SABAH AL-MUKHTAR- Iraq / United Kingdom

President of the Arab Lawyers Association, member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the International Bar Association. Ex- in-house Counsel for the Iraq National Oil Company, practiced law on the Baghdad and Ex- legal adviser to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal

HAIFA ZANGANAIraq / United Kingdom.

Iraqi novelist and artist, columnist for al-Quds newspaper. her comments on Iraq have been published in The Guardian, Red Pepper, al-Ahram Weekly and LA Times. Haifa is a co founder of Tadhamun ( Iraqi women solidarity) and a consultant at UN.Her recent books are Dreaming of Baghdad and The Torturer in the Mirror with Ramsey Clark and Thomas Ehrlich Reifer.

Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal

NAJI HARAJ- Iraq / Switzerland

Former Iraqi diplomat, human rights defender

Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal


Criminologist, writer and activist. Between 1992 and 2003 he led several delegations to Iraq. Member of the International Organizing Committee of the World Tribunal on Iraq (2003-2005). Co-author of several books and articles for numerous newssites.

Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal


Sociologist, Former Tv-Producer

Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal


Paloma Valverde is a Spanish translator, member of the Coordination Committe of the Spanish Campaign against the Occupation and for the Soverignty of Iraq (CEOSI) and editor of its web page. She is also author of two articles on Iraq "Iraq sin médicos y sin futuro sanitario" and "Nuevos informes sobre la contaminación radioactiva". She is co-editor of the book Iraq bajo ocupación: Destrucción de la Identidad y la Memoria, (Ediciones del Oriente y del Mediterráneo, 2009). Recently she has translated into English the graphic novel Casa Bábili, sponsored by CEOSI and Fundación Al Fanar.


John Catalinotto is a journalist and lecturer at City University of New York. During the Vietnam War, John Catalinotto was a civilian organizer for the American Serviceman's Union. Catalinotto is managing editor of the Workers World Party paper, Workers World. He is a key organizer for the International Action Center of the Tribunal on Yugoslavia (June 2000) and Tribunal on Iraq (August 2004). Collaborator with Avante and (Portugal) and Terra e Tempo (Galicia). Edited two books, Metal of Dishonor about depleted uranium (1997) and Hidden Agenda: the U.S.-NATO Takeover of Yugoslavia (2002).


Mike Powers is a retired educator and has been an activist in Sweden in support of anti-colonial struggles from Vietnam to Iraq. He was involved in the hearings about the sanctions after the Gulf War as well as the World Tribunal in Istanbul. He is at present Chair of the Iraq Solidarity Association in Stockholm.


Gail Davidson is a Canadian human rights lawyer. Gail is the co-founder of Lawyers against the War (LAW) and the founder and Executive Director of Lawyer Rights Watch Canada (LRWC). LAW is a committee of jurists and others who oppose war and promote adherence to international humanitarian law and accountability for violators. LRWC is a committee of lawyers who promote human rights and the rule of law internationally through research, education and advocacy and working in cooperation with other NGOs. LRWC has Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.





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