by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 20-10-2013

Bulletin No. 41 Friday 18th October 2023

Main Events:

  • Shebak Protestors cut off the Mosul Erbil Road, today, Friday, demanding the establishment of a special force made up of Shebak to protect their areas, considering government forces fall short in the performance of their duties.
  • Killing of two civilians in an armed attack by unidentified gunmen on the town of Arab Jibour, last night, in the Doura area, south of Baghdad, resulting in their immediate death.
  • Statement of the Association of Imams and preachers in Baghdad condemns the barbaric practices of the current government, which reflects neither religion nor good demeanour.

_ Sammarra’a City’s Unified Friday Prayers Khateeb (Orator): The difference between torturers and politicians is  that torturers kill individuals, politicians kill nations.

  • Falluja Unified Prayers Khateeb (Orator): We came out to stand against the oppressors, and to defend the rights of the oppressed; we will continue our journey, and victory is coming, God willing.
  • Unidentified gunmen bombed a house belonging to a member of the security forces in the Southern Project area in the Riyadh District, west Kirkuk, by planting IEDs.
  • Association of Imams and preachers in Baghdad: The Maliki government considers that the accused is a criminal even though his innocence is proven; thus the government’s henchmen deal out the worst torture to detainees and experiments in their torture, extortion and starvation.
  • 13 people detained by government forces carrying out inspection raids on Mosul’s Eastern Bank, under Article 4 Terrorism Law.


      Today’s Statistics:

- Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:


  PROVINCE                                                      MOSQUE

1-      Baghdad-Al A’adhamiya                   Al Imam Al A’adham

2-      Baghdad – Raghiba Khatoon           Al Assaf Mosque

3-      Baghdad – Hay Al Qahira                 Al Nida’a Mosque

4-      Baghdad - Al Sulaikh                         Al Furqan Mosque

5-      Baghdad – Al Sulaikh                        Al Najeeb Mosque

6-      Baghdad – Al Amiriya                       Al Hassanain Mosque

7-      Baghdad - Al Khadhra’a                    Al Rifa’i Mosque

8-      Baghdad – Al Jami’a                          Burhan el – Deen


9-      Baghdad – Al Mansour                      Dellal Al Kubaissy


10-   Baghdad – Al Yarmouk                        Al Mustafa Mosque

11-   Baghdad - Al Ghazaliya                        Al Rahman Mosque

12-   Baghdad - Al Sayddiya                         Al Kubaissy Mosque

13-   Baghdad - Doura                                   Khalid Ibn Al Waleed


14-   Baghdad – Doura                                  Ahmed Al Mukhtar               


15- Baghdad - Hay Al Jihad                           Al Hussain Mosque

16- Ninevah                                                    Prophet Sheet   Mosque            

17- Ninevah -   Al Qayyara                             Great Mosque

18- Ninevah – Hay Al Sukkar                       Al Rahma Mosque

19- Ninevah - Al Ba’ajj                                  Al Ba’ajj Great Mosque

          20- Ninevah - Nimrod                                   Great Mosque

          21- Ninevah – Hammam Al Aleel               Great Mosque

          22- Al Anbar – Al Ramadi                  Pride and Dignity Square                      

          23- Al Anbar – Falluja                                   Falluja

          24- Al Anbar - Heet                                     Othman bin Affan


       25- Al Anbar - A’ana                                  Great Mosque

       26- Al Anbar – Rawa                                  Rawa Sports Hall

       27- Al Anbar - Al Qaim                              Great Mosque

       28- Al Anbar - Al Obaidi                            Al Mustafa Mosque

       29- Al Anbar - Al Kerrabla                        Great Mosque

       30- Al Anbar - Al Roummana                  Al Ghimer and Al

                                                                          Kabassnah Mosques

       31- Sallahudeen  - Sammarra’a              Sammarra’a

       32- Sallahudeen – Tikreet                       Tikreet

       33- Sallahudeen – Beiji                            Beiji

       34- Sallahudeen – Al Ishaqee                 Billal bin Rabah Mosque

       35- Sallahudeen - Al Dhuluiya                Al Dhuluiya

       36- Sallahudeen - Al Shirqatt                  Al Shirqatt

       37- Sallahudeen - Al Dour                       Al Dour

              38- Diyala – Baquba                                Abu Al Ghaith Mosque

       39- Diyala – Baquba                                Al Shabendar Mosque

       40- Diyala – Baquba                                Al Ikhwa Mosque

       41- Diyala – Al Muqdadiya                    Sa’ad Bin Ma’ath Mosque

       42- Diyala – Al Muqdadiya                    Al Qadissiya Mosque

     43- Diyala - Jallawla’a                            Abu Hanifa Mosque

     44- Diyala - BeladRouz                           Al Hay Al Asri Mosque

     45- Diyala - QarraTeppa                        Al Sallam Mosque

     46- Diyala - Mendali                              Al Hidaya Mosque

     47- Ta’ameem – Kirkuk                         Parade Ground



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