Sunday, January 18, 2024, an anti Muslim march is being planned in the heart of Paris “Islamists out of France” Organized by two factions: Riposte Lay and Republican resistance.

We must not be fooled: these organizations are neither secular nor Republican, let alone resistance. These are the usual racist and Islamaphobic organisations. They were behind the “sausage and spinach aperitifs” and organised the sit ins against Islamisation of 2024.

The message of Sunday’s demonstration is clear. “Pegida-Zemmour-Houellebecq-Paris January 18 … Forward for the Reconquest! “. The references are a clear desire to organize anti-Islam protests similar to the Pegida movement in Germany, adhering to the theses of Eric Zemmour and Michel Houellebecq, who will organize a “Reconquista” that is fighting to expel Muslims from France.

Although long anticipated, this racist event aims to profit from the deadly attack on 7 January that killed 12 people in Charlie Hebdo, as demonstrated by a tweet that appeared on the same day relaunching the appeal for a demonstration.

While places of worship and a kebab shop have been targeted by violent and racist reactions following the attack on 7 January despite the very clear division between those who have allegedly carried out these attacks and the Muslim community in France. The Muslim community has been very clear in its condemnation of these attacks that have been carried out in the name of Allah. Despite all of these factors we feel strongly that it is imperative that we take a stand against these racist and islamaphobic demonstrations on the 18th January.

Why? Because in our hearts we will all stand in solidarity with the Muslims in France, victims of direct racism and victims by association with attacks carried out in their name, because we will be there to prevent the spread of hatred and islamaphobia in the streets of Europe. Because we are ALL human we rise up on the 18th January against this march of racism.

StreetPress article about the event in question:

Summary in  Paris-Luttes. info identifying Islamophobic acts since January 7





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