The corporate media are silent about Iraqi Government's militia crimes.

Militia al Salam - established by al Sadr


I don't usually circulate such videos... but while all media outlets and politicians are talking about IS barbaric crimes there is a veil of silence on Iraqi regime  barbaric crimes. This video shows an example of what's going on by militia al Salam which was established  by al Sadr. on his site he directs and instruct them. although they claim to be volunteers , they are paid $ 800 monthly, a large sum of money when you're unemployed. there are at the moment around 28 governmental militias. 

we don't know who are the young victims but the spokesman in the video keep describing them as ISIS terrorists who have been captured at Amerly.


What has been unleashed in Iraq, unending horror and nighmare beyond belief. And each and every horror down to Bush and Blair and their cabal. How can it ever be ended ... I note too that deaths of westerners are world wide headline news, the horrific, mind bending beheadings, head drilling etc in their uncounted numbers from day one of the invasion were passing comments and long forgotten. What a shameful, hypocritical, loathsome, murderous part of the world is the US-UK allied axis.


There are a lot more crimes being committed these days than this beheading and burning of the bodies. I called one of our distant relatives in Yousfiya southern Baghdad to check on his family. He told me that the militias kidnapped 83 of their cousins and young men from al Gartan Tribe and they don't know where they are and expect that they will kill them. Those same militias killed 143 young men from Janabat from Jurf al Sakhar after arresting them or kidnapping them including slaughtering a 10 year old boy two days ago just because he is from Janaby Tribe. This is ethnic cleansing by Iranian militias to force Arabic Tribes to leave these areas. They are burning their houses, take huge ransoms from those kidnapped young men to force them to sell their houses and properties and to leave the area for ever. All of this with the approval of the American Military Advisers. Same thing is going on in Hawijah, Arabs residents areas, Fallujah, Anbar,  Tarmia, Mushahda, Taji, Dhlauayah, Diyalah , all Arab Sunni majority  areas. This ethnic cleansing has nothing to do with ISIL. It's been going on for a while but with more brutality and freedom in committing these crimes among and in front of civilians eyes after the Tribes revolution last three months.


An eyewitness from Baghdad, who is trying for months to hide his two young sons for fear of being kidnapped by the sectarian militias, said that what you hear outside Iraq of what these militias are doing is no more than tenth of a tenth of the reality. عشرمعشار

He said that the smell of decomposed bodies could be smelled streets away from the morgue, and that families are too afraid to get close to ask about their missing sons.

A mother of a 16-year boy had a nervous breakdown because she does not know where to hide him, for no reason just because his father's name is Omar. His friend, who was of the same age, 16, was kidnapped and his body was found on the garbage two days later, that's why she is terrified. 

I have also seen the Tigris river, with men's bodies flouting, but I don't know from where or to where.   

What IS is doing is horrible, but turning a blind eye to what sectarian militias are doing is no less unfair. We are all Iraqis, and we are all swallowing the same poison. 


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