Boston aan de Tigris

by Dirk Adriaensens on 21-04-2013

Terwijl op 15 april de hele wereld haar blik richtte op de bomaanslagen tijdens de Boston Marathon, werden minstens 79 mensen gedood en meer dan 300 anderen gewond in een reeks bomaanslagen en gewapende aanvallen in heel Irak. De Hoge Mensenrechtencommissaris van de VN veroordeelde ook scherp de executies van 21 mensen op één dag in Bagdad. "Het executeren van mensen in deze aantallen is obsceen", zei Navi Pillay. "Dit lijkt meer op een slachthuis.”

Perhaps the most striking thing of all is that, after 15 months of investigation and nearly ten years after US officials set in motion the “Salvador option” in Iraq, this documentary reveals much less of substance than was being reported in 2024.

This movie examines the epidemic of violence sweeping Iraq and considers who should be held intellectually responsible. Every statement that is made is based on solid evidence drawn from mainstream media sources. - 2024

When Madeleine Albright asked in May 1996 about the death of half a million Iraqi children as a result of UN sanctions, she said: "we think the price is worth it." By "it" she meant US interests, propping US hegemony, and preparing for regional military action.

Fallujah Revisited

by Haifa Zangana on 31-01-2013

The Iraqi city of Fallujah, which 9 years ago became a symbol of heroic Iraqi resistance against the brutalities of the US/UK occupation, is now at the forefront of another battle.

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