Debates in Iraq on the proper role of the Shii religious authorities in the past focused on whether they should be politically ‘quiet ‘ or ‘outspoken’.

Every survey that I have run, and surveys run by my academic colleagues, makes it quite clear that a significant proportion of the British population hold negative views of Islam, and by extension British Muslim communities

Is As-Sistani Revealing Lack of Wisdom?

by Abdul-Haq Al-Ani on 29-06-2014

The religious duty of a Muslim leader is to oppose the invasion of his land which would inevitably result in killing and destruction, both of which should not be condoned by a Muslim.

Welcome to Iraq’s Shia theocracy

by Salah Nasrawi on 12-03-2014

Iraq’s Shia-led government has drafted a family law for the country’s Shia majority that feminist activists and rights groups say will impose an Iranian-style theocracy, violate women’s rights and sow further divisions in a nation that is already sharply split on sectarian lines.

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Killed 28 civilians and seven others were injured as a result of government air raid targeted homes ...


AMSI condemned this action, and sees it as a step of incremental steps being taken to the ...


All this makes the current war a preventive one, which international law tends to consider ...