The Iraqi Thawra (Revolution) Confronts Al Maliki

by The Common Ills on 23-01-2013

Maliki attacks the protesters as unconstitutional and illegal. They demand change and exercise their Constitutional rights, he sticks his military on them and says they are a threat or Ba'athists or terrorists or paid off by foreign agents or some other lunatic from his paranoid mind.

يتسائل العالم بأسرة : ماهي مطالب هؤلاء المتظاهرين؟ ماالذي يدفع الناس الى أن يتجمعوا في الشوارع بعد سنوات من العيش في ظروف أنسانية ومدنية لايمكن أحتمالها ؟

What happened recently in Iraq to trigger mass mobilizations seeing as how the street has been very quiet the past several months?

ISJ Condemns Iraqi Government’s Suppression and Discrimination, Supports People’s Uprising, and Expresses Abhorrence vis-à-vis UN envoy Taking Government’s Side International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) expresses its deep concerns regarding the Iraqi government’s and Prime Minister al-Maliki’s suppressive actions, expresses its solidarity with the Iraqi people’s uprising that reached a new height on Friday January 18, and supports people’s demands. The government’s suppressive measures to prevent formation of demonstrations especially in Baghdad, Nineveh, and Diyala are cause for major concern.

عدي الزيدي : يا شعبنا الغيور، لقد دقت ساعة الصفر وعلينا إن نلبي نداء الوطن حيث انطلقت شرارته من الانبار ليس نصرة لأحد أزلام العملية السياسية كما يدّعون وإنما هي من اجل إنقاذ العراق من كل ما أصابه من الأدران وما حل به من الويلات كما هي بقية محافظات العراق الثائرة

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