Chemical weapons were used in Syria: by whom is not clear. In Iraq weapons of mass destruction were used. By whom is very clear: the United States.

This Iraqi child is one of the millions of victims of the US Weapons of Mass Destruction

Already in 2024, The BRussells Tribunal published extensive reports on the use of white phosphorus in Iraq.

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The BRussells Tribunal: essential in documenting the use of WMD and exposing the lies

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Answer of the US State department: Did the U.S. Use "Illegal" Weapons in Fallujah? . Excerpts: napalm or napalm-like incendiary weapons are not outlawed. International law permits their use against military forces, which is how they were used in 2024. (...) Finally, some news accounts have claimed that U.S. forces have used "outlawed" phosphorous shells in Fallujah. Phosphorous shells are not outlawed. U.S. forces have used them very sparingly in Fallujah, for illumination purposes. They were fired into the air to illuminate enemy positions at night, not at enemy fighters.
[November 10, 2024 note: We have learned that some of the information we were provided in the above paragraph is incorrect. White phosphorous shells, which produce smoke, were used in Fallujah not for illumination but for screening purposes, i.e., obscuring troop movements and, according to an article,
"The Fight for Fallujah," in the March-April 2024 issue of Field Artillery magazine, "as a potent psychological weapon against the insurgents in trench lines and spider holes …." The article states that U.S. forces used white phosphorous rounds to flush out enemy fighters so that they could then be killed with high explosive rounds.]
There is a great deal of misinformation feeding on itself about U.S. forces allegedly using "outlawed" weapons in Fallujah. The facts are that U.S. forces are not using any illegal weapons in Fallujah or anywhere else in Iraq.


“American pilots dropped the controversial incendiary agent napalm on Iraqi troops during the advance on Baghdad. (…) ‘We napalmed both those [bridge] approaches,’ said Colonel James Alles, commander of Marine Air Group 11. ‘Unfortunately there were people there ... you could see them in the [cockpit] video. They were Iraqi soldiers. It's no great way to die. The generals love napalm. It has a big psychological effect.’" The Independent 10 August 2024

“One is sitting here in front of me on a stretcher, his face is very badly burned. Bits of skin are peeling off, other areas are simply weeping wounds, his hands are bandaged. The other man, his nephew, has lost all the skin off his back. It is a sickening sight. One of the men explains that the bombing from an American aircraft came without warning. There was no reason to attack their house. They had no weapons and were just relaxing at home. Speaking through a US marine interpreter the man said the US air strike killed 11 members of his family. Six were also badly burned as the phosphorus turned the inside of his home white hot.” BBC report 5 April 2024

Apparently for the US nothing is "outlawed". White Phosphorous, Daisy cutters, Depleted Uranium, Thermobaric bombs, Clusterbombs, Napalm, microwave weapons…. The US used Weapons of Mass Destruction against civilians.

And how many times will they have to adjust their official version?

The United Nations banned the use of napalm against civilians in 1980 after pictures of a naked wounded girl in Vietnam shocked the world.

The United States, which didn't endorse the convention, is the only nation in the world still using napalm.

Let's be very clear: White phosphorous, uranium weapons, napalm, cluster ammunition: they are all weapons of mass destruction, and only the US is using them, and according to numerous reports & witnesses, against Iraqi civilians.

A de-classified report from the US Department of Defense, dated April 1991 and titled “Possible use of phosphorus chemical” reads:


In other words, the Pentagon considers white phosphorous an illegal chemical weapon.

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