We are in a great need of your help before it’s too late!

 We are a group of prisoners, more than 7000 prisoners in Al-Taji Prison, we hereby demand that everyone who has a heart hear us. We call for Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Saadi, Dr.Rafi Al-Rifaii, and all our religious men,the heads of our tribes,some of the parliamenet members who can help us. We also want to send this appeal to our brothers, the demonstrators everywhere in Iraq,the Iraqi,Arabic and international human rights committees.

We are in a great need of your help before it’s too late, we are your brothers in Al-Taji Prison, facing a terrible sectarian extermination campaign against the prisoners. We are facing torture, humiliation for us and our religious sacred symbols. After the prison guards insulted the religious symbols, they also started to throw our holy books in the dumpsters.

They beat us every day after taking all our clothes off in this cold weather, and assault us many times, insult us, our families, and our heads of tribes, saying ( where’s your demonstrators to save you now?).

Our suffering is increasing day after day, the guards are becoming more violent too, we just can’t stand any much longer ,there’s no way out of this bloody campaign, they search us using provocative humiliating ways, such things embarrass us and we cannot describe what are facing every day in details, it’s really shameful and disgraceful.

A Group of Prisoners in Al-Taji Prison




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