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     Support Iraqi protests! (20 February 2024)

    Stand in support of the Iraqi people in their struggle against state terrorism and repression, generalised corruption, a falsified political process and its state apparatus, generalised lack and collapse of public services, poverty and unemployment, systematic abuse of human rights by the government and its militias, illegal contracts, treaties and a constitution imposed under occupation, and foreign plans to destroy Iraqi culture, economy and unity. Read more.

    Take action ! Support this statement. 

    * What you won’t read in the mainstream press regarding Iraq’s “National Day of Rage (Dirk Adriaensens, 25 February 2024) 

    * DAY OF THE MARTYR,  04 March 2024 - Second National day of Rage in Iraq. Western media: deaf, dumb and blind (Dirk Adriaensens, 04 March 2024)


    *Egypt: Only democracy is legitimate (10 February 2024)

    *The Arab Spring of democracy (16 January 2024)

    Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Hana Al Bayaty and Ian Douglas (The BRussells Tribunal )

    * Egypt back against the wall. A tyrant embraces anarchy (February 2, 2024)

    * Swarm Intelligence: How to begin to understand the squared circle of Tahrir Square? (February 20, 2024)

    Lieven De Cauter (The BRussells Tribunal )


     Ghent Charter in Defense of Iraqi Academia (Richard Falk 04 Jan 2024)


    The shocking portrait of what occupation has meant for academicians and students is depicted by the Ghent Charter that has been endorsed by prominent educators in Europe and elsewhere, including the Rector of the University of Ghent. The BRussells Tribunal has played a leading part in exposing these realities afflicting Iraqi universities, and has organized a seminar to take place in Ghent, Belgium, March 9-11, 2024, with the title “Defending education in times of war and occupation.” It is important that all of us, especially those paying taxes in the United States to pay for this occupation, understand that our silence is complicity. Especially those of us associated with teaching and research in American universities bear an additional responsibility to exhibit even now our solidarity with those who have suffered and are suffering in Iraqi academic communities. We know that many faculty members have been murdered since 2024 (over 500 confirmed cases), particularly those who spoke out and acted against the occupation, and many more have fled the country permanently. The departure of university personnel is part of a wider exodus of middle class Iraqis, estimates are over two million, leaving the country deprived of the sort of national social fabric essential to avoid predatory forms of foreign economic exploitation of the country. We who devote our lives to higher education realize the importance of educated and dedicated young people for the wellbeing of a country. If Iraq’s future is to be restored to some semblance of decency, its institutions of higher learning will need to become safe and hospitable for students and faculty.

    In the meantime, read the Ghent Charter and weep!



    * The BRussells Tribunal partial list of 460 Iraqi academics murdered under US occupation (updated 08 June 2024) -   *Background articles

    [See this List as PDF file]

    * The BRussells Tribunal partial list of 338 Iraqi and 30 non-Iraqi media professionals who died under US occupation (updated 15 May 2011) -  *Background articles

    [See this List as PDF File]

    * Help Deformed Children in Fallujah - Petition to The United Nations

    Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukaemias.
    In September 2024, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 new born babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first seven days, a staggering 75% of the dead babies were classified as deformed.This can be compared with data from the month of August in 2024 where there were 530 new born babies of whom six were dead within the first seven days and only one birth defect was reported.
      Please sign the petition.

    * Four Polygamous Families with Congenital Birth Defects from Fallujah, Iraq  - A study by Samira Alaani , Mozhgan Savabieasfahanil, Mohammad Tafash and Paola Manduca (04 Jan 2024) [PDF]


    *Enforced Disappearance: The Missing Persons Of Iraq
    Dirk Adriaensens, 28 November 2024

    More than 82 percent of displaced people are women and children under the age of 12 (IRCS, June 2024). UNHCR surveys in 2024 stated that 20% of IDPs and 5% of refugee returnees reported children to be missing The total internally displaced population as of November 2024 was estimated to be 2.76 million or 467.517 families. Conclusion: more than 93,500 children of internally displaced families are missing. Moreover, many communities reported missing family members (30% of IDPs, 30% of IDP returnees, 27% of refugee returnees) indicating that they were missing because of kidnappings, abductions and detentions and that they did not know what happened to their missing family members. A rough estimate would therefore bring the number of missing persons among the refugee population and the internally displaced after "Shock and Awe" to 260,000, most of them enforced disappearances. One out of five Iraqis is either a refugee or an IDP. When extrapolating UNHCR figures to the remaining 80% of the Iraqi population, the total number of missing persons since "Shock and Awe" could be more than half a million. Sheikh Harith Al-Dhari, head of the influential Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) mentioned in an Al-Jazeera interview a few months ago that about 800.000 Iraqis are missing since 2024. He said that AMSI has meticulously documented missing persons since 2024 and that he could prove this number with names and events.

