Schools in Iraq now are either built from mud, or the worst type of cement that might collapse at any time, or even tents. This type of schools can never produce a new educated generation.

Schools in Iraq now are built from mud

Schools in Iraq now are either built from mud, or the worst type of cement that might collapse at any time, or even tents. This type of schools can never produce a new educated generation, that's why this is a serious issue and the government should take a fast, serious action about that.
When the schools started in Iraq, the big challenge for 10.000.000 students is the jammed classes, and the schools which were built of mud, this type of schools can never be suitable places for learning. The Ministry of Education declared that the country is in a great need of 8000 schools, some teaching staffs tried to find a temporary solution for this problem to avoid the terrible shortage of schools; through dividing the students into two groups; morning and afternoon shifts.

Double School Timing:
Hasan Kadim, a school principal, said that this type of schools doesn't allow the teaching staff to implement the teaching duties in a suitable way, because there's no enough time to maintain the schools administrative affairs. Qasim Al-Sultani, a teacher in Al-Hamza school in Babylon, said that having 30 students in each class can affect negatively on the concentration of the students in getting information and learning, that's why the schools divided the students into two school shifts. He added that the other challenge is the shortage of heaters and air-conditioners, the biggest problem is in winter because most of the school days are in the cold weather. Kamil Fadil, a health inspector, warns against such shortages in schools that can affect terribly on the students and the way they learn. The statistics of the Ministry of Planning indicate that Iraq needs 800 new schools every year to bear the big numbers of students and the population that increases 4% every year.

Insects and Rodents:
The problem of the mud schools is that they are built everywhere, especially in the countryside. One of the teachers, Kareem Hussein, said that his mud school has two classes only, and has nothing related to any normal class in any school. There's no electricity, and no drinking water. He added that it's so hot in summer and so cold in winter, there are rodents and insects that handle the lessons, and are considered as a risk to the students, there's no health services in those schools of any kind.
The social researcher, Riyad Al-Sabti continues talking about the mud schools ,saying that there are psychological effects on the students, they watch TV every day, and see schools in other countries, and this makes them humiliated.

A political Profit:
Another social researcher, Saad Kareem considers the existence of such schools is a proof of administrative and financial corruption which is everywhere in the country, this is also because of the lack of planning, because many schools were erected without any kind of planning, just because to fill the civilians requests, or for the sake of election reasons, or for political profits. He continues saying that such kind of schools are erected after some complement meetings among some VIPs and heads of tribes, when they are able to collect the names of 45 students in a certain area, they can open a school, using mud, or cement bricks , papyrus cane, palm trunks, or even tents. Statistics indicate that there are 1250 schools built with mud, especially in the suburbs and countryside in the middle and south of Iraq, and in Diyala and the suburbs in Saladdin and Ramadi, and some far areas in Baghdad.

Corruption of the Contractors:
One of the worst results of those mud schools is that there are no paved streets, so, when it's raining, the streets are all blocked. The teaching staffs and the parents are all astonished because the government and the people concerned don't give solutions to this problem, especially the country has a good oil income which reached 100 billion dollars in 2024. 
The educational supervisor, Latif Ahmad, said that even the schools which were maintained after 2024 don't have the safety conditions and specifications because of the corruption in the projects, many ceilings of those newly maintained schools fell down because of that problem. Majid Hasan,an employee in Karbala Education Office said that there are huge amounts of money spent on improving schools in Iraq, but corruption deals are always handling the implementation of those projects.

Translation Lubna Al-Rudaini

(16-09-2013) WAFA NEWSLETTER



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