in the crime of destroying Iraq, its heritage and future.

Any Iraqi who agrees to the partition is a traitor to the nation, its people and its citizens and should be treated as a traitor.

Partition is not a point of view, it is a crime of genocide.

Patriotism today is the refusal of partition and its defeat by all means.

Let us all unite to accomplish this.

Abdul ilah Albayaty


Iraq unbreakable (Hana Al Bayaty) 23 March 2024

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Further reading about the "partition" in Arabic on Al Basrah website - العراق رقماً صعباً.. لا يقبل القِسمة

العراق رقماً صعباً.. لا يقبل القِسمة...

رغم أنف أمريكا وحلفائها وعملائها!!!
ادانة واستنكار لقرار مجلس الشيوخ الامريكي الذي يقضي بتقسيم العراق