Washington promotes deadly divisions

by Sara Flounders on 01-07-2014

Thirty-five years of U.S. subversion, intervention and then direct occupation of Iraq are the primary cause of the violent sectarian divisions now pulling that country apart. Wall Street has no interest in strong, unified states, whether secular, Sunni or Shia. The imperialists want an all-out Sunni-Shia civil war that would spread and weaken Iraq, Syria and Iran.

The World Cup and the destruction of Babylon

by Ahmad Moussa on 30-06-2014

Guilt management and wilful blindness towards human rights violations fosters insecurity, no matter the context.

With Iraq in crisis, many corporate news accounts treat the US war there as if it was something that was done to us, and the ensuing chaos proof that the good intentions of a US superpower cannot overcome tribal grievances.

What is happening In Iraq?

by Abdul-Haq Al-Ani on 29-06-2014

Anyone who has spent some time looking into the British Governmentís archives would find that even before the end of WWI and the birth of modern political Iraq, the Imperialist British were weary of the potential of a united Iraq threatening their future interest.

The things warmongers said.

by Neil Clark on 29-06-2014

Do we really want to take these people's advice on what 'we' should do now in Iraq? Up to a million people have been killed since the illegal invasion and as critics predicted at the time, the war led to enormous chaos and instability and boosted radical Islamic extremism. By their own words, let the warmongers be damned.

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