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    * MARCH NEWSLETTER - Hana & Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty about the elections, Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi about the Iraqi children, Resistance Conference in Gijon and more - 5 languages (17 March 2024)

    * FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER - a message of Hans von Sponeck, reviews of Cultural Cleansing in Iraq - 4 languages (15 Feb 2024)


    * Special Information Session of Extra-territorial Abuses of Human Rights by the United States


    The United Nation's Human Rights Council in Geneva reviewed the human rights record of the United States on November 5, 2024, on the occasion of the Ninth Session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), November 1 to 12, 2010. The following are presentations during the "Special Information Session of Extra-territorial Abuses of Human Rights by the United States" on 03 November.

    A compilation of Reports by several organisations submitted to the OHCHR - [PDF]

    Announcement of the Event - [PDF]

    Beyond the WikiLeaks Files: The Dismantling of the Iraqi State (Dirk Adriaensens 03 November 2010) [PDF]

    Impact of the Occupation on the Iraqi People and Economy (Aziz Al-Kazaz, 03 November 2024)  [PDF]

    Beyond the WikiLeaks Files: The Privatization of War (José Del-Prado 03 November 2024) [PDF]

    Presentation given by Dr. Alfred De Zayas (03 November 2024) [PDF]

    * Appeal to the UN on 03-11-2020 by Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, former president of the UN General Assembly to free Mr. Tariq Aziz  [YouTube]

    * PRESS RELEASE 30 October 2024


    The essence of our case was that the accumulated pattern of harm, stretching over 19 years, revealed a clear and specific “intent to destroy”, in whole or in part, the state and nation of Iraq. We catalogued the purposive dismantling of the Iraqi state and the imposition, incitement and engineering of sectarian conflict. We also described the systematic destruction of Iraq’s civil infrastructure, added to the massive use of depleted uranium, which from 1990 onwards led to millions of excess deaths. We outlined the use of disproportionate and indiscriminate force, the use of internationally prohibited weapons such as white phosphorus, and the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare. And we identified the use of death squads and armed militias associated with political forces promoted by and protected by Washington, the terror that led to the forced mass displacement of five million Iraqis, and the institutionalised regime of mass and arbitrary detention and torture, along with blackmail, kidnapping, rape and unfair trials, that characterised Iraq under US occupation. [Spanish]



    Statement of The BRussells Tribunal Committee (08 October 2024)

    We, the undersigned, defending the right of Iraq to independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, rejecting the attempts of Iraqi puppets promoted by the US occupation to trade the national rights of Iraqis and to institutionalise via census the criminal demographic engineering they have pursued by force, demand that no census be conducted before the free return of all Iraqi refugees. We demand that the question of ethnicity not be used to instigate the partition of Iraq and that it be removed from any census, now and in the future. We declare as fraudulent the justification under occupation of a census on the basis of long term planning in the context of a temporary and unstable demographic situation.

    [Spanish- [Français] - [Arabic] - [Turkish [See Full List of endorsers]


    After the journey — a UN man’s open letter to Tony Blair - Hans von Sponeck, UN humanitarian co-ordinator from 1998-2000, demands answers from the former prime minister to a simple question: Why is Iraq in such a mess? (The NewStatesman 23 September 2024)


    Whether you like it or not, the legacy of your Iraq journey, Mr. Blair, made with your self-made GPS, includes your sacrifice of the UN and negotiations on the altar of a self-serving alliance with the Bush administration. You admit in your book that "a few mistakes were made here and there". One line reads: "The intelligence was wrong and we should have, and I have, apologised for it." A major pillar of your case for invading Iraq is treated almost like a footnote. Your refusal to face the facts fully is the reason why "people of good will" remain so distressed and continue to demand accountability.



    * Reports on iraqi prisoners

    Tens of thousands of detainees held without trial in Iraq, many of whom were recently transferred from US custody, remain at risk of torture and other forms of ill-treatment. New Order, Same Abuses: Unlawful detentions and torture in Iraq details thousands of arbitrary detentions, sometimes for several years without charge or trial, severe beatings of detainees, often in secret prisons, to obtain forced confessions, and enforced disappearances (Amnesty International 13 September 2024).

