Supporting the Baghdad government with arms is big mistake

Iraq’s sectarian militias assume larger role

by Mushreq Abbas on 23-12-2013

Militiamen in Iraq do not only carry weapons, they also wield religious, moral and economic power over their social environment. They play the role of neighborhood governors in times of peace and murderers in times of war.

"It is clear that the government is conniving with the militias for demographic changes and to prevent the people from participating in the coming parliamentary elections"

Al-Maliki and the regime officials are ignoring the problems of the Iraqi Special Forces inherited from the occupation, who were trained by Colonel James Steele under the supervision of John Negroponte. - See more at:

No more arms to Iraq, Obama

by Haifa Zangana on 01-11-2013

Nouri al-Maliki is meeting Barack Obama to ask for help 'fighting terrorism' .But it's the regime's own militias that Iraqis fear

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