Reminder: tasks and principles of The General Political Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries

Our dear Iraqi people,
Dear free Iraqis, who rebelled against injustice, corruption and the sectarian government,

From the beginning of the revolution of the Iraqi tribes to unite their efforts to form military councils in the cities and the villages, and, after forming them, the rebels worked on forming a political frontage to support the rights of the Iraqi people and its revolution to reach its objectives. The vision formed in terms of finding a political cover that can gather the rebels of the tribes, the resistance and the patriotic personalities, achieving the objectives of the revolution, up to the fall of the sectarian government and establishing a democratic, fair regime.
The conference of the political councils has been held, consisting of more than 45 political councils, distributed in all the Iraqi governorates, from north to south. A number of national experts, clerics and heads of tribes of various spectra were assigned to identify the requirements of the current phase, in fixing the pillars of this blessed revolution. The rebels made a great achievement that can guarantee the right of the Iraqi people to win the revolution against the sectarian puppet government, to outline its procession and objectives, through forming the General Political Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries. Each military council of tribes’ revolutionaries is represented by a member in these councils, taking into consideration the Iraqi reality, and based on the following main tasks and principles;

1- Securing the political support to the Iraqi revolution, spreading the word of the Iraqi people’s revolution among the international forums, and emphasizing that this revolution belongs to all Iraqis, against the sectarian puppet corrupted government, not a revolution of a group, a sector or an ethnicity.  

2- Working on the fall of the sectarian puppet corrupted government by all legal means.

3- Preserving the national unity for all the components of the Iraqi people from north to south, rejecting all calls of dividing the country under any names, and protecting the independence of Iraq, its national sovereignty and its Arab-Islamic identity.

4- Emphasizing that all Iraqis are equal in rights and national duties.

5- Ensuring that there will be no political vacuum after the fall of the sectarian puppet corrupted government, through forming a temporary transitional government, and electing a temporary parliament to be able to set up a new constitution draft, in order to make a free and fair general elections later on, as to the political agenda of independence and liberation.

In the end, we call the patriotic and our Iraqi people inside and outside Iraq to support the General Political Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries, and make the efforts towards the last objective, which is the fall of the sectarian puppet corrupted government, and purging Iraq from the clutches of foreign influence, so that justice and fairness will prevail, to live with dignity. 

The General Political Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries
January, 22nd, 2014




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