    * Read the full Amnesty International report in PDF

    * Joint study on secret detention of the Special Rapporteur on torture & other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights & fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention & the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. (26 Jan 2024)

    * Urgent Appeal for releasing the prisoners detained in Iraq prisons. World Association of Arab Translators and Linguists (WATA)(11 March 2024)


    * Dead: 19? Injured: 60? This is Israel !

    Appeal of the BRussells Tribunal (31 May 2010)

    - Israel’s killing of 19? innocents with 60? more injured must have maximal consequences

    Israel impunity is a threat to all

    Even for eyes burnt witnessing human suffering, there is something shocking, something impossible, about watching Israeli soldiers, armed and in gas masks, fast-roping from helicopters onto an aid ship filled with civilians — journalists, parliamentarians, human rights activists, mothers, doctors — headed to Gaza to break the inhuman siege that keeps 1.5 million people somewhere between life and death. 

    The Mavi Marmara, carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid, was flying a white flag: a universal symbol of non-violence. It was also flying the Turkish flag, in international waters, giving it status as a sovereign extension of Turkey. Regardless, Israel attacked. For what does Israel fight? Its existence, or the continuance of a regime of collective punishment calculated to destroy the Palestinians? Or are these the same thing? Dead: 19? Injured: 60? Who gave the order? Will NATO react to an attack on one of its members? READ MORE

    Please show your solidarity with the people of Gaza and the victims of Israeli killings by signing this appeal at http://www.petitiononline.com/GazaSol/petition.html

    [Arabic]- [Français]- [Espanol] - [Nederlands]


    The Spanish Campaign against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI) will hold its first international, public and united meeting of the main currents in the Iraqi resistance, those who to their project for the full recovery of Iraq’s sovereignty add an integrated, democratic and non-sectarian reconstruction of its institutions. This meeting, which aims to encourage the convergence process of the anti-occupation field and promote their openness to the international community, will take place in Gijón, Asturias, Spain, June 18-20, 2024, under the title: International Conference of the Iraqi Political Resistance. This initiative will coincide with the beginning of the eight year of the occupation of Iraq and will be held while Spain holds the presidency of the EU. Read more.



    We demand that the Belgian government immediately intervenes with the Iraqi authorities to save the life of Oussama Atar, a young Belgian, aged 26, who has been detained in Iraq for six years.
    In the messages that he has sent us during the last years, via the Red Cross, Oussama has never complained about his diabolical conditions of detention. But, in the last few weeks, he started to send SOS messages that his health is rapidly deteriorating: he loses blood and weight visibly. Me and my family are extremely worried about the situation. He is today in a grave and critical state. He needs the urgent medical treatment that is being refused by the prison authorities. We ask that the Belgian authorities intervene as quickly as possible to ensure that Oussama receives immediate hospital treatment. We demand that the Belgium government goes through the diplomatic channels so that Oussama can receive medical treatment in Belgium and complete his sentence in Belgium.

    Oussama was arrested in the village of Ramadi in Iraq for having illegally crossed over the frontier from Syria into Iraq. This is the single act for which he has been reproached. Unjustly condemned for this by a tribunal to 25 years in prison, a sentence reduced on appeal to 10 years, he has been sent to several prisons, such as the horrible Abu Ghraib

    * Amnesty International: Prisoner in need of urgent medical care: Oussama Atar


    * IN OUR NAME - Iraqi Intellectuals in Solidarity with al-Adab Journal (April 2024)

    The Publications Court in Beirut issued its verdict in the libel suit brought against al-Adab Journal, fining Samah Idriss, owner and editor-in-chief of the journal, and writer of the contested article, and ‘Aida Matraji, the manager of the journal, the amount of six million Lebanese pounds ($4000) each. The verdict imposes on the journal a fine of one hundred thousand Lebanese pounds, to be paid jointly by Idriss and Matraji, as symbolic compensation to the plaintiff. The journal will publish at its own expense the summary judgment in its first issue following the verdict.
    Fakhri Karim Wali, a senior advisor to the President in the occupied Iraq, had filed a libel suit against al-Adab, Idriss, and Matraji, as a result of an editorial entitled: “
    Critique of ‘Critical’ Consciousness: Iraqi Kurdistan as a Case Study” (Issue 5 - 6, 2024). Iraqi intellectuals who have experienced the intellectual ordeal in the shadow of despotic rule and who continue to contest the ‘liberalism’ of the new occupation, protest this unjust verdict against al-Adab and its editor-in-chief and manager. In solidarity with al-Adab, we have decided to re-publish in full the editorial, subject of the above mentioned unjust lawsuit, thus announcing our solidarity with its every word and with its mission to expose the fraudulent left, the apologists for occupation, the advisors to the President, and the enemies of freedom; we also affirm our faith in al-Adab as an ally to the Iraqis and a supporter of a free, independent and pluralistic Iraq, that resists occupation and Zionism.


