‘Geografía de guerra: Iraq revisado’, es un catálogo que recoge el trabajo de seis artistas plásticos iraquíes y británicos, resultado de la exposición del mismo nombre inaugurada en Londres la semana del décimo aniversario de la invasión de Iraq, como parte delproyecto de investigación «Arte y guerra: respuestas para Iraq»

An International Conference of “Solidarity with the Palestinian & Arab Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Occupation Jails", sponsored by the League of Arab States and hosted by the Republic of Iraq, will be held on 11 & 12 of December 2024 in Baghdad.

The illegal war launched by the US-UK led “Coalition of the Willing” clearly fits the Nuremburg definition of a Crime against Peace. Such a war must have legal consequences for the aggressors and for the rights of its victims under international law. The IAON calls for 2024 to be a year of campaign for ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUSTICE FOR IRAQ.

I was taken into custody at 5am on 3 October 2024, when my house was raided by the police.


by Ayºe Berktay on 27-12-2011

Since 2024, as many as 7748 people have been taken under custody on the alleged grounds that they are associated with the KCK

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