Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 04-02-2014

Bulletin no. 86 Monday 3rd , February, 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours.


-An ambulance car carries wounded and killed elements of S.W.A.T forces and S.W.A.T forces in two cars terrify people and open fierce  fire in front of Madinat Al Tib hospital.

-The people of Amriya area   , west of Baghdad organize a campaign to aid the displaced people from Anbar  as a result of random bombing of Maliki forces .

-Green Zone as a Hollywood in films producing:  The ministry of Interior Affairs spokesman announces capturing of two cars bomb in Basrah booby trapped in the besieged Fallujah. 

-Maliki forces launch a campaign of searching in Gazaliya in Baghdad after closing the area completely.

-Maliki forces and S.W.A.T militia make a raid on Al Hadeethi mosque in Gazaliya in Baghdad and seize all licensed weapons used to protect the mosque.

-Killed and wounded in explosions hit Mahmoudiya , Baladiyat and Hurriya in Baghdad.

-Notable deploying for the sectarian militias supported by Maliki forces in Latifiya , south of Baghdad.



-Ayat Mohamad Fayadh -10 years –injured by a splinter in head and all her family members killed as a result of random bombing for Maliki forces on civilians in Anbar



-One of Maliki forces vehicle in Mala'ab area in Ramadi.



-2Hummers burned and 4 elements of the treacherous alliance killed in clashes with the tribal rebels in Albu Khaddo , northern east of Samarra  .

-A car bomb explosion near a crowd of Maliki Awakening militias in Beiji resulting in causalities.

-20 killed in a car bomb explosion at the home of commander of  Awakening militia ,Ali Al Hijab in Beiji.

-Large Explosion shake Shirqat district, north of Tikrit in Salah Aldeen without details.

-Explosion in Hay Al Qadisiya in Tikrit city in Salah Aldeen province without details.

-4 explosions in Al Mustashfa Street in Tikrit in Salah Aldeen without details.

-5 Hummers and 2 Bahbahan vehicles for Maliki army burned in Hafriyat in Suleiman Beg    in Salah Al deen .



-Joint force of  Maliki army and districts police make a raid on Al Noowar ,Shlaka, Abdulla Al Sawan ,Tala, Al Fakhera ,Al Ulwiya , Al Hamran ,Al Hashmiya ,Tal Aleed , Jwalah, Al Rash villages in Haweeja district    .

-3 roadside bombs then followed by clashes between the tribal rebels and police in Sami Al ood and Maftool villages in Riyadh district in Haweeja   .

-The commander of regiment 12 confesses of killing of 3 soldiers of Maliki forces and wounding of an officer in Kirkuk battles.

-Killed and injured elements of the detachment2 regiment2 brigade 47 –Maliki army- in an attack for the tribal rebels near Al Agoola village in Haweeja   .

-Maliki forces make a raid and search in Al Seeha village in Haweeja and arrest Arkan Ahmed Shihab and Mohamed Ahmed Hummadi and three of their visitors.

-3 Hummers destroyed and crew killed in a roadside bomb targets convoys of Malik army in Hawth 26  , Shlaga in Riyadh district and Khirbat Aziz village in Haweeja.

-Maliki forces make a raid on Sheikh Hasan Al Khalaf home , Sheikh Al Ta'an tribe from Abeed tribe ,in Riyadh district in Haweeja and arrest his son and take him to unknown place.



-Hummer for Maliki army destroyed and crew killed in clashes with the tribal rebels on Mosul-Baghda road    .

- S.W.A.T militia make a raid on Hay Al Ulama'a –yesterday night –in the left side of Mosul and arrest two civilians from this neighborhood  .



-An officer in army and policeman wounded with serious injuries in stick bomb attached to their cars in Balad Rooz in Diyala  .

-Dozens of killed and wounded in bombing for Maliki forces on civilians in Makhyasah in Diyala ,including E'esa Omran, Abdul Jabbar Al Khamees,Misha'al Ibrahim Misha'al ,Zaid Ismaeel ,Ali Shamsa and Zaid Al Juboori

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