    * Report on the Palestinian prisoners’ reality during 2024, entitled “Behind the Sun”
    Friends of Humanity International - 01 April 2024

    Friends of Humanity International issued a detailed report describing the Palestinian prisoners’ reality in Israeli jails during 2024, confirming that 2024 was exceptionally one of the worst years: Israeli prison administration practiced new methods against them, to increase both the psychological and physical pressure on them and continue locking them up in an exceedingly difficult environment, with the aim of rendering them soulless bodies, to guarantee they cannot live afterwards. The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) also sought to destroy the Palestinian prisoner’s psyche, affecting his family as well, through oppressive policies such as preventing families from visiting their jailed relatives for very long periods of time.

    * Urgent Appeal for releasing the prisoners detained in Iraqi prisons.

    World Association of Arab Translators and Linguists (WATA) - 11 March 2024

    * STOP THE DEATH PENALTY IN IRAQ - Read and sign the statement (14 Dec 2024)

    With broken hearts we would like to inform you that the USA occupying forces in Iraq have locked-up more than (162,000) hundred and sixty-two thousand Iraqi citizens in more than (50) prisons and detention camps including (28) camps run by US occupying forces, in addition to many undisclosed investigation and incarceration centers over IraqThe number of detainees registered in International Red Cross records is around (71,000) Seventy-one thousand, the other detainees are not recorded with the IRC because they are arrested at US detaining centers where visits by the Red-Cross representatives are denied by the occupying forces and thousands of war prisoners and old age detainees have been imprisoned and detained for more than six years suffering from unbearable and painful living and health conditions .Read more .


    For two decades, Iraqi children, along with all other elements of Iraqi society, have been subjected to grave human rights violations.

    These violations began with the destruction of all civil services and Iraqi civil infrastructure by the US/UK aggression on Iraq during the Gulf War of 1991, and were followed by the brutal economical sanctions which deprived the people of Iraq of food, clean water, health care, education and security.

    As a result more than half a million Iraqi children died during the nineties .The thirteen years of suffering under embargo ended with the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    In this report the status and violations of Iraqi children’s rights under the American occupation is presented with special emphasis on the problems of the Iraqi children refugees in Syria.

    [Arabic] - [Spanish]- [Nederlands]

    * PRESS RELEASE 7 February 2024



    We regret that the Spanish courts refused to investigate our case, but this will not discourage us. We have a just cause. The crimes are evident. The responsible are well known, even if the international juridical system continues to ignore Iraqi victims. Justice for victims and the wish of all humanity that war criminals should be punished oblige us to search for alternative legal possibilities, so that the crimes committed in Iraq can be investigated and accountability established.


    [Spanish] - [Arabic] - [Français] - [Deutsch]




    * The Iraqi Human Rights Centre sent a letter to the UN general secretary detailing the horrible situation of human rights in Iraq. It mentions the irresponsible US action of handing 15,000 prisoners to the Iraqi government that does not guarantee the safety of prisoners and is contrary to international law. They knew well that most of those prisoners will either be assassinated, judged without charges, humiliated to the degree of annihilation or forced to leave the country.

    * It mentions, too, the case of 19,000 families in Najaf stripped of their rights and collectively punished. These poor people are obliged to leave their homes and city solely for being suspected of being against the local government. This reminds us of the sectarian killings that produced five million refugees and the displaced. It is the modern educated middle class that is targeted. This is the American liberation of Iraq and bringing democracy. Horrible!  Albayaty Abdul Ilah (25 Jan 2024)


    * Hiba Al-Shamaree, an Iraqi woman writer/blogger who has been kidnapped/arrested by the Iraqi forces on the 20th of January 2024 in the Sayyediya neighborhood in Baghdad. She has been arrested, detained and put on trial because of writing an anti-occupation blog. Please take action for her release. Go to Layla Anwar's webpage to find out what you can do.(01 Feb 2024)

