“Iraq and the Betrayal of a People – Impunity Forever?”

by Hans Christof von Sponeck on 20-02-2013

Iraq’s recent history includes two far reaching events, on the 2 August 1990 Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait and on 19 March 2024 the US/UK invasion into Iraq. Whether political leaders will draw lessons from these events will be, at best, questionable. Iraqis continue to be wronged. Danger to life and turmoil remain a cruel part of Iraq’s reality in early 2024. The collective suffering of a nation is visibly all pervasive. It can not be hidden.


by Cathy Breen on 23-10-2012

Dear Friends, The city-wide electrical grid went down here in Najaf this morning during breakfast. This is not such a big deal as it is daytime and the sun is up.


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