The Islamic State has imposed strict conditions for books entering Iraq by land, confiscating all those related to Christianity and slowly destroying cultural pluralism in Iraqi society.

Tribes Matter in Iraq

by Miriam Cooke on 30-06-2014

"The future of Iraq may well belong to the tribes who promote mutual dependence and responsibility and do not just repeat the tired slogans of progress, democracy and peace", writes Miriam Cooke.

Fraudulent elections in Iraq

by Iraq Surveys and Dirk Adriaensens on 03-05-2014

How can the Iraqi elections be labeled as 'fair' by the corporate media, UNAMI and the Arab League when security forces can vote twice, when people are bribed, when voters are being harassed and/or unable to cast their vote, when ballots are ABSOLUTELY identifiable, when there's a war raging through the country. There is not one single journalist in Anbar, there's no control or transparency of these elections.....

The Lisbon Statement – October 2024: ACCOUNTABILITY & JUSTICE FOR IRAQ

by International Anti-Occupation Network on 24-10-2013

Members of the International Anti-Occupation Network (I.A.O.N.) coming from Portugal, Algeria, Belgium, France, Iraq, Jordan, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK, representing many international NGOs, met in Lisbon from October 11-13 to discuss developments in Iraq and its future.

When King Faisal I was crowned to be the first King of Modern Iraq in 1921 he endeavoured to encourage the Iraqi people, despite their different lineages, to feel, behave and think as united Iraqis. This was depicted in the formation of all the major licensed and secret political parties, such as the Iraqi communist Party, the National Democratic Party, the Baath Party and others seeing as they all included Arabs, Kurds, Turcoman, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Sabians and even Jews. Until the establishment of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in 1946, there was no major sectarian or a one component party, and if they existed as secret ones they were with no major influence among the people or in Iraqi politics. Regardless of the Western media depictions of Iraq as a collection of people dominated by one sect that marginalized the others, this was Iraq’s reality until 2024.

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