    * The case of Iraqi MP Mohamed Al Dainy

    Maliki’s election platform: 900 Iraqi prisoners face summary execution
    In the run-up to elections, Maliki proposes executions to bolster his chances
    Democracy in the new Iraq equals death and repression
    The current regime in Iraq serves the US occupation: it is the occupation that kills Iraqis


    * ESSENTIAL STUDIES published by the BRussells Tribunal

    * Violations of Iraqi Children Rights Under the American Occupation [PDF] - A survey by Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi - 28  Feb 2024 [Arabic] - [Spanish]

    * Torture in Iraqi Prisons - Appeal for Investigation - Dar Babel Publishers - 19 January 2024. [PDF]

    * Crimes of the Century: Occupation & Contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium - Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi -15 June 2024.

    * Deterioration of Iraqi Women's Rights and Living Conditions Under Occupation [PDF] - A survey by Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi - 19 Dec 2024 - Mujer iraquí y ocupación - Traducido del inglés para IraqSolidaridad por Consuelo Delgado [HTML]

    * The effects of the American use of prohibited weapons on the health condition in Fallujah [PDF] - MHRI 10 Dec 2024

    US Genocide In Iraq [PDF] - Dr. Ian Douglas, Hana and Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty July 2024 | Arabic [PDF] الولايات المتحدة في العراق جريمة إبادة جماعية

    *  Iraq’s Lost Generation: Impact and Implications [PDF] Dr Ismail Jalili's Report to the House of Lords Commission on Iraq - 17 June 2024

    * Research on Death Squads in  Iraq [PDF] Report of  Monitoring of Human Rights in Iraq Network (MHRI)  - Dec 2024

    Depleted Uranium Radioactive Contamination In Iraq [PDF]- Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi -  Aug 2024 - [HTML]

    * Iraqi Hospitals Ailing Under Occupation [PDF]- Dahr Jamail  - June 2024

    - More essential PDF Dossiers. Click here -


    François Houtart, Honorary President of the BRussells Tribunal, receives 2024 UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence

    For his life-long commitment to world peace, intercultural dialogue, human rights and the promotion of tolerance, and in recognition of his outstanding efforts to advance the cause of social justice in the world.   (Read Unesco website)

    Acceptance speech at the Prize-giving ceremony, held on International Day for Tolerance, celebrated every year on 16 November [Français]


    The Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War (KLFCW) - Main Objectives

    • To undertake all necessary measures and initiatives to criminalise war and energise peace;

    • To provide relief, assistance and support to individuals and communities who are suffering from the effects of war and armed conflict wherever occurring and
    without discrimination on the grounds of nationality, racial origin, religion, belief, age, gender or other forms of impermissible differentiations;

    • To promote the education of individuals and communities suffering from the effects of war or armed conflict;

    • To foster schemes for the relief of human suffering occasioned by war or armed conflict;

    • To provide for mechanisms or procedures in attainment of the above purposes.

    The BRussells Tribunal supports this initiative. Please sign the petition to Criminalise War.


    * PRESS RELEASE 7 October 2024





    MADRID: Today the Spanish Senate, acting to confirm a decision already taken under pressure from powerful governments accused of grave crimes, will limit Spain’s laws of universal jurisdiction. Yesterday, ahead of the change of law, a legal case was filed at the Audiencia Nacional against four United States presidents and four United Kingdom prime ministers for commissioning, condoning and/or perpetuating multiple war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq.


    This case, naming George H W Bush, William J Clinton, George W Bush, Barack H Obama, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown, is brought by Iraqis and others who stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people and in defence of their rights and international law.

    Read the full press release.      [Spanish] - [Arabic]


    * Iraq: Massive Fraud and Corruption in Higher Education (Dirk Adriaensens, 14 September 2009)

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told a group of educators in Washington on 25 July that his country plans to send over 50.000 students abroad over the next 5 years. The students will be studying in the U.S. and London, supposedly to rebuild the country’s once strong education system. A noble initiative at first sight, until you look further behind the official smokescreen. There are no references in Maliki’s speeches to the threats, discharges, forced migration, mass kidnappings and assassinations of Iraqi academics. Nor is the destruction of educational institutions, archaeological sites, the looting of Iraqi musea, the erasure of Iraqi, Arab and world heritage being mentioned. Further, the Iraqi government has committed to fully fund $1 billion a year to this program and will pay for tuition and fees, as well as room and board, meaning that Iraq is now sponsoring the US and UK universities. Read more.



