Obama has overseen the largest military budget since WWII; an eight-fold increase in drone strikes; special forces operations in at least 134 countries, twice as many as under Bush

The American Cult of Bombing

by William J. Astore on 11-09-2014

Even if the bombs bursting over Iraq or elsewhere don’t solve anything, even when they make things worse, they still make a president look, well, presidential.

merica and Britain destroyed Iraq for them, lynched the country's President for them, created five million orphans, five million displaced, over a million widows and now upper figures of over one and a half million dead for them. They created mass graves on an industrial scale for them, with people's beloveds buried in car parks, gardens, patios and football pitches - but now they are in the hands of ISIS (the self proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) they pose barely a "minimal risk" say US government spokespeople. We are talking of course, chemical weapons.

The Iraqi government informed the UN that IS brigades seized control over a former chemical weapons facility north of the capital Baghdad, making it impossible for Iraq to continue fulfilling its disarmament obligations. The chemicals and delivery systems have according to UN reports degraded beyond use, which dos not stop certain media from sensationalizing a “chemical weapons threat”.

Ex-Power Player Pounds Imperial Poobah

by Chris Floyd on 10-07-2014

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, delivers a blistering attack on his former Bush Regime colleague Dick Cheney

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Killed 28 civilians and seven others were injured as a result of government air raid targeted homes ...


AMSI condemned this action, and sees it as a step of incremental steps being taken to the ...


All this makes the current war a preventive one, which international law tends to consider ...