Friday 3 May, 2024 OPEN OPTIONSí FRIDAY

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 06-05-2013


Jalawlaa May 03 - 2024

Main Events:

  • Government army closes off all entrances and exits to Jallawla’a preventing worshippers attending Unified Friday Prayers.
  • Despite government restrictions and road closures the people of Jallawla’a go to Unified Friday Prayers.
  • Explosion of an IED in Beiji targeting a local police patrol.
  • Government forces search protest square in Tikrit using sniffer dogs.
  • Explosion of an IED in Beiji targeting a local police patrol.
  • Government forces search protest square in Tikrit intensifying their presence around protest square.
  • Airforce planes hover over protest square in Sammarra’a.
  • The People of Falluja perform Unified Friday Prayers on the International Highway rejecting the idea of Regionalism.
  • The People of Falluja interrupt the United Friday Prayers Orator (Khateeb) on his mentioning the Regionalism (Region) Option, repeating in unison:” The People Want to Overthrow the Regime”.
  • Second Division in Mosul, based on the left embankment, places restrictions on those heading to Unified Friday Prayers, preventing large numbers attending Prayers, there.
  • Checkpoints in the City of Mosul, arrests made of those heading to Unified Friday Prayers in all its areas as well as arrests of residents in said areas.
  • Unified Friday Prayers’ Orator (Khateeb) in the City of Tikreet calls for the independence of the Justice System in Iraq.
  • Unified Friday Prayers’ Orator (Khateeb) in the City of Tikreet rejects partition in all its kinds and shapes, whether by federalism or otherwise, “and we will not accept anything other than One United Iraq.”
  • Unified Friday Prayers’ Orator (Khateeb) in the City of Tikreet, denounces government restrictions on the media, to cover up the criminal massacres carried out by the government.
  • Unified Friday Prayers’ Orator (Khateeb) in Al Amiriya : “We came out for our rights irreversibly, and we would rather perish without these rights far from those who are weak and discouraged.”
  • Spokesman for the Protestors in Mosul:” Our motto on the ground is: Regionalism is not an option.”
  • Explosion of an IED inside a Rashidiya Mosque, north of the Capital, Baghdad, with 3 reported dead and more than 28 wounded.
  • Local Police in Baquba arrest a worshipper on leaving Unified Friday Prayers.
  • The masses coming out of Unified Friday Prayers in Baquba, protest near Diyala Bridge, forcing Police Forces to release a worshipper arrested after leaving Unified Friday Prayers.
  • Widespread arrests carried out by S.W.A.T., in Tarmiyah        Center, accompanied by road closure.











 Today’s Statistics:


-        Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:


PROVINCE                                                MOSQUE

1- Baghdad – Al A’adhamiya     Al Imam Al A’adham

2- Baghdad – Zayyouna                Al Janabi Mosque

3- Baghdad – Hay Al Qahira      Al Nida’a Mosque

4- Baghdad – Al Sulaikh             Al Furqan Mosque

5- Baghdad – Hay Tounis           Al Qura’an Al Kareem Mosque

6- Baghdad – Al Amiriya           Al Hassanain Mosque

7- Baghdad – Al Khadhra’a       Al Rahman Mosque

8- Baghdad – Al Jami’ah            Hay Al Jamia’ah Mosque

9- Baghdad – Al Mansour         Dallal Al Kubaissy Mosque

10- Baghdad – Al Yarmouk       Al Dakhiliya Mosque

11- Baghdad – Al Ghazaliya     Al Shekra Mosque

12- Baghdad – Al Seydiyya      Sa’eed bin Jubair Mosque

13- Baghdad – Al Doura           Shaheen Al Kubaissy Mosque

14- Baghdad – Al Doura           Ahmed Al Mukhtar Mosque

15- Ninevah                                The Prophet Sheet Mosque

16- Ninevah-Hay Al Ma’amoun   Al Ma’amoun Mosque

17- Ninevah – Hay Al Sukkar    Al Rahman Mosque

18- Ninevah – Hay Al Quds       Al Huda Mosque

19- Ninevah – Hay Sumer         The Qiba’a Mosque

20- Ninevah – Hay Al Kerramah      Nour Al Eman Mosque

21- Ninevah – Hay Al Nimrod          The Great Mosque

22- Ninevah – Hammam Al Aleel    The Great Mosque

23- Ninevah – Al Ba’ajj                      The Great Mosque

24- Ninevah – Al Qayyarah              Al AQayyarah

25- Al Anbar – Ramadi                     Pride and Dignity Field

26- Al Anbar - Falluja

27- Al Anbar – Heet                         Othman bin Affan Mosque

28- Al Anbar - A’anna                  Square next to A’anna Sports


29- Al Anbar - Rawa                    Rawa Sports Ground

30- Al Anbar – Al Qaim              The Great Mosque

31- Al Anbar - Al Obaidi              Al Mustafa Mosque

32- Al Anbar – Al Kerabla          The Great Mosque

33- Al Anbar – Al Rummanah     Al Ghamr and Al Kabbassnah Mosques

34-    Sallahudeen                             Sammarra’a

35-    Sallahudeen                             Tikreet

36-    Sallahudeen                             Beiji

37-    Sallahudeen                             Al Dhuluiya

38-    Sallahudeen                             Al Shirqatt

39-    Sallahudeen                            Al Dour – Omar bin Abdul Azeez

40-    Diyala – Baquba                     Sarriya Mosque

41-    Diyala – Al Muqdadiya         Hay Al Mua’llimeen

42-    Diyala – Jallawla’a                 Abu Hanifa Mosque

43-    Diyala – Baladrouz                Al Hay Al Asri Mosque

44-    Diyala – Qarra Teppa            Al Sallam Mosque

45-   Diyala – Mendili                    Al Hidaya Mosque

46-  Al Ta’ameem – Kirkuk          Parade Ground











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