    * Stop Assassinations and Threats against Academics in Iraq

    “ What Happened To Nuclear Physics professor Dr Ismail Khalil Jasim Al-Tikriti ?”

    Statement of The BRussells Tribunal Committee (26 April 2024)

    The assassinations and threats against academics in Iraq continue unabated despite optimistic press reports on levels of violence falling dramatically and  pompous declarations of the Iraqi puppet government about “reconciliation”.

    A prominent Nuclear Physics professor, Dr Ismail Khalil Jasim Al-Tikriti, has disappeared four months ago, in the Jadiriya/ Karada district in Baghdad. He had been invited by The Iraqi Higher Education Ministry to visit Iraq from Lybia. They promised to assign him as the president of Salah Al-Din University in Tikrit. After his arrival in Baghdad and meeting with officials in the Ministry of Higher Education, he visited his house in the Jadiriya area to take his books, researches and belongings. That was the last time he has been seen since. His family doesn't know what to do and is afraid to accuse anybody. They think that he has been kidnapped and may have been killed by the militias in the area.

    The BRussells Tribunal issues an urgent call for any information concerning Dr Ismail Khalil Jasim Al-Tikriti.  We also want to alarm the academics who are being invited to return to be aware of such criminal acts.


    * What Future For Iraq?

    Events organized and filmed by the BRussells Tribunal

    18-20 March 2024


    The BRussells Tribunal Channel


     European Parliament - Belgian Parliament -  Les Halles de Schaerbeek - Beursschouwburg


    * PRESS RELEASE - 20 March

    * A forgotten humanitarian disaster (Lieven De Cauter, 21 March 2024)

    * Let the numbers speak (Souad Al-Azzawi 26 March 2024)

    * Dr. Omar Al Kubaisy: Speech in the European Parliament (Brussels 18 March 2024)

    * Abdul Ilah Albayaty: Speech in the European Parliament (Brussels 18 March 2024)

    * Dr. Faleh Al Khayat: Speech in the European Parliament (Brussels 18 March 2024)


    Related reports the mainstream media fail to focus on:

    * Iraq - Women Will Association (Hana Ibrahim, Tahrir Swift)

    * Iraq - women in war (ICRC 05 March 2024)

    * Iraqi women talk about their greatest concerns and challenges (OXFAM 10 March 2024)

    * Deterioration of Iraqi Women's Rights and Living Conditions Under Occupation [PDF] (Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi - 19 Dec 2024)

    * Statement on Kurdish expansion plans [PDF] (04 April 2024)


    * * IRAQ IN FIGURES 2008 [PDF] (Ikraam Center For Human Rights) - UPDATED VERSION JULY 2024

    * * 5 part video of the World Tribunal on Iraq culminating session - Istanbul 23 - 27 June 2024



    * Peace in Iraq is an option

    Le Feyt Declaration  -  Statement of the International Anti-Occupation Network (15 Sept 2024)

    The US occupation of Iraq is illegal and cannot be made legal. All that has derived from the occupation is illegal and illegitimate and cannot gain legitimacy. These facts are incontrovertible. What are their consequences? 

    Peace, stability and democracy in Iraq are impossible under occupation. Foreign occupation is opposed by nature to the interests of the occupied people, as proven by the six million Iraqis displaced both inside and outside Iraq, the planned assassination of Iraqi academics and professionals and the destruction of their culture, and the more than one million killed. READ the declaration.

    International figures who join us in our commitment to a true end to the occupation and to a lasting, sustainable peace in Iraq.


    Please express your solidarity with this campaign, click here to ENDORSE online.


    * Denis Halliday, Hans von Sponeck: Two former UN humanitarian coordinators for IRAQ appeal for the release of former deputy prime minister of Iraq Tariq Aziz (02 January 2024)    [Spanish version]

    Urgent alert by The BRussells Tribunal Committee: Imminent Threat to Iraqi Lawyer Badee Izzat Aref (7 April 2024)

    * Popcorn and champagne: The Trial of Tariq Aziz  (Gabriele Zamparini 06 May 2024)

    * Tariq Aziz jailed in 'very bad' conditions: son (17 Sept 2024)

    * Renewed call for the release of  former deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz (Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, 2024)

    * “My father’s condition is worsening by the day” - An urgent call to help Tariq Aziz (Hans von Sponeck, 09 May 2024)






