After Hawija 23 April: The Iraqi Revolution Continues!

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 24-04-2013

Summary of the most important events on 23 April 2024, in the aftermath of the onslaught on Hawija by Maliki's Government Forces, leaving at least 50 people dead and hundreds wounded.

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at dawn, forces of the Iraqi army, led by the commander of the ground forces criminal Ali Ghaidan attacked a public square in the town of Hawija, in the province of Tamim (Kirkuk), where there were approximately 4,000 peaceful protestors.

The General Secretariat issued a statement condemning Maliki’s crime and that of his troops against the citizens of Al Hawijain the strongest possible words; it affirmed that the protestors carried out what their duty dictates on them; they protested peacefully and demanded their legitimate rights, and they are now without reproach and cannot be blamed, however, this government understands nothing other than the language of blood.

Hawija: Chronicle of an Announced Mass Murder

by BRussells Tribunal on 23-04-2013

The BRussells Tribunal is appalled to hear the news that at least 38 protesters (some reports say 50) were killed and hundreds injured when Maliki’s security forces stormed an anti-government protest camp in Hawija near Kirkuk on Tuesday 23 April and turned a peaceful demonstration into a slaughterhouse.

General Ali Ghaidan Majid, the Iraqi Land Forces Commander openly threatened all protesters anywhere in Iraq that he is authorized and determined to take serious actions against the demonstrators on the pretexts that they are Terrorists, Ba'athists… He claimed that his troops are protecting the demonstrators while the demonstrators themselves are suffering from the unacceptable repression by the armed forces.

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