Publish The Iraq War Inquiry Results Now

by Jack Thomas on 09-05-2014

Please publish the results of your report without delay and name those who have so far been obstructing its publication.

Boris Johnson is right, Blair is 'eel-like' – but if the Chilcot inquiry is published soon, he might not wriggle off the hook

Iraq invasion was about oil

by Nafeez Ahmed on 22-03-2014

Maximising Persian Gulf oil flows to avert a potential global energy crisis motivated Iraq War planners - not WMD or democracy

Britain and Iraq: Business or Justice?

by Mike Phipps on 13-03-2014

Much of the media may have lost interest. But ordinary people are not indifferent to these issues. There may be no official bringing to justice of the war criminals that perpetrated this catastrophic crime against Iraq, but others certainly have the appetite.

The complaint to the ICC has been made to explore the potential of criminal accountability

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