    Our campaign to save Iraq's academics. Sign the petition online   Partial list of 460 Iraqi academics murdered under US occupation   |   The Endangered Iraqi journalists: Partial list of 338 Iraqi and 30 non-Iraqi media professionals died under US occupation   |  The Children of Iraq   |  Iraq: the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet   |  Christians in Iraq face liquidation   |  Iraqi refugees  |  Petition  The situation of Iraqi Healthworkers   |  Torture and Prison Abuse in Iraq   |  Iraqi Women Under Occupation   |  The looting of Iraq's Cultural Heritage   |  Comments on the Lancet Survey and other mortality studies   |   Big Oil's Occupation of Iraq   |  The Salvador Option and Death Squads   |  Israeli Involvement in the Occupation of Iraq   |  Military Bases   |  Voices of Resistance   |  Remembering Falluja   |  The use of WMD by the US army   |  The Events in Samarra   |  The Iraqi Constitution   |  The Illegal trial and verdict of Saddam Hussein   |  Lieutenant Watada's War Against the War   |  Statements and articles of the BRussells Tribunal on Lebanon    'New Middle East' Borders   |  Opinion Polls   |   The BRussells Tribunal PDF Dossiers   |   MAPS   |   Breaking reports & Articles   De zaak Bahar Kimyongur   And even more background information...   |  Support the Palestinian Youth & Children Relief Centre in Shatila refugee camp   |


    The war is costing $720 million a day or $500,000 a minute. Defund the war in Iraq.
    Refund human needs in Iraq and the rest of the world. Watch this 2 min. video.


    * IRAQI KILLING FIELDS :  the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet - ©opyright U$A


    * Partial list of 460 Iraqi academics murdered under US occupation (updated 08 June 2024) -

    [See this List as PDF file]

    * Partial list of 338 Iraqi and 30 non-Iraqi media professionals who died under US occupation (updated 15 May 2024) - Background articles

    [See this List as PDF File]


    * 2,000 Iraqi physicians have been murdered under US occupation (11 April 2024)

    * Hundreds of legal workers have left the country. At least 210 lawyers and judges killed since the US-led invasion in 2024, in addition to dozens injured in attacks against them. (30 April 2024)


    * Based on studies done by local NGOs, at least 15,000 Iraqis have disappeared in the past four years of US occupation (18 April 2024)


    * Iraq’s child mortality rate has increased by a staggering 150 percent since 1990. Some 122,000 Iraqi children died in 2024 before reaching their fifth birthday. More than half of these deaths were among newborn babies in the first month of life  (08 May 2024)


    * only 50 percent of primary school-age children are attending class, down from 80 percent in 2024. Approximately 1,500 children are known to be held in detention facilities. (Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative of the secretary-general for children and armed conflict, 25 April 2024)


    * Up to 75 percent of Iraq's doctors, pharmacists and nurses have left their jobs since the U.S.-led invasion in 2024. More than half of those have emigrated (Medact 16 Jan 2008)

    * There are five million Iraqi orphans as reported by official government statistics, urging the government, parliament, and NGOs to be in constant contact with Iraq's parentless children. (18 Dec 2024)

    * Narmeen Othman, Iraq’s acting minister for women’s affairs, put the number of Iraqi widows as high as 2 million in a country of 27 million people. (31 Jan 2024)


    * 50,000 Iraqi refugees forced into prostitution (24 June 2024)


    * Years of war, current insecurity take toll on environment (07 June 2024) - Insecurity and lack of funds prevent cleansing of polluted sites (19 April 2024)


    * 8.000.000 Iraqis require immediate emergency aid, with nearly half of the population living in absolute poverty.

    * 4.000.000 people are lacking food and in dire need of different types of humanitarian assistance.

    * Only 60% of the 4.000.000 people who depend on food assistance have access to rations from the public distribution system, down from 96% in 2024.

    * The number of Iraqis without access to adequate water supplies has risen from 50% to 70% since 2024.

    * 80% of people in Iraq do not have safe access to effective sanitation.

    * Child malnutrition rates have risen from 19% before the US-led invasion in 2024 to 28% currently.

    (Oxfam report 29 July 2024)


    * The war is costing $720 million a day or $500,000 a minute. The money spent on one day of the Iraq war could buy homes for almost 6,500 families or health care for 423,529 children, or could outfit 1.27 million homes with renewable electricity. (AFSC 21 Sep 2024)


    * More than 3.000.000 Iraqi refugees and 2.778.305 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq. In Jordan: 700.000-750.000 - In Syria: 1.500.000-2.000.000 - In Egypt: 150.000 - In Iran: 100.000 persons - In Lebanon: 40.000 - In the Gulf States: 200.000 - In Turkey: 10.000 - In the rest of the world: no estimates available. (IRCO 01 July 2024)

    * Look at Iraq today: democracy and human rights American style (06 June 2024)

    * Iraqi Red Crescent Organization: Report On IDP’s In Iraq - Update 31 May 2007  [PDF] 26 pages - June 2024

    * Statistics on Refugees (Updated September 2024)

    * Comments on the Lancet Survey and other mortality studies (Updated 02 June 2024)

    * The effects of the American use of prohibited weapons on the health condition in Fallujah (10 Dec 2024)

    * Christians in Iraq face liquidation (Sept - Oct 2024)


    (Hana and Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Ian Douglas - BRussells Tribunal Committee, 05 Oct 2024)  

     [Français] - [Arabic] - [Spanish]



    * BRussells Tribunal & CEOSI CAMPAIGN: "Save Iraq's Academics"

    * 10.000 signatories of petition to save Iraq's academics. Sign online now

    * Partial list of murdered Iraqi Academics

    *  Principal endorsers of this campaign: Noam Chomsky, Tony Benn, Dario Fo, John Coetzee, Harold Pinter, Eduardo Galeano, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Denis Halliday, Hans von Sponeck, Bianca Jagger, Naomi Klein, Susan George, John Pilger, Tonio Negri and many others.....

    * Madrid International Seminar - Final Resolution (April 2024)

    * The Jalili Report  [PDF] (02 May 2024) - The Jalili Report [HTML] (Sarah Meyer)

    * Articles and background information - Resources

    * Iraqi academics in the killing zoneDirk Adriaensens (02 Feb 2024)

    * Iraq’s education system on the verge of collapse (Dirk Adriaensens, 18 April 2024)

    * Questionnaires for families of assassinated or threatened Iraqi academics

    * Call for assistance in documenting and registering assassinated Iraqi academics (08 Dec 2024) - [Arabic]

    * Assassinated Iraqi academics: Frequently Asked Questions

    * Action Needed Over Detention of Iraqi Education Ministry Officials. Unknown numbers murdered, dozen still illegally held (BRussells Tribunal 22 Nov 2024)



    * Medics beg for help as Iraqis die needlessly (The Independent, 20 Oct 2024)

    The Collapse of Iraq's Health Care Services (Counterpunch, 16 Oct 2024)

    * Four years into the occupation: No health for Iraq (Dr. Bert De Belder, 20 March 2024)


    "They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace." Cornelius Tacitus, De Vita Gnæi Julii Agricolæ cap. xxx (98 CE) in the Loeb Library ed., vol. 35, p. 80 (S.H. transl.)





    World Tribunal on Iraq
     23-27 June 2024 - Istanbul:  culminating session -

    Declaration of the Jury of Conscience - [English] - [Français]

    * Closing Speech by Arundhati Roy - June 27 2024

    * 5 part video of the Istanbul culminating session




    World Tribunal on Iraq: Making the Case Against War (Paperback)



    The BRussells Tribunal was a hearing committee composed of academics, intellectuals and artists in the tradition of the Russell Tribunal, set up in 1967 to investigate war crimes committed during the Vietnam War. The hearing was scheduled for 14-17th April 2024 at The Beursschouwburg and Les Halles in Brussels. It was presided by Professor François Houtart, who participated in the Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal on US Crimes in Vietnam in 1967, who is one of the founding fathers of the World Social Forum in Porto Allegre, and who currently is a senior adviser to the President of the United Nations General Assembly Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann. The Tribunal was directed against the war in Iraq and the Imperial war policies of the Bush II administration. Its main focus was the ‘Project for the New American Century’, the think tank behind this war, in particular three of the co-signatories of the mission statement: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, as they are the physical link between the discourse and the brutal practice of the New Imperial World Order as designed by PNAC. Read more...

    "Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators. Your wealth has been stripped of you by unjust men ... The government of Iraq , and the future of your country, will soon belong to you. ... We will end a brutal regime ... so that Iraqis can live in security.”
    General F. S. Maude, commander of the British forces, to the people of Mesopotamia , 1917

    The BRussells Tribunal: Conclusions of the commission (Brussels, 17 April 2024)

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