A so called legitimacy and the legitimacy of the Iraqi Revolution

by Prof. Kadhim Abdul Hussein Abbas on 08-02-2013

It is a well known fact that elections play an immense role and have great value in the life of peoples who elevated their political standards to higher degree of civilization and progress. Elections are a facet of the democratic life and its most expressive, sensitive and important mean.

Translated by : Abu Assur ( Behnam Keryo)

Countries with old democratic traditions propose during the elections programs and democratic plans of action to achieve results, and require the following :

- A stable regime with regard to its policies, economy and security.
- A constitutional debate which results into issuing laws, bills and instructions
- Security and stability in the country

Citizens must at least know how to write and read as an educational minim enabling them to write the name of the candidate to vote for, clearly and knowingly and in harmony with the social environment and public opinion in order to achieve the country higher interests.
Personalities and entities who represent themselves and specially those who have greater chances to win should not include those who polluted their register as traitors of their homeland or their Nation, and must not have collaborated with foreign countries or with foreign intelligence services.

These objective conditions are absolutely necessary for a legitimate authority elected by the people enjoying a high awareness based on a political internal and external plan of action to serve the Homeland and the Nation and guide it to further prosperity and progress through achieving educational, health, services and economical programs proposed by the competing candidates.

Now let's see where is Iraq standing with regard to these conditions and this environment? No doubt without such conditions no democracy is possible neither a legitimacy of an election is credible.

To answer this question that we don't ask the Iraqis and the Arabs only, but is also directed to all the freedom loving people all around the world, we must remind the realities of the Iraqi situation to enable us to judge if Iraq had the minimum of these necessary conditions and descriptions to achieve democracy and pretend to elections.

First : Iraq is an occupied country by a military invasion undertaken by the US and UK and in which participated almost 30 countries leading to the total destruction of the country and destroying the lives of millions of Iraqis, infrastructures, environment and ecology. The question is the following : is it possible to organize elections in a country in order to impose a so called legitimate government and regime ?

The elections in Iraq we may say, are like a miserable man who is forced to trade with a capital of money as huge as a budget of a state..

Second : The Occupation deprives the freedom of the Homeland and that of the citizens. It is a nonsense to try to convince any creature, legendary or real, otherwise.

Third : The regime established by the occupation based on the ruins of the state of Iraq is not a political system like any other in democratic countries. Rather, it is a sectarian and racist regime which divided the united Iraqi people by coercion in alliance with forces bought and brought by the Occupation as a tool for its CIA fabricated political process.

The environment created by the invasion and the occupation of Iraq is illegitimate by every celestial or human law. Its very illegitimacy is recognized by the invading US, UK, Japan, Britain and Czech to give an example for the countries who participated into the invasion ; thus all the structures and consequences produced bu the invasion, such as the constitution or the political process are void and null.

Fourth : The elections were organized in well known security and life threatening conditions, which rendered the election undemocratic and far from responding to the least minimum conditions and were like a sexual rape or a testimony snatched at gun point.

Fifth : The 14 years of the ferocious blockade against Iraq has given birth to an illiterate, uneducated and ignorant Iraqi generation unable to write their names, the name of their candidates, or the names of the political entities. In any case the majority of these Iraqis are hungry and unemployed and are unfortunately an easy target for being bought and sold in a market produced by the Invasion, furthermore they lack morality and character while practicing political and sectarian murder, and vendetta for a yes and for a no. These phenomena render the political life not viable for any democratic practice.

Sixth : The so called multipartism, and the parties brought by the Occupation are completely unknown and isolated from the Iraqi society. There is a sort of visceral separation and great suspicion in between these parties and the Iraqi society. Any talk about grass roots support for these parties is a fallacy, a hypocrisy and a disrespect for the elections, democracy and the human being alltogether.

In a word, we say that every thing in the Iraq under the Invasion and Occupation and the political process fabricated by the Foreign intelligence services established on the ruins of an old patriotic state, is void and null according to every heavenly and terrestrial law. In Iraq there is no social, political, security or law environment which can allow Iraq to practice democracy. The elections organized and staged by the Occupation administration is nothing but a tragic and laughable masquerade whose objective is to forcibly legitimize something wrong in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The US is able to wreck every thing they produced and brought to Iraq immensely more easily than the disaster they faced while destroying Iraq, and can put an end to their pseudo political process fabricated in the CIA corridors in one word articulated by their new State department secretary general (US foreign affairs minister)

Based on what we said above and on the disastrous consequences and productions of the Occupation, it is our right to ascertain that the elections have no legitimacy, are a fraud, are not transparent, and can't be credible. Furthermore, we consider that the government of the Black (green) Zone is absolutely illegal. Thus the Iraqi heroic patriotic Resistance is the only legitimate force in Iraq and the the revolution against the CIA prefabricated political process is the legitimacy which crowns and completes the legitimacy of the Resistance.

The world all over should join to help bring legitimacy back to Iraq and enable it to return as a fully independent country to the international community where it belongs. Consequently the world must help Iraqis to get rid of the bizarre state of affairs produced by the US and Zionism and by those allied with them and specially Iran to whom the US has dedicated the Iraqi government after retreating from the streets of Iraq.

Indeed! The Iraqi Revolution is the absolute legitimacy while security, political peace and economic stability are tightly connected to the success of the Revolution. For sure, these are not wishful thinking. Those who destroyed Iraq know pretty well this truth and the Black zone rulers can see the writing on the wall : their time has come to an end, they must go.


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