Diyala’s Blood is Our Blood - Friday 19 April 2024

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 20-04-2013

Summary of Events of the Iraqi Popular Revolution. Hundreds of thousands of protesters were on the streets again. Maliki has to go !

Samarra, 19 April 2024. No vehicles were allowed on Samarra Streets today by order of the Maliki Forces

Bulletin 14 of the Protest Povement - Iraqi Spring Media Center - The Iraqi Thawra is Alive - Summary of Events:


-       Government security forces prevent a number of journalists and T.V. Channel journalists entering the Field of Pride and Dignity in Ramadi, demanding official permissions.

-       Government forces impose curfew in Sammarra’a, while the citizens of Sammarra’a break this curfew in many areas and proceed in their thousands to the Field of Rights.

-       After yesterday’s bombings in Al Amiriya, protestors accuse the government perpetrating the bombings that target innocent people, and state that these bombings are messages that were promised by the government.

-       Government forces prohibit vehicle movement in the streets of Sammarra’a and fire at any moving vehicle.

-       Government forces block all roads leading to the protest square in Hawija and provoke demonstrators.

-       Police forces in Beiji demand that demonstrators do not attend Unified Friday Prayers, alleging the presence of suicide bombers intending to target worshippers.

-       Government forces block off roads leading from the “Karma” to Falluja, preventing citizens getting to Falluja, arresting some of them.

-       The Falluja Friday Orator (Khateeb), calls for the announcement of civil disobedience next Monday, protesting the government’s ignoring protestors’ demands, as well as for a day of fast in obeisance to God.

-       Government forces arrest numerous Karma citizens heading to Unified Friday Prayers in Falluja.

-       The Ramadi Friday Orator (Khateeb):”Working with the ‘new Awakenings (Sahwa)’ is prohibited because they have been formed for the killing of the demonstrators”.

-        Coordinating committees agree on the announcement of a general strike on Monday in all the rebellious provinces.

-        Mortar shells land on the Muthanna Mosque in the village of Abu Tammir in Khalis District Khalis in Diyala Province, killing five martyrs and a large number of wounded.

-       Protestors in the Field of Rights vote for the exchange of Martin Koebler because of his obvious bias towards the current government and his lack of professionalism, calling for the United Nations to intervene and stop human rights violations and executions.

-       Association of Imams and Preachers cancel Unified Friday Prayers in Doura, Baghdad, as s result of streets being blocked off by government troops.

-       Government forces in Al Ta’ameem, fire at protestors in Hawija near the Silo Checkpoint, killing one protestor and injuring four (4).

-       Government forces surround and blockade the protest field in Hawija preventing transportation of injured.   Government forces intensify security measures in areas carrying out Unified Friday Prayers in the capital, Baghdad, imposing curfew in Al Amiriya and its surrounding districts.

-       Families of the Al Amiriya victims suffer difficulties in burying their martyrs, with difficulties being imposed for their relatives to enter Al Amiriya, and the permission for only one car to accompany the coffin convoy.

-       A state of rage and anger with slogans denouncing the Special Amnesty Law; female prisoners in Site Four (4),  begin  a hunger strike protesting about ill treatment.

-       Al Amiriya Unified Friday Prayers Orator (Khateeb), directs harsh criticism to the present government, and describes its present statements as being against the Iraqi People, who have come out to protest the oppression and injustice inflicted upon them, accusing government forces and holding them responsible for the bombings that hit Al Amariya, yesterday.

-       Government forces arrest 4 citizens leaving the Field of Pride and Dignity in Ramadi.

 Today’s Statistics:

Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:

PROVINCE                                          MOSQUE

1-Baghdad-Al A’adhamiya             Al Imam Al A’adham

2-Baghdad – Al Amiriya                 Al Hassanain Mosque

3-Baghdad – Al Khadhra’a            Al Rahman Mosque

4-Baghdad – Al Jamia’a                 Bir Al Walidain Mosque

5-Baghdad – Al Mansour               Dellal Al Kubaissy Mosque

6-Baghdad – Al Yarmouk              Al Shawaff Mosque

7-Baghdad – Al Ghazaliya             Al Siddeeq Mosque

8-Baghdad – Al Saydiyya               Shakir Al Abboud Mosque

9-Baghdad – Al Sulaikh                  Najeeb Mosque

10-Baghdad - Zayouna                  

11-Baghdad-Hay Al Qahira              Al Nida’a Mosque

12- Ninevah                                         Al Ahrar Square

13-Ninevah                                          The Prophet Sheet Mosque

14-Ninevah – Hay Al Baladiyat        Al Saigh Mosque

15-Ninevah – Hay Al Sukkar             Al Rahman Mosque

16-Ninevah – Hay Al Quds                Al Huda Mosque

17-Ninevah – Hay Al Qadissiya        Al Niaimi Mosque

18-Ninevah – Nimrod District          The Great Mosque

19-Ninevah – Al Mansour                 Al Rahman Mosque

20-Ninevah – Al Ba’ajj District         Al Ba’ajj Great Mosque

21-Ninevah – Baddoush District

22-Al Anbar – Ramadi                        The Pride and Dignity Field

23-Al Anbar – Falluja

24-Al Anbar – Heet                             Othman bin Affan Mosque

25-Al Anbar – A’anna                          Square next to A’anna Sports


26-Al Anbar – Rawa                             Rawa Sports Ground

27-Al Anbar – Al Qaim                        The Great Mosque

28-Al Anbar – Al Obaidi                      Al Mostafa Mosque

29-Al Anbar – Al Karabla                    The Great Mosque

30-Al Anbar-Al Rummana                  Al Ghumur and Al Kabassna


31-Sallahudeen -  Sammara’a

32-Sallahudeen – Tikreet

33-Sallahudeen – Beiji

34-Sallahudeen – Al Dhuluiya

35-Sallahudeen – Al Shirqatt

36-Sallahudeen – Al Dour                    Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque

37-Sallahudeen – Sulaiman Bey

38-Diyala – Baquba                                Sariya Mosque

39-Diyala – Al Muqdadiya                    Hay Al Mua’llimeen

40-Diyala – Jallawla’a                            Abu Hanifa Mosque

41-Diyala – Balad Rouz                          Al Hay Al Asri Mosque

42-Diyala – Qarra Teppa                       Al Sallam  Mosque

43-Diyala – Mendali                              Al Hidaya Mosque

44-Diyala – Kana’an                              Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque

45-Al Ta’ameem – Kirkuk                    Parade Ground

46-Al Ta’ameem – Hawija                  

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