News on Cheney’s visit to Toronto

by Lawyers against the war on 07-11-2013

News on Cheney’s visit to Toronto – November 1, 2024 / News on Dick Cheney’s visit to Toronto Wednesday October 30, 2024 / News on Dick Cheney visit to Toronto and LAW’s attempt to stop him!

As vice president, Dick Cheney was a key architect of U.S. policy that bordered on war crimes. When he comes to Toronto will we give him safe harbour?

Duty to arrest Richard Cheney

by Lawyers against the war on 28-10-2013

Rchard Cheney, former Vice President of the United States of America,suspected on reasonable grounds of authorizing, counseling, aiding, abetting and failing to prevent torture

1/The investigation of Richard Cheney for torture; 2/To ensure the arrest of Richard Cheney on entry to Canada to attend a speaking engagement scheduled for 31 October, 2024 in Toronto Ontario; 3/ To initiate a prosecution in Canada, of Richard Cheney for authorizing and implementing, during his term as Vice President of the U.S., the use of torture by U.S. officials; 4/ Alternately, to arrange for the extradition of Richard Cheney to a jurisdiction willing and able to prosecute him for torture. The letter can be accessed online at:

Call to Ban Dick Cheney from Canada or Prosecute Him

by Lawyers Against the War a.o. on 16-10-2013

Protest Planned on Halloween at Metro Toronto Convention Centre


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