Uday Al Zaidi: "Dear Iraqi brothers: it’s time to answer the call of our beloved country, which started in Al-Anbar, to not support any politician, but to save Iraq from the defilements and the ever deepening crisis, like our Iraqi brothers did in the other governorates".

Despite Maliki's draconian security measures, many people protested in the streets in various districts in Baghdad on 18 January

While supporting the public protest demonstration that was initiated by our chivalrous brothers in the East and the North of Iraq against repression and tyranny, Shalaan Abu-El-Chon’s Grandchildren declare their solidarity and cry out loud: “no more repression, no more corruption, and no more humiliation”. They are repeating the shout of Hussein, their grandfather, when he said: “We will never be humiliated”. They will be participating in the demonstrations on Friday, named We Answered The Calls of The Demonstrators, in Baghdad, Basrah, Thi-Qar, Al-Ammarah and Al-Kut, hoping that the demonstrations will become even bigger in the other Central and Southern governorates.

Here and now, we call on our brothers in the whole of Iraq, especially in the Middle and the South, to continue their demonstrations against the agents, the corruptors and those who steal the public finances, who reside in the Green Zone and arrived in Iraq with the Occupation Forces to destroy the country through their corruption, tyranny and repression, in order to turn Iraq into a backward country for decades. Their policy in the country led to terrible nightmares: poverty, ignorance and disease everywhere in Iraq, especially in the Middle and the South.

While Al-Maliki is proud of having promoted the Iraqi people in the South to high positions in his government, as he claims and declares whenever he’s on TV, now the whole Southern part of Iraq, whether Sunni, Shiite, Arab or Kurdish, goes out in the streets to tell Al-Maliki that they don’t want him to rule the country anymore. All Iraqis now regret the day they elected Al-Maliki. They are not honoured of having him as their representative, because he and his government are representing their groups, militias and parties, and their masters abroad. All the Iraqi people now rebel against Al-Maliki and his government. They tell him: “take your things and leave! No Iraqi citizen will ever be sorry if this government leaves. If you don’t listen to us, your inevitable destiny will await you. Of course you have already seen the fate of other tyrants who left before you, and you'll regret it if you want to continue your tyranny”.

Dear Iraqi brothers: it’s time to answer the call of our beloved country, which started in Al-Anbar, to not support any politician, but to save Iraq from the defilements and the ever deepening crisis, like our Iraqi brothers did in the other governorates. Here and now we are responding to their call, like our grandfathers did during the Iraqi Revolution in 1920, when Shalaan Abu-El-Chon led the Iraqi people into a revolution that was fought for the liberation of the whole country.

Dear Iraqi brothers: we will meet in the demonstration areas in the South of Iraq. We call on the sons of Tigris and Euphrates to support Iraq and its oppressed nation and lead it to freedom.

Let us unite under the slogan:  “Our revolution is an Iraqi revolution, neither Sunni or Shiite”.

Long live the great Iraqi people… and long live their will to be free…


The demonstration areas in Baghdad and in the other southern governorates on friday 25 January 2024:

1-             Baghdad: Al-Tahreer Quarter ,Al-Taji, Al-Doura, Al-Jihad Area, and Al-Shula Area.

2-             Basrah: the assembly point will be in Al-Zubair Quarter, near Imam Ali Sacred Place (Kutwa), and Talha Bin Al-Zubair Mosque, for there will be a unified Prayer there. The assembly will be every day in the same area.

3-             Thi-Qar: Al-Nassiriyah, Al-Haboobi Quarter, Al-Shatra Town in Bany-Zaid Quarter.

4-             Al-Ammarah: Al-Majidiyah Area, near the Striver ( Teswahen) Statue.


The movements that signed this statement are:

Basrah Heads Council.

South Freedom Movement

The National Union to Save Iraq

The Great Iraqi Revolution

The Public Movement to Save Iraq

The Public Bloc to Save Kirkuk

The National Association of the Tribes in The South and Middle Euphrates

Al-Ahad Organization to Defend The Detainees

Students and Youth of Free Iraq Organization

The Iraqi Women Association

“Pack Up Your Bags, The Iraqis Are Coming”- Movement – Basrah Free Assembly


Uday Al-Zaidi

Rebellious Basrah

19 January 2024

Translation: Lubna Al Rudaini

Additional editing: Dirk Adriaensens

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