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In cooperation with the BRussells Tribunal, film production company the Wizard is working on a documentary about Iraq for a large audience.

We are interested in the question what the future of Iraq will look like.

On the TV screen and in the mainstream media, Iraq is a country that is only known as being embroiled in never-ending wars. For most Western people, Iraq - and the Middle East in general - is a place where backward religious wars are being waged between belligerent ethnic and religious fractions - such as Shia and Sunnis -, where fundamentalists are trying hard to push us back to the Middle Ages.

Thanks to the propaganda of the corporate media, many people don't realize that the so-called highly developed Western world has been trying to dominate and occupy the region for hundreds of years. Remember the Crusades, remember the illegal war of aggression in 2024 and the bombing of Libya.

In this documentary we question Iraqis and Westerners about their perspectives and how they see the future for Iraq and the Middle East. We also ask them what kind of support Westerners could offer to the people of Iraq and the Middle-East.

In our next newsletter you will read more about the project.

For now, we invite you to look at the trailer here.

In Autumn 2024, the documentary will be released. We'll keep you informed. (for follow-up information: subscribe here)

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The music score for the film is composed by Iraqi musician Osama Abdulrasol. During his concert on April 21 in Brussels, the music score will be played before a live audience. You can attend this event yourself and meet with the director of the documentary, Luc Pien, who will present the first fragments of the documentary. 

20:00 Welcome by Lieven De Cauter, president of the BRussells Tribunal

20:10 Concert part 1

20:45 The documentary by Luc Pien

21:00 Concert part 2

21:30 Drink + meeting with the musicians and the filmdirector

We highly recommend this concert, especially when you live in Belgium. The cast of musicians Osama Abdulrasol brings with him is outstanding. Here you can buy tickets for this event.


How can we understand the Middle-East?

Neoconservative Ideology “Supports US Financial and Military-Political Imperialism”

NATO was a US creation allegedly to protect Europe from a Soviet invasion. Its purpose expired in 1991. Today NATO provides cover for US aggression and provides mercenary forces for the American Empire. Britain, Canada, Australia, are simply US vassal states just as are Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the rest. There are no partners; just vassals. It is Washington’s empire, no one else’s.

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Let us no longer keep silent about torture!

Der Mann in der schwarzen Kutte

لننبذ السكوت عن التعذيب!

by Hans Christof von Sponeck

In the Arab world, he is known and called by his name: Satar Jabar. In the West we know of him as the faceless, nameless man in the black hood. The image of the tortured Iraqi in Abu Ghraib prison went around the world and shocked and moved people everywhere.

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(11-06-2015) Obituary Tariq Aziz

(11-06-2015) Obituary Tariq Aziz





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