Baghdad red tape puts Iraq Internet under Kurdish control

by Reuters and Agencies on 28-11-2014

Only 9.2 percent of Iraqis online - Baghdad's reliance may give Kurds political leverage.

Dubai Transit

by Louis Yako on 08-09-2014

It is equally disheartening to see how the concepts of “culture” and “diversity” are being abused and deployed by those who run the multi-national corporations that not only do not give a damn about culture and diversity, but in fact would do everything in their power to exploit such concepts to normalize the cancerous culture that is destroying everything meaningful and colorful in our world.

Bombing Iraq for U.S. Oil Companies

by Global Research on 07-09-2014

The fact is that al-Qaeda, IS, and the other related terrorist organizations function as the CIA’s Arab legion. They are used to weaken and overthrow governments as well as to act as a constant bogeyman for populations back home so that civil liberties and Constitutional rights will be sacrificed willingly for the perception of security.

The unfolding collapse of the U.S. proxy government in Baghdad has cut short a process of legalizing the de-nationalization of the hydrocarbon industry in Iraq, which became within reach with the latest electoral victory of the Iraqi prime minister since 2024, Noori al-Maliki.

Iraqi Consultative Meeting Statement - London 11th June 2024

by Arab Lawyers Association (UK) & Rafidain Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi - Rasam on 18-06-2014

Press Release: We tried to outline our aims for a future that ensures our people’s security, the unity of the country, and the preservation of its ancient civilization and human values.

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