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08-07-2014HOMEAbu Ghraib Torture Victims May Sue U.S. Corporation, Appeals Court Rules  
08-07-2014HOMEEthnocracy: Who Owns the Land of Israel?  
08-07-2014HOMEDear America: It’s Over  
07-07-2014HOMEEthnic cleansing in the Golan Heights  
06-07-2014HOMESummary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 238 Saturday, July 5 2024   
06-07-2014HOMEBashar al-Assad's interests and the west's coincide over Iraq  
06-07-2014HOMEShelling of Residential Areas by Maliki’s Forces are Increasing Civilian Casualties  
06-07-2014HOMEThe Iraqi government does not publish its atrocities on facebook, like ISIS  
06-07-2014HOMEIt is time for the damage to be compensated  
05-07-2014HOMEWere the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?  
05-07-2014HOMEThe Human Narrative in Iraq Still Missing  
05-07-2014HOMECall on UN Security Council, U.S. and EU to prevent the bombardment of civilians in Iraq  
05-07-2014HOMEFive myths about the Islamic State  
05-07-2014HOMEStatement No. 1003, regarding the announcement of the Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State Organization.  
05-07-2014HOMENot the Iraq I remembered   

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Killed 28 civilians and seven others were injured as a result of government air raid targeted homes ...


AMSI condemned this action, and sees it as a step of incremental steps being taken to the ...


All this makes the current war a preventive one, which international law tends to consider ...