Newsletter No. 4


Today's News

- Government troops from the 54th Brigade stormed the Miloukie Mosque, robs the speech podium, destroys furniture and robs money belonging to the mosque’s guard.
- Government troops destroy the assembly platform in the Miloukie Mosque in the Amiriya District in Baghdad, and raids nearby homes as well as prohibits Unified Prayers.
- Unprecedented tribal presence in Mosul, today.
- Tight control of the Scorpion Brigade in Hammam Al Alleel in Mosul preventing citizens from getting to Ahrar Square.
- Heavy deployment of security forces in Al Amiriya in Baghdad in order to prevent Unified Prayers.
- Martyrdom of one of the injured in Falluja on Friday of NO RETREAT.   The funeral procession will start at Falluja Hospital and will proceed to Martyrs’ Cemetery today.
- Diyala Operations’ Command close the entrance to Jallawla’a near The Bridge, detains citizens, and prohibits them from getting to the Mosque for Friday Unified Prayers.
- A soldier from the Diyala Emergency Regiment fires at demonstrators heading to No to Despotic Ruler’s Friday in Jallawla’a.
- An estimated 1000 demonstrators  detained at the Diyala Bridge Checkpoint, in Baquba , were prevented from entering the City to attend No to Despotic Ruler’s Friday.
- Heavy deployment of Al Muthanna Brigade in districts of Abu Ghraib in an attempt to deter citizens from attending No to Despotic Ruler’s Friday.
- Government forces prevent the citizens of Al ShaikhHamed district in Tarmiya from participating in No to Despotic Ruler’s Friday.
- A delegation from the Khalisiya School joined the protestors in the Pride and Dignity sit-in square in Ramadi for No to Despotic Ruler’s Friday.
- A severe security cordon surrounding Al Miloukie Mosque in Al Amiriya, and worshippers  pray in side streets far from the mosque.
- Announcement made in al Anbar that Unified Prayers next week are to be held in A’adhamiya in answer to the appeal of the citizens of A’adhamiya.
This comes as a decision of the Anbar Coordinating Committee.
- Arrest of Omar Juma’a Al – Dawar in Al Ahrar Square in Mosul at the end of Unified Prayers.
- A Maliki government intelligence officer assaults worshippers in Al Ghazaliya District in Baghdad, the Capital City, and fires at them.
- After threats made by the Commander of Diyala Operations’ Command, a Diyala Police Intelligence Force arrests ShaikhHameedMajeed Al Sai’idi and takes him to an unknown place.

Today’s Statistics:

PROVINCE                                                               MOSQUE
1- Ninevah                                                                Al Ahrar Square
2- Ninevah                                                                Al Rifa’i Square
3- Ninevah                                                                17th July- Nr. Hafsa Mosque
4- Baghdad                                                              Al Miloukie Mosque
5- Baghdad                                                              Teeba Mosque
6- Baghdad                                                              Dallal Al Kubaissy Mosque
7- Baghdad                                                              Sahib Al Barraq Mosque
8- Baghdad                                                              Al Hadi Al Basheer Mosque
9- Baghdad                                                              Abu Haneefa Al Nouman
10- Baghdad                                                            Burhan Al Deen Mosque
11- Baghdad                                                            Al ShaikhMoussa Mosque
12- Baghdad                                                            Al FurqanMosue
13- Baghdad – Al Tarmiya                                     Mohammed Al Ameen
14- Baghdad                                                            FakhriShenshal Mosque
15- Al Anbar                                                              Ramadi
16- Al Anbar                                                              Al Falluja
17- Al Anbar                                                              Al Qaim –The Football Ground
18- SallahudeenSamarra’a
19- SallahudeenTikreet
20- SallahudeenBeiji
21- Sallahudeen                                                      Al Dhuluiya – Al Hardaniya
22- Sallahudeen                                                      Al Shirqatt
23- Sallahudeen                                                      Al Dour Square
24- Diyala                                                                  BaqubaSariya Mosque
25- Diyala –Al Muqdadiya                                      The Grand Mosque
26- Diyala –Jalawla’a                                             AbiHaneefa Al Nouman Mosque
27- Al Ta’ameem                                                     Al Haweeja
28- Al Ta’ameem                                                     Kirkuk


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