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29-04-2013HOMEReport of a Fact Finding Mission on Congenital Birth Defects in Fallujah, Iraq in 2024   
28-04-2013IN THE PRESSDerrida and the Crisis of French Zionism  
27-04-2013HOMEAn other predicted massacre: There is confirmed the news that the Iraqi forces will storm tonight Ramadi (Anbar) Square protest  
27-04-2013IN THE PRESSIraq violence spills into fifth day   
26-04-2013IN THE PRESSDemonstrators remember the slaughtered in Hawija  
26-04-2013IN THE PRESSIraq: The Sectarian Divide  
26-04-2013IN THE PRESSBritish officials predicted war – and Arab defeat – in Palestine in 1948  
26-04-2013IN THE PRESSClashes kill 41 in northern Iraq city of Mosul  
26-04-2013HOMEUN Envoy condemns violence in Hawija - FIOE condemns the attack  
26-04-2013HOMEDeadly clashes break out in northern Iraq  
25-04-2013IN THE PRESSIraq: Executions Surge but No Action on Reform  
25-04-2013IN THE PRESSIraqi forces kill 43 Iraqis and destroy six mosques   
25-04-2013IN THE PRESSApril's already seen over 400 dead from violence in Iraq  
25-04-2013IN THE PRESSBarack Obama leaves Iraq war out of speech to honour George W Bush  
25-04-2013IN THE PRESSNearly 50 killed as sectarian violence flares in Iraq  

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