Everyone has a story and a history but in Iraq women's lives are being reduced to a label, says Shaista Aziz

Iraq: No Woman is Safe

by Aisha Maniar on 19-03-2014

Women are at greater risk. The arrest of a woman brings great shame to the whole family, leads to the stigmatisation of the individual, leading some to leave Iraq upon release, and whether or not a female prisoner is raped, suspicions remain, marginalising the woman concerned further.

The corrupt ruling alliance is desperate to pass this law in the next few weeks to boost its chances in next month's general elections.

The downplay of suffering

by GICJ on 02-03-2014

In February 2014 GICJ participated at the 57th session of the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). GICJ submitted a written report to the Committee, in which it addressed some of the key issues for women in Iraq, delivered an oral statement during the session, and assisted the interactive dialogue between experts and State.

Welcome to the �liberated� Iraq, a budding �democracy,� which US officials rarely cease celebrating.

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