The complete political process started off wrong.” He said, “The constitution was written in a chaotic manner, making Iraq and its people suffer several crises.”

The major factor that has driven more than four million middle class professionals outside of Iraq has been a complete and total lack of security under the dominance of American-Iranian backed sectarian militias.

These latest reports of government-sponsored militia kidnappings and killings indicate that government-affiliated militias are targeting Sunnis in and around Baghdad and in Diyala province for kidnap and murder, Human Rights Watch said.

In order to preserve what is left of the ravaged country, it is our responsibility as Iraqis to stand for justice, unmask human rights abuses and uphold the principle of preserving human lives. To progress on this road, we need the support of the international solidarity movement.

Nouri continues attacking Iraqis

by The Common Ills on 16-07-2014

Nouri caused the current crises.

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