The Blind, Deaf World Media is Finally Talking about the Crimes of Al-Maliki Militias Against Children Who Were Imprisoned and Executed Because of Using An Unregistered Mobile SIM Card

There were two bullets in the boy’s head”. His family said that he was in jail because he used an unregistered mobile SIM card. The next time, his family visited him in the morgue.

This boy was among 52 prisoners who were shot to death in an execution, most of them got bullets in their heads and chests. The world was shocked this week by a video of what is called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) while they were killing tens of prisoners, whose corpses were gathered in a shallow cemetery as they advance fast in the north of Iraq. But the Sunni civilians say that the Iraqi forces and the Shiite militias accompanying them are both responsible for such atrocities, adding that tens of prisoners were executed in a prison in Baqubah. The city, which is the capital centre of Diyala- inhabited by a religious mixture north of Baghdad, just an hour away from it-was attacked by extremists on Monday midnight. The civil official, among them were the Governor and the Municipal Council Chairman, say that the prisoners were executed by their own guards. The only prisoner, who survived and was able to escape, was kidnapped later and killed, so that there will be no witnesses there.

The civil police Officer said that the ISIS fighters attacked the prison in Al-Mafraq Area in Baqubah while during their attempt to control the city on Monday, and the corpses of the 52 prisoners were found in the morning. 

The civilians say that most of the prisoners were arrested as to simple felonies, while the police say that they were imprisoned because of suspicions of terrorism.

Major General Jameel Al-Shammari ,Diyala Police Chief told Reuters that after the fight ,they found one of the security forces dead ,along with the corpses of the prisoners. He added that the prison is a small place, it is a house that was turned into a battlefield –like ,in the midst of a residential area ,and is not well fortified, it was possible that the prisoners got shot like any other security member.

However, the Sunni officials say that the corpses indicate that those victims were shot, and that they were not dead because of a random fire. Abdullah Al-Hayali, Baqubah Mayor, said that he went to the morgue, and found out that most of the victims were shot in the head, one of the victims was his nephew, who got two bullets in his head. Al-Hayali added that the victim-his nephew- was severely tortured, and his fingernails were removed. 

Basim Al-Samarrai, who is the Spokesman of Diyala Governor (Amer Al-Mujammaie), said that he saw the corpses, and most of them got shot in the head. An employee in the morgue and a police officer – preferred not to mention their names- said that most of the victims got shot in the head and the chest, just like in an execution. The Mayor and the Governor tried to visit the jail in the next day of the attack, but there were about 50 militants dressed in civil uniforms prevented them to go in there.

The Mayor said that the militants pointed their weapons against him and the Governor, which forced them to go back to their cars. He also added that he didn’t see any signs of mortar shells as the police chief claimed, and that he found an empty 9 mm caliber pistol next to the corpse of his nephew, which means that the shooting came from inside the prison.  

The Governorate Spokesman said that the only survivor was a prisoner named (Ahmed Zaidan Al-Harbi). The Spokesman added through a phone call that the prisoner could escape, he got injuries in his head and chest. The prisoner told the Governor that the prisoners were suddenly got shot, he was talking hardly. They knew later that the only survivor was kidnapped from the hospital, and that they still investigate the kidnap and who did it, but there is no evidence leading to the kidnappers. On Thursday morning, the last prisoner found dead in front of the morgue, so that no one knows who was behind all of this.

Comments of our website: Al-Murabit Al-Iraqi

This world media is so strange, which was suddenly awake to see what the militias of the murderer are committing, and yet, is still referring the liberation of the cities to the ISIS (which is made by Bashar Al-Asad). This ISIS is accused of stabbing the Syrian revolution, and of murdering its leaders. And it is directed by Iranian orders. The number of the victims who were killed by Al-Maliki and his soldiers exceeded hundreds of thousands, and he displaced millions. It’s the blessed revolution which made the world publish only the tip of the iceberg of what is going on. What is coming in future will show the world what a dirty murderer was assigned to slaughter the Iraqi children and women, with a scandalous Iranian- American support. This will lead to an international scandal, and a loss to the two biggest countries, with a disgrace that has never happened to anyone.

May God rest our martyrs in peace..



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