Summary of Events of the Iraqi Popular Revolution

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 06-04-2013

Friday 5th April 2024 Torture and Executions are the Reality of the Regime Friday

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Main Events:

-       Army troops in Mosul City hamper worshippers getting to Siddeeq Reshan Mosque in the Muthanna District.

-       Government forces close off all exits and entries to the district of Sab’i’ Abkar in Al A’dhamiya in Baghdad, and prevent exit and entry of citizens.

-       Government forces execute strict security procedures in the area around the Al Imam Al A’adham Mosque in Al A’adhamiya, Baghdad.

-       Government forces prevent inhabitants of the village of Albu Shabeeb in Diyala Province, from holding Unified Friday Prayers.

-       Strict security measures in Baghdad closing off the 14th Ramadhan Bridge in the direction of Al A’adhamiya preventing citizens from accessing Unified Friday Prayers.

-       Government forces delay and prevent arrival of worshippers going to Unified Griday Prayers in Muqdadiya.

-       S.W.A.T. forces carry out raids in the area of Al Jibour in Al Dhulouiya , arresting a number of people and take them off to Baghdad, today.

-       Government forces carry out strict security measures preventing the arrival of worshippers at the protest square in Al Hawija.

-       Government forces confiscate the special podium and “Flex” for use on “TORTURE AND EXECUTIONS ARE THE REALITY OF THE REGIME FRIDAY” in the District of Nimrod in Mosul.

-       IED explodes close to Sariya Mosque in Baquba as worshippers leave, resulting in the martyrdom of 4 men and tens wounded.

-       Announcement of Blood Donation Campaign over loudspeakers in Sariya Mosque in Baquba to save the wounded.

-       Transfer of Unified Friday Prayers from the Furqan Mosue in Sulaikh District, Baghdad, to the Hameed al Majeed Mosuqe because of the attack that took place on the Frurqan Mosque late Thursday night.


Today’s Statistics:

-        Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:


PROVINCE                                  MOSQUE

1-Baghdad – Al A’adhamiya        Al Imam Al A’adham

2-Baghdad – Al Amiriya               Al Hassanain Mosque

3-Baghdad – Al Khadhra’a           Al Rahman Mosque

4-Baghdad – Al Jami’a                  Al Khair Mosque

5-Baghdad – Al Mansour             Hay Dragh Mosque

6-Baghdad – Al Yarmouk             Al Dakhiliya

7-Baghdad – Al Ghazaliya           Ibad Al Rahman Mosque

8-Baghdad- Al Doura                   Al Hadi Al Basheer Mosque

9-Baghdad – Al Saydiya              Abdul Jabbar Al Fityan Mosque

10-Baghdad – Al Sulaikh             Al Hameed Al Majeed Mosque

11-Baghdad                                   Zayyouna

12-Baghdad                                   Hay Tounis

13- Nineva                                     Al Ahrar Square

14-Nineva                                      King Sheet Mosque

15-Nineva – Hay Al Tahrir          Al Al Bait Mosque

16-Nineva – Hay Al Sukkar         Al Rahma Mosque

17-Nineva – Hay Al Muthanna    Siddeeq Reshan Mosque

18-Nineva – Hay Al Domise         Noor Al Islam Mosque

19-Nineva – Nimrod District        Great Mosque

20-Nineva – Al Qayyara District   Al Zawiya Mosque

21-Nineva – Al Ba’ajj District         Al Ba’ajj Great Mosque

22-Nineva – Badoush District        Al Shaikh Ghazal Mosque

23-Al Anbar – Al Ramadi                Pride and Dignity Square

24-Al Anbar – Falluja

25-Al Anbar – A’ana                        Neighbouring Square to A’ana Sports Ground

26-Al Anbar – Rawa                        Rawa Sports Ground

27-Al Anbar – Al Qaim                  Main High Road Opp. Ai’sha Mosque

28-Sallahudeen                              Sammara’a

29-Sallahudeen                              Tikreet

30-Sallahudeen                              Beiji

31-Sallahudeen                              Al Dhuluiya

32-Sallahudeen                              Al Shirqatt

33-Sallahudeen                             Al Dour – Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque

34-Sallahudeen                             Sulaiman Bey

35-Diyala – Baquba                       Sariya Mosque

36-Diyala – Al Muqdadiya            Hay Al Muallimeen

37-Diyala – Jallawla’a                    Abu Hanifa Mosque

38-Diyala – Belad Rouz                  Al Hay Al Asri Mosque

39-Diyala – Qarra Teppa                Al Sallam Mosque

40-Diyala – Medili                           Al Hidaya Mosque

41- Al Ta’ameem – Kirkuk             Parade Ground

42-Al Ta’ameem                              Al Hawija


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