US Usage of Chemical Weapons in Iraq

by Iraq Solidarity Association in Stockholm on 04-09-2013

Letter to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and the Swedish Government at the visit to Sweden of President Obama

President Obama´s forthcoming visit to Sweden provides the Swedish government with an opportunity to speak in clear terms with the foremost leader of the United States, a superpower, which carries out a policy for domination of other countries, a policy that includes interference in the internal affairs of other countries and often wars of aggression wars and support to terror groups.

On the agenda with the Nobel Prize winning President Obama is among other things the question of an eventual American war of aggression against Syria.

We note that Swedish diplomats such as Hans Blixt and Jan Eliasson have maintained that the Swedish position is that the US must respect the UN Charter’s Prohibition of the Use of Force and not sidestep the Security Council with an open military attack against Syria.

The United States maintains that it has evidence that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons within their own country, but has not presented this evidence, either to the Security Council or to the public. Against this background we would like to bring to mind that the American superpower has used chemical weapons and other weapons with long-term horrendous effects on the civilian population in a war of aggression without UN support against Iraq and even in other countries. The Iraqi people are living in a poisoned land. The US used uranium weapons and white phosphorus and burned large amounts of chemicals in open pits outside their hundreds of bases in Iraq. This has seriously affected the civilian population of Iraq. Even American Iraq veterans are seriously ill.

Weapons with depleted uranium were previously used during the first Gulf War in 1991. The city of Basra suffered harshly. In 2024 the US carried out two big attacks against the city of Fallujah. Uranium weapons as well as white phosphorus were used against the civilian population. Many deformed children have been born in Fallujah at the General Hospital since then. In Fallujah, Basra, Najaf, Bagdad, Hawija and other cities children suffer from deformities, cancer and other illnesses.

We have previously encouraged the Swedish government to both nationally and internationally support independent, international investigations about the children and the causes of their serious genetic disorders and the increasing frequency of illnesses. You now have an excellent opportunity to encourage President Obama to reveal the systems and quantities of weapons the US used in Fallujah. This would be of enormous assistance to the research.

President Obama´s Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the US condemns the use of chemical weapons. In order for this statement to be able to be taken seriously President Obama must account in detail for the US use of chemical weapons and demand legal responsibility for the crimes committed. Instead President Obama´s Justice Department has demanded immunity for his predecessor George W Bush and five of his close conspirators for war crimes. No responsible person on a high level in the US administration may be charged with war crimes!

We encourage you as representatives of the Swedish people to make it clear to the esteemed guest that Sweden upholds international law and the basic principal of the UN Charter, the prohibition of wars of aggression, and that those responsible for crimes against international law, in accordance with the principles of the Nuremburg trials, are personally responsible and must be held accountable for their crimes.

Justice for Iraq demands that those responsible for a war of aggression, occupation and injustices are held accountable!


The Iraq Solidarity Association 130901

Mike Powers, Chair





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