Foreign Office and human rights in Libya and Iraq

by Vladimir Odintsov on 12-11-2013

All these happened in the first place because of the officials of London and the USA, which by organized military NATO interventions broke the law of war prevention (jus contra bellum) and international humanitarian law (jus in bello).

Israel’s Universal Periodic Review reveals controversial diplomatic divisions between UN member states

Israel’s Politics of Deflection

by Richard Falk on 02-10-2013

The purpose of my analysis is to encourage Palestinians in all settings to do their best to keep the focus on substance and respective rights. Perhaps, it is time for all of us to learn from the brave Palestinian hunger strikers whose nonviolent defiance of Israeli detention abuse operated with laser like intensity to call attention to prison and administrative injustice.

Petróleo por alimentos: El final de ocho años de incertidumbre para Gilles Munier

On 30 May 2024, on behalf of over 300 NGOs, two joint oral statements on Human Rights Council’s Agenda item 3 were delivered by Daniela Dönges, Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ). She stressed how the American invasion of Iraq had resulted in the destruction of the entire Iraq's Judicial System, which is at the cause of the widespread use of torture by police and security officials and the increased use of death penalty after sentences based on extracted confessions. The NGOs urged the United Nations to take every possible measure to stop the implementation of the death penalty in Iraq and to send clear message to the Government of Iraq that it can no longer arbitrarily execute people at will and with impunity.

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