A team from the ministry would head to Baghdad this week to liaise with Iraq on choosing and preparing buildings for both missions, so they could start work "at the earliest opportunity", SPA said.

A military coup was launched in Ukraine. On the assumption that they have total control of Ukraine, NATO became arrogant and started to deploy military assets in frontlines of Eastern Europe.

ISIS – Fighting The Modern Wahabis

by Eric Margolis on 24-11-2014

ISIS uses the idiom of Islam, but it’s a bloodthirsty mob of enraged young men who understand little about Islam. Their stupid brutality is stirring up intense Islamophobia everywhere.

War propaganda is a criminal act under Nuremberg: Crime against the Peace. By upholding the lies and fabrications of US foreign policy, the mainstream media is complicit in war crimes.

It seems that this article is fraudulent. The BRussells Tribunal apologizes for spreading this article. We also apologize to journalist Dale Gavlak who said that she had nothing to do with this article.


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