Harbinger of what's to become of US "rebel army" it plans to stand up in spring.

The agency noted that Gen. Norouzi, a member of Basij forces, has fought several times in Syria before going to Iraq .. Drawing attention to that he served as the Commander Special Operations who leads militia groups of the Badr Organization.

McClatchy report sheds light on alleged mass bombing of non-combatants by US-allied forces

The group has been labelled as 'responsible for major war crimes and unnecessary civilian casualties' by a former Australia intelligence officer, reported The Sun Herald.

Like al Qaeda in the 1990’s Balkans, ISIL is the latest US mercenary terror on the ground fighting the US proxy war in Syria against Bashir al Assad’s forces and then seven months ago when ISIL invaded Iraq, it created the perfect excuse to deploy once again US troops on the ground in Iraq, remove former US puppet Melawi, set the stage for balkanizing Iraq into three separate entities (Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis) and fight a fake war against ISIL long enough to regain a military foothold in the country while following through with the overall longtime agenda to thoroughly destabilize the entire region.

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Memoir serialised by Guardian tells how Mohamedou Ould Slahi endured savage beatings, death ...


Harbinger of what's to become of US "rebel army" it plans to stand up in spring. ...


Since the use of killer drones by the United States began, more than 3500 people have been ...