The World Cup and the destruction of Babylon

by Ahmad Moussa on 30-06-2014

Guilt management and wilful blindness towards human rights violations fosters insecurity, no matter the context.

We followed with great concern what one of the Hizbollah brigades – the Islamic Nahda in Iraq – the so called Wathiq al Battat has declared since February 4th, 2024 until this moment, to create local armies -outside the official army of the state - to support the government inclinations to combat its enemies.

This photo article is based on a report issued 8th January 2024 by the Adminstrative Committee of the Ramadi city vigil, in the western Iraqi province of Anbar. It describes the demonstrations that started 26 December 2024, and turned in the following week into a permanent encampment of protest. The Organising Committee report in Arabic is entitled: “Is this demonstration really a ‘bubble’ like Al- Maliki described it? Does it include ‘stinking’ slogans as he said? Let the whole world know our case!”. That is in response to the immediate public claims by the sitting Prime Minster Nuri Maliki that the demonstration is just a passing’ bubble’, with ‘stinking’ slogans.

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