A presentation given on the 29th of November 2012 in the Swedish National Defence College

Iraq and Iran Aligned on Syria

by Fayez Sarah on 12-11-2012

Iraq�s foreign policy is clearly aligned with Iran on Syria, writes Fayez Sarah. Iraq has in effect entered into an international and regional alliance involving Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria.

Who�s playing the Jihadists� card in Syria?

by Fatih Abdulsalam on 09-11-2012

It has become clear by now that the Jihadists in Syria have become cards in a game that is being played by international actors.

The Obama administration�s initiative to set up a new Syrian opposition council, possibly to serve as an interim government following the fall of the Assad regime, appeared to have failed on Thursday before the convention in Qatar even began.

BAGHDAD � The civil war in Syria is testing Iraq�s fragile society and fledgling democracy, worsening sectarian tensions, pushing Iraq closer to Iran and highlighting security shortcomings just nine months after American forces ended their long and costly occupation here.

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