Justifying terror with counter terrorism.

by Jessica Purkiss on 14-09-2014

In political discourse, the term terrorism is far more useful when it remains undefined- for throughout decades it has been manipulated and molded to delegitimize the opposition. The guilty "terrorist" may change but the aim remains the same.

The Evil That Was Phoenix

by Ron Jacobs on 12-07-2014

The Phoenix program was the culmination of a number of counterinsurgency plans undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency, the military and a few other related agencies. All of these plans, like Phoenix itself, were designed to infiltrate and destroy the infrastructure of the communist-led Vietnamese insurgency—or as it was known by most US residents—the Viet Cong.

The Fog Machine of War

by Chelsea Manning on 21-06-2014

Chelsea Manning on the U.S. Military and Media Freedom: 'The gatekeepers in public affairs have too much power: Reporters naturally fear having their access terminated, so they tend to avoid controversial reporting that could raise red flags.'

US, Iraq continue counterterrorism cooperation

by Hassan al-Najm on 09-05-2014

Lt. Gen. Michael Bednarek, chief of the US Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq, said that the Iraqi government and armed forces are working on countering terrorism in cooperation with the United States. Speaking to Azzaman on May 3, Bednarek said, “The cooperation consists of supplying Iraq with weapons, information, training, development and aerial maps to detect the movement of terrorist forces and armed groups opposing the Iraqi government.”

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