With a reaction from Niloufer Bhagwat: "...We call upon Angela Merkel, Netanyahu and Hollande, among other leaders present at Paris and representatives of other governments present if they are really serious about condoling the deaths of the innocent in Paris and in France, immediately organize similar mass demonstrations against the killings of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the collective killings of millions in Africa , in the Arab world , in Afghanistan and in the Ukraine and in other regions of the world including by death squads unleashed in Latin America ."

Charlie Hebdo And The War For Civilisation

by Media Lens on 16-01-2015

During last summer's blitz of Gaza, Israel killed 17 journalists. An investigation led by Human Rights Watch concluded that Israeli attacks on journalists were one of many 'apparent violations' of international law.

The Middle East is in constant influx; reporting on it requires a deep and compassionate understanding in order to offer original content and avoid recycled old ideas and stereotypes

The Western media exposes itself as an appendage of the US-NATO imperial system.

In everyday discourse, political language is turned on its head, as Orwell prophesised in '1984'. "Democracy" is now a rhetorical device. Peace is "perpetual war". "Global" is imperial. The once hopeful concept of "reform" now means regression, even